Salt Lamps: What Are They, What Types Are There & How Do They Work?

Everyday the Khewra salt miners make their way up and down the 19 floors of the salt excavation site in Pakistan.

They take on the duty of extracting and generating one of the earth’s most powerful crystal reserves which took thousands of years to naturally form and build the world’s second largest salt mining site.

The Pure and Potent Minerals in the Form of the Himalayan Salt Stones and Crystals

The Pure and Potent Minerals in the Form of the Himalayan Salt Stones and CrystalsEven the earliest recorded civilizations greatly benefitted from salt. The world’s first generations of people had used salt in trading, in making and preserving their sustenance, and in healing ailments by nasal, oral and topical ingestion, among many other consumptions and practices.

Our earliest ancestors had passed this wondrous discovery of salt and its advantages onto the next generations including ours today.

Salt, particularly talking about the Himalayan salt, is an ancient mineral whose natural traces of biochemical elements may be analogous to the purities of water and air.

Himalayan salt is considered to be neutral resulting in its balancing effects in its various uses and purposes. It aids in maintaining, balancing and regulating the functions of our bodily systems.

In addition, it also provides for fascinating positive vibrations and energies both to the human body and its encircling environment.

The Himalayan salt lamp is one of the most popular products made out of the Himalayan salt stones and crystals. It has gained popularity over the years owing to the extraordinary benefits which it has to offer.

Let us unearth the marvels of these pacifying and glimmering décors which do not only prettify your home but also energize and cleanse its atmosphere.

What Is the Himalayan Salt Lamp?

What Is the Himalayan Salt LampThe genuine Himalayan salt lamp is hand-crafted from solid blocks of the primal Himalayan salt rocks. Its hue may vary from different tones of pink to orange or peach-like to deep red to clear white or translucent off-white.

These colors come for the differing concentrations of mineral traces found in the Himalayan salt stones and crystals depending on which Khewra mining veins they have been extracted from.

Within the carved out section in the middle of the Himalayan salt lamp, a light bulb is placed to produce light and heat.

The appearance and the presentation. While the Himalayan salt lamp is more widely known to be pinkish or orangish and to be an irregularly shaped huge round block of Himalayan salt stone, you can already find more modernly designed figures of the Himalayan salt lamp.

The Himalayan salt lamp can come in the form of ornamental baskets filled in with moderately sized salt crystal blocks instead of an entire chunk of salt rock. It is even chiseled into more defined and refined shapes such as pyramid-like, squares or evenly shaped and more polished spheres.

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The Himalayan Salt Lamp as a Negative Ion Generator: How Salt Crystal Lamps Work

The Himalayan salt lamp is hygroscopic. This means that it attracts moisture and water molecules from the ambient air surrounding it.

What happens is that when the Himalayan salt lamp is heated, it draws pollutants and contaminants found in the atmosphere toward it.

These airborne pollutants and contaminants include dirt and dust, pet dander, pollen and other allergens, mold spores and mildew, smoke particles, volatile organic compounds or VOCs from paint and other materials found in your household for various customary use, viruses, and bacteria and germs.

The Himalayan Salt Lamp as a Negative Ion Generator How Salt Crystal Lamps Work

Upon being trapped in the Himalayan salt lamp, these harmful microscopic compounds remain locked in the salt crystal lamp while the heat helps cleanse the ambient air as it re-releases purified moisture, and water molecules and vapors alongside the healthful negative ions. It also gives off refreshing vapors.

This is how a Himalayan salt lamp rinses your home’s indoor atmosphere clean while deodorizing it and hence serves as a negative ion generator.

These hygroscopic processes and effects of the Himalayan salt lamp carry on for as long as the bulb is turned on emitting heat.

The Marvels of the Himalayan Salt Lamp: How You and Your Household Can Benefit from These Beautifully Gleaming Accents

The decrease in asthma and allergy symptoms and attacks. Owing to the hygroscopic effects of salt crystal lamps as covered in the previous section, you can certainly ease symptoms of asthma and allergy attacks.

Moreover, aside from the decrease in asthma and allergy symptoms and attacks, salt crystal lamps also aids in faster recovery from other respiratory tract illnesses.

With the harmful microscopic particles effectively removed by your salt crystal lamps from the indoor air, you are guaranteed to breathe better and easy.

Boost in energy levels, mood and focus. Salt crystal lamps are home accents which can significantly help improve your spirit and let your mind find better concentration.

This is because of the effects of the negative ions generated by the salt crystal lamps which are in turn, ingested by your body. These negative ions as they reach your bloodstream enhance the blood circulation and the distribution of oxygen supplies to your brain for the organ’s healthier functioning.

In this light, salt crystal lamps also help remedy depression and seasonal affective disorder.

The Marvels of the Himalayan Salt Lamp How You and Your Household Can Benefit from These Beautifully Gleaming Accents

Neutralization of electromagnetic or EM radiation. The Himalayan salt lamp as a negative ion generator cancels out EM radiation flowing from electronic devices such as mobile phones, televisions, and other appliances.

Electromagnetic radiation is contributory to your suffering from stress and fatigue and to the decline of your bodily defenses. The neutralization of EM radiation can counter these adverse effects on your emotional and mental state as well as on your immune system.

Improvement in sleeping patterns. Still in relation to the positive effects of negative ions from the salt crystal lamp which result in a stable and great mental and emotional health, you can get better and more restful sleep.

