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If you’ve taken the time to visit this website, then you’ve probably already heard a thing or two about salt lamps. One thing is for sure, and that is that they will make your home look pretty darn cozy in the evening. When people tell you that they can also clean your house, you will probably declare said people crazy. However, I urge you to keep an open mind. Himalayan salt crystal lamps are said by many to have a lot of positive qualities that can help you to live naturally.

So what exactly is a salt lamp? You’ve probably already got plenty of other lamps in your home, so why would you go ahead and change everything up by introducing these so called salt lamps to your home? At first glance, you will probably wonder how something like a salt lamp could ever provide a decent amount of illumination anyway. It’s nothing but a chunk of salt with a light bulb in it, after all. But the fact of the matter is that a salt lamp is much more aesthetically pleasing to look at than your regular old shade lamp. On top of that, shade lamps most definitely don’t provide any health benefits or air cleansing.

A salt lamp is made of a natural chunk of salt rock, which is taken from the mines that you will find the the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. These salt mines have been around for many millions of years already. It is said the chunks of salt rock herein have been gathering minerals for all this time. A piece of salt rock that comes from these mines, will therefore contain earth minerals that have been piling up for millions of years. These minerals are said to help ionize the air.

When you buy a salt lamp, you will get a piece of salt rock that has been shaped in such a way that it looks naturally formed, but is still aesthetically pleasing to look at. There are many kinds of salt lamps, but most of the time they will be mounted on a wooden base. Naturally, they will have a hole so that they can accommodate a light bulb or a candle. There are salt lamps in various shapes and sizes. When heat from a bulb or flame is emitted, the salt lamp will start emitting ions that have a negative charge. Negatively charged ions are said to cleanse the air around you.

So how exactly does this work? The air that is all around you, consits of many various kinds of elements. One of these many elements are pollutants such as particles of dust and other small things that are invisible to the naked eye. Many of these pollutants are said to contain positively charged ions. Since the salt lamp releases negatively charged ions, it counters and neutralizes the positively charged ions in the air. This eliminates pollution.

Some people believe that their electronics produce so called electro-smog, which is said to have a negative effect on both your physical as well as your mental health. There are many mechanical air ionizers available today, that claim to cleanse the air around you. But in reality, they produce a lot of pollutants of their very own. With a salt lamp, this so called electro-smog is effectively countered. Science disputes electro-smog. But if you still believe in it, a salt lamp might be just the thing you need to increase your wellness.

Next to the wellness benefits that salt lamps bring to your home, they will also make your home look really natural. They are a really great choice for those that want to be in touch with nature and live naturally. There has never been a home decor so enticing as a salt lamp. And if they also end up cleaning your environment, decreasing your allergies, enhance your breathing, etc., then that’s a great extra bonus.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Popularity Rising!

More and more people these days are looking to spruce up their homes and, hopefully, their health with Himalayan salt lamps. With a medical system that fails us, it’s no wonder we are looking for cures to what-ails-us elsewhere. If something as simple as a salt lamp can be a home remedy to our health problems (such as allergy symptoms), then why the heck not?

It is said that miners, who mine these salt rock chunks from the Himalayan Mountain mines, almost never suffer from respiratory issues such as asthma. They are also said to never have any allergic reactions to anything. All of these health benefits are said to be caused by the fact that they are spending their days in an environment that is brimming with negatively charged ions, which Himalayan salt naturally releases into the atmosphere.

While the modern lifestyle has brought us many advantages, it has also brought us some disadvantages. We weren’t made to be working with electronic equipment all the time. We also were never supposed to be drinking water that’s contaminated with hormones, fish that’s contaminated with chemicals, or vegetables that are contaminated with bug spray. And don’t even get me started on air pollution. If you’re living in the city (and most people are), then odds are you’re breathing in some polluted air from cars and/or factories near you.

This type of air is said to be loaded with positively charged ions. A salt lamp releases negatlively charged ions when it’s heated, and this will effectively neutralize the air you are breathing. Many people believe in the benefits of salt lamps and are reviewing them positively on Amazon, saying that they’ve solved a condition such as allergic reactions or difficulty breathing. Salt lamps apparently balance out both the positive as well as the negative ions in our air.

When you are living in a space where electronic devices such as heating and/or cooling systems, ovens, microwaves, stoves, furnaces, televisions and whatnot, are constantly spewing forth positively charged ions into the atmosphere, then it’s no wonder the atmosphere’s balance grows completely out of whack. This can lead to sleep disorders such as insomnia, the development of allergies, breathing problems such as asthma, migraine headaches, sinus problems, stress and other health problems not mentioned here.

Himalayan salt lamps are by many seen as a the best, natural air purifier and ionizer that money can buy. The negatively charged ions they emit, are said to even counter common indoor pollutants such as mildew and dust. So if you’re looking for a natural way to effectively balance out the merciless onslaught of toxins that modern day life throws at us, then a salt lamp might very well be the thing for you. Even if only they give you the idea that you are somehow combatting the electro-smog, that may or may not be real, then you will at least feel better knowing that you are taking some sort of action.

Did you know that there exist lavish spas around the world, which have constructed their very own salt mines that closely mimic the conditions naturally found in the Himalayan salt mines? There are people who are willing to pay hundreds of dollars in order to undergo Himalayan Salt therapies at these spas. These salt spas can give you a really great experience. However, next to being fairly pricey, these kinds of spas are far and in between. Even if you could afford it, it’s unlikely that such a spa is to be found near you. So is it any wonder that the popularity of Himalayan salt lamps has been skyrocketing as of late?

Salt lamps may release negative ions, but they sure do fill the room with positive energy! Even the low priced, highly affordable budget models are very aesthetically pleasing to look at. But they come in so many shapes and sizes, that there is definitely one to be found for every room in your home. It’s up for debate whether they actually improve your health. But they will most certainly improve your mood.

If you want to live naturally to the max, then go with a model that will take a candle, rather than an electric bulb. There is nothing quite like natural lighting. A salt lamp will calm you down and make you feel all relaxed. It’s no surprise that many health practitioners, such as massage therapists, yoga instructors, meditation instructors and even fitness coaches are now placing salt lamps in their studios. A calm client is an easy client, after all. And now they’ve reached such popularity, they are accessible to everyone!

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