Top 15 Lava Lamps To Spruce Your Place Up And Party Like It’s 1979

Create a hip and cool atmosphere in your home or at your workspace with a combination of hot water and wax or glitters in the best lava lamp of your choice.

Listed here are 15 of the coolest lava lamps which you can select from – from the more classic yet still very classy designs to the more modern lava lamps to the more theme-specific ones. All of these are at your disposal. You only have to take your pick among them and decide which will be the best lava lamp for your bedroom, work desk, or dining area.

The choice is up to you, according to your liking and depending on the mood which you wish to set in the area you will be placing the best lava lamp, from your point of view.

Browse through and learn what kind of uniqueness and finery each of the coolest lava lamps has to offer you and your indoor environment.

Top 15 Cool Lava Lamps Reviewed

1. Lava Lite Beatles Yellow Submarine Lava Lamp with Silver Star Glitters

The Lava Lite Beatles Yellow Submarine Lava Lamp with Silver Star Glitters is iconic in its major attraction is the famous Blue Meanie and the inspiration is the Beatles. Not only is this lava lamp model one-off, owing to its theme, but it is also of excellent quality with sturdy glass housing and a secure base made of steel plus a cap that keeps the lighting fixture a safe choice for use in any indoor setting.

This lava lamp will be great for the fans of the Beatles and the animated musical movie Yellow Submarine, inspired by the Beatles album of the same name. The Beatles Yellow Submarine-themed lava lamp will be a fabulous selection to add to your collection of Beatles memorabilia. Its shade of yellow captures the kind that was used in the film and the silver star glitters complement the entire them making the lava lamp even more striking.

What is even more fascinating about this lava lamp model is its uniqueness lies in that it does not display the same images twice. Images of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr float around the perfectly highlighted Blue Meanie without outshining the music legends. The perennially celebrated members of the Beatles are also doodled on the steel base of the lava lamp peeking through its polka dot pattern.

The product will definitely be worth considering. It will be great to have around with your room’s ambient lighting turned off if you just want to linger and lounge watching TV or listening to Beatles music on your radio.

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2. Hello Kitty Liquid Motion Glow

Made out of industrial-grade plastic with an enamel finish, the Hello Kitty Liquid Motion Glow is very lightweight at 0.2 oz and at a little over 14 inches high. It has a plastic Hello Kitty figurine seated on its pink base.

There are a number of things to love about the Hello Kitty-themed lava lamp. It is slim and easy to take out of its box. You just have to plug it in and you are ready to enjoy the warm orange glow illuminating from the recommended 25-watt bulb into the bubble-like liquid which floats tranquilly in the tube. The water in the lamp is never clumpy or hazy either as the lava rises and sinks in it. Its sunset-inspired orange light is prettily complemented by the overall purplish-pink hue of the design.

If you have a little one who may be fond of Hello Kitty, then this will be perfect to embellish your kid’s playroom.

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3. Lava Lite Bob Marley Radiant Rasta Tinted Lamp

Any Bob Marley fan should definitely own the Lava Lite Bob Marley Radiant Rasta Tinted Lamp.

It bears the colors of the Rastafari flag which include green, golden yellow and red, each in their metallic tone. While you may think these heavy hues may get in the way for the movement of the lava inside the glass tube to show well, it is, in fact, the other way around. The little balls of lava liquid displays and moves coolly and is very fitting for the Rasta tint of the glass periscope.

This 14.5-inch tall lava lamp will definitely complete your creative work area if you are the artistic type. You will be watching Bob Marley’s face light up very clearly because it has been painted so flawlessly and you will be reminiscing of his contribution to the music scene and to the world. The waxy liquid’s swimming around the lamp will seem so in tune with Bob Marley’s famed genre and be like listening to his music all over again.

Moreover, you can display this fun conversation piece amid an intimate family gathering and it would not overheat even after long hours.

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4. Lava Lamp with Chalkboard Base

Manufactured under the brand Lava the Original, this lava lamp with a chalkboard base has silver glitters sparkling in pink liquid whose glow enchantingly bounces off of the walls of your room.

It is very exciting because you can actually doodle on its base with chalk which conveniently comes with the packaging. The customization of the lava lamp with chalkboard base created by Lava the Original does not end with one scribbling. You can change your scribbles and sketches any day on the black board base because it is erasable, too.

While drawing random caricatures, shapes and lines can be therapeutic and can help you set the mood for the day, the light springing from the lava lamp with the rhythmic motion of the glitters will be just as refreshing and relaxing as it is truly delightful to the eyes.

It is very practical and economic with the recommended use of a 25-watt light bulb to be powered by the standard 120v power outlet.