With your blood circulation in excellent state and the sufficient amount of inflow of oxygen supplies into your bodily systems and internal organs, you are able to feel more tranquil and relaxed which can lead to mending an erratic sleeping pattern.

The Placement of the Himalayan Salt Lamp: Where to Put Your Salt Crystal Lamps to Make the Most of Their Health Benefits

The Placement of the Himalayan Salt Lamp Where to Put Your Salt Crystal Lamps to Make the Most of Their Health BenefitsYou certainly could not expect immense improvement if you put a single moderately sized Himalayan salt lamp on a corner in your room with a rather wide area.

The range of how far the negative ions produced by a Himalayan salt lamp can reach largely depends on its proper placement as well as its size, weight, and number.

If you own one large Himalayan salt lamp, you can strategically put it on that spot in the room where you spend the most time. It can be right on your work table at home where you must be constantly exposed to the radiation emitted through your computer.

You can also place your Himalayan salt lamp next to your television set which is another source of radiation. Your bedside table is another good spot to put your lamp on as you sleep.

If you have more salt crystal lamps, you can definitely spread them across the different areas of your house.

Choosing Your Himalayan Salt Lamp: A Guide to Buying Authentic Salt Crystal Lamps

When shopping for salt crystal lamps, there are a couple of important considerations for you to take into account. Salt crystal lamps of excellent quality can serve their functions for many years. It may also be worth noting that an authentic salt crystal lamp becomes moist when left unlit for quite some time.

The Size, the Weight and the Number

Logically, the larger and the heavier the Himalayan salt lamp is, the more costly it is.

The basic reason for this is because the effectiveness and levels of negative ions given off through a Himalayan salt lamp are proportional to its size and weight. The wider the exposed surface area of the lamp means a greater emission of negative ions.

In truth, regardless of the size and weight of the Himalayan salt lamp, there is a limited range which the negative ions emitted reach. In this case, it is advisable that you purchase a number of salt crystal lamps.

A Guide to buying authentic himalayan salt lampsHowever, if it is budget constraints which you may be considering but you truly want to benefit from using a Himalayan salt lamp, you can always refer back to the proper placement suggested earlier.

You can take your salt crystal lamps to specific areas in a room in your household where they are more needed – where there is excessive exposure to EM radiation or where you spend most of your time simply relaxing.

To give a little more precise idea about the size, the weight and the number of salt crystal lamps which you may need in your house, presented here are a few examples of situations.

Right next to a work desk. In this case, a smaller Himalayan salt lamp of five pounds will do. If this does not work, choose the next larger size and it should suffice.

A relatively small bedroom. A lamp of six to eight pounds can do the job in a small bedroom. In order to achieve better results, especially if what you wish to attain with your Himalayan salt lamp is better sleeping routine, there is the bedside table to lay it on.

A bigger room. A bigger room may include the kitchen, a visitor’s lounge or the living room. These eco-friendly sources of light of about 10 to 12 pounds can already delightfully light and freshen up any of these segments of the household.

The Clarity

The Clarity of salt crystalsThe clarity of the salt crystal lamps also has a considerable impact on their effectiveness and aesthetic worth. This factor is determined by the purity of the Himalayan salt used and the degree of heat at which the Himalayan salt stones and crystals have been formed.


The Purity

The purity of the salt used greatly depends on the Himalayan mining veins from which the salt rocks have been extracted.

The lower the mineral contents that there are in the salt rocks making up the lamps, the better the distribution of light and the greater the production of negative ions will be. This property of the lamp also affects its price tag.

The Temperature

The salt mined in the Khewra salt mine is crystallized at different levels of temperature. The higher the temperature at which the salt has naturally developed, the more pure and clearer it will be.

On the other hand, the salt formed at a lower temperature when made into lamps tend to be more fragile, cracking and chipping easily.

The Fixtures

The fixtures of salt crystal lamps are an important part.

The fixtures include the base of the lamp and the fittings on which the bulb is installed.

When choosing salt crystal lamps, pick the ones with a protective base. Since the composition of the salt crystal lamps attracts water and moisture, these liquid compounds can damage the surface of the base on which they are lodged.

It is best recommended to directly ask your supplier if their lamps are of top quality.

In terms of the fittings involving the bulb and the other electric components of the lamps, you have to be sure the light fixtures are secure and that their replacement will be safe for you. After all, it is an electrically powered fixture in question.

The Shape and the Color

These aspects shall depend on your style and preference since salt crystal lamps are aesthetic items to accentuate the home aside from being household items intended to bring forth health benefits.

The naturally shaped salt lamps, i.e., the most common which you see around with irregular circular figure, are hand-crafted by artisans. They are also referred to be the mountain-shaped salt lamps.

The Shape and the Color of the salt crystal lampWhile naturally shaped salt lamps are chiseled manually, the more modern designs with more defined and accurately outlined shapes, such as the pyramids and balls, are manufactured using high-end production equipment.

When it comes to the color, you may choose accordingly depending on what you want to attain with using salt lamps.

If you prefer maximum brightness, then pick the white ones which are also made out of the purest salt stones and crystals. If you want to foster positive emotions, you may select the more popular pink lamps.

If it is your physical health which you wish to enhance, then the orange or peach-like lamps can be the best option for you. They are also well-balanced in terms of brightness. If you are simply after accentuating your room with some dim lighting, then go for the rare red salt lamps.

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