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5. Lava Lite Tri-Colored Glitter Lava Lamp with Silver Base

This lava lamp designed by Lava Lite comes with a glass tube of three colors, namely, purple, bluish green and dark pink. This combination gives life to the clear liquid where silver glitters instantly stirs around as you plug the lamp into an outlet.

The Lava Lite Tri-Colored Glitter Lava Lamp has a sturdy aluminum base and cap, both in silver. It provides for a soothing effect in the room giving off a much softer and more delicate version of a club light appearance when the multiple colors hit the walls and the ceilings. It is also a wonderful choice for a lava lamp to go with some quiet time which you wish to spend during the nighttime. It is so rhythmic you can actually make out the four-sided shapes of the tiny glitters swirling in the glass globe. These features perfectly match the base and cap.

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6. Lava Lite Wizard Lava Lamp with Yellow Wax in Blue Liquid, Heritage Collection

The Lava Lite company had first released The Wizard lava lamp model in 1973 and it has been relaunched in 2013 to belong to the Heritage Collection of Lava Lite.

It is named The Wizard lava lamp because it imitates the figure of a wizard’s hat. The Lava Lite Wizard lava lamp is really magical with its big yellow wax bubbles aimlessly flowing in clear blue liquid that is never cloudy and shows no signs of imperfection.

Lava Lite has used only the best materials for The Wizard lava lamp’s base and cap. This version also has an adjustment switch through which you can control the start time of the circulation of the wax. At 16.3 inches in height and with the use of the ideal 40-watt light bulb, it will make for a remarkable choice for a lava lamp as it can illuminate a relatively larger area in your household.

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7. Lava Lite Lava Lamp with Sandcastle Figurine Inside the Globe

This lava lamp model released by Lava Lite in 2016 comes with a sandcastle figurine inside the tube around which sand-like glitters twirl. It makes use of LED lights which alternate from white to blue and back. Its blue base is made out of industrial-grade plastic which is definitely capable of tolerating the heat from the LED lighting.

Choosing to buy and bring into your home the Lava Lite lava lamp with sandcastle figurine inside the globe is like taking in a part of nature as it is particularly reminiscent of the beach, its shores, and all the other comforting and peaceful elements of the tropics. It will also reminds you of the cool breeze that blows off the trees and makes the sand dusts swirl with the lava lamp’s sand-like glitters.

If you are especially fond of oceans and even have a home or a room which has a motif relevant to the seas, this lava lamp design will definitely complete the look and feel of your vacation island-themed room.

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8. Lava Lite Lava Lamp with Rainbow Glitter in Clear Liquid

This lava lamp design by Lava Lite is very elegant with its aluminum base and cap in metallic gold. These timeless gold segments of the lava lamp sophisticatedly harmonizes with the multiple colors of glitters swirling in clear liquid that never becomes foggy.

The effects of the rainbow glitters in rapid motion inside the tube can beautifully accentuate any room. You surely will not want to miss out on this lava lamp design to add energy and life to your home.

It is also great décor for an intimate wine party amongst family and friends as multiple flickers of color surround the room or even a covered outdoor dining area. The heavier shades of color such as red, dark yellow and orange stand out among the cluster of the scattered glitters in the globe. These opaque hues make this lava lamp design reminiscent of a fireplace or a bonfire which can provide for a cozy feeling of warmth amid your small gathering.

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9. Lava Lite Glittermax Lava Lamp with Silver Glitters in Pink Liquid

The entirely pink Glittermax lava lamp by Lava Lite is indeed very attractive. Its terrifically heavy and fiery shade of pink can offer some passionate zest to any dull corner in your home.

Its silver glitters move around pink liquid. The Glittermax lava lamp is hard-wearing with its aluminum base and cap that are painted with a tone of glittery pink that is darker than that of the liquid inside the lamp.

The dark pink hue wondrously contrasts the silver glitters bouncing off dotted lighting of your walls and ceilings.

A 25-watt light bulb is best recommended for this pretty home décor. It is 14.5 inches in height which is a convenient size capable of brightening up a room of average to larger area. It also boasts of a startup motion that instantly occurs and stirs the glitters once the lava lamp is plugged into a power outlet.

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10. E&A Shake & Shine Mini Lava Lamp

This Shake and Shine mini lava lamp made by E&A is an ideal lighting item for a child’s playroom or even an adult’s work desk. It is minimalist in design with high-grade silver painted plastic material for its base and cap, and clear plastic globe. It is lightweight and portable at 7 inches in height, and very convenient to control making it suitable and safe for young kids too.

As its name says, you will have to shake the Shake and Shine mini lava lamp in order for it to show the beauty of its rich cluster of glitters waiting to rise and sink, and dance and bobble while the LED lighting bulb keeps changing its color.

It is battery-operated with three LR44 batteries needed for it to work. The intensity of the LED light is also adjustable using the Shake and Shine mini lava lamp’s slide switch. You are sure to enjoy this vibrantly colored trinket.

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11. ScienceGeek Shake & Shine Glitter Lava Lamp with Color-Changing Rainbow Glitters

The Shake & Shine Glitter lava lamp designed by ScienceGeek is another one of the smaller portable lava lamps on this list whose height is only at less than 6 inches.

Keep your little ones busy and introduce them early to the science of LED colors with the ScienceGeek Shake & Shine glitter lava lamp. Watch your children turn their fondness of colors into awe as they watch the hues in the portable lava lamp keep altering and alternating as they shake it. This will absolutely make for a fun surprise and healthful diversion for your young kids and will be a great buy for you, too.

Even adults can enjoy this mini lava lamp to adorn the room during slumber parties and other small fun-filled occasions which you may be planning.

It has a cool blue base and cap, and a clear globe with silver glitters whirling in clear liquid. The Shake & Shine glitter lava lamp functions on three LR44 batteries which are placed underneath its base.

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12. Hand-Painted Rainbow-Colored Lava Lamp

This rainbow-colored lava lamp crafted by Lifespan Brands LLC has a very special touch to it in that its polychromatic dye has been meticulously hand-painted from its bright red cap to the slowly shifting hues of the glass tube in between its violet base. Both the cap and the base are made out of first-grade aluminum.

This lava lamp takes the reflections of the walls and the ceilings of the room from the varying colors of the glass globe as the wax smoothly flowing inside it has clear tone.

It is of outstanding quality and is very enjoyable to look at bringing a breath of fresh air into your home. Its multiple colors inspired by the rainbow is like a welcome relief gifted by nature.

This one of a kind lava lamp is listed under the Underwriters Laboratories or the UL safety organization in America. It requires one 25-watt bulb and is 17 inches in height.

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13. Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi Light Saber Motion Lava Lamp

Its design is inspired by one of the greatest films ever made, the Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi light saber motion lava lamp is a recognized and licensed Disney product.

It will make for an amazing addition to your Star Wars collectibles or to be gifted to a Star Wars fanatic.

This light saber motion lava lamp operates just the way a traditional lava lamp does. However, it is the design, and the inspiration of the design, which make it extra special. After all, Obi Wan Kenobi is one of the most respected and celebrated legendary characters in the sci-fi series.

Its cylindrical shape, and the blue wax within its tube, provide this lava lamp model manufactured by the Robe Factory with a tough and dominant impression and quality. These make the light saber motion lava lamp a truly eye-catching piece. Its height, which is at 18 inches, is just perfect fitting for what and whom it wants to represent. It will surely make for a great purchase which you will never regret. Right on its black base, says the phrase, “May the Force be with you,” written in gold.

You can use two reflector bulbs of 30 watts at the maximum with the Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi light saber motion lava lamp. It is conveniently suited for the standard 120v power outlet.

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14. Pesp® Classic Glitter Rocket Lava Lamp

Taking the shape of a spacecraft, the Pesp® Classic Glitter Rocket lava lamp’s highlighted feature is its excitingly changing colors from orange to purple to blue. It has lush and gleaming silver glitters flashing and flaring in the clear liquid in the globe. This confetti swimming inside the tube creates mesmerizing reflections onto your room which can relax you and lull you to sleep.

Another feature that makes this glitter rocket lava lamp by Pesp® is that it can be supported by any USB port on a notebook or a regular computer without requiring the installation of supplementary program or software. You will only need the USB port on any of your gizmos and you are good to proceed and enjoy the vivid colors emitted by your rocket lava lamp.

This particular creation by Pesp® is covered in a silver shell and is 7.28 inches in height.

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15. Star Wars R2-D2 Light Saber Motion Lava Lamp

The Star Wars R2-D2 light saber motion lava lamp is very reflective of the loyal and brilliant R2-D2 or Artoo Detoo.

Like R2-D2 that is the highly skilled starship mechanic, assistant to the fighter pilot and trustworthy friend to Amidala and Luke Skywalker and friends, the Star Wars R2-D2 light saber motion lava lamp is sturdy, smart-looking at 18 inches, and safe and secure to be used around your household and especially around your young ones.

The case enclosing this lava lamp’s bulb just beneath the tube is sketched on with lines and button-like figures intending to mimic the body of a robot because only R2-D2 will come to mind when you see it.

This lava lamp features a blue wax blobbing in clear liquid. It has a silver cap and a silver base on which the film title “Star Wars” is written in its original typeface.

Brought to life by the Robe Factory, the Star Wars R2-D2 light saber motion lava lamp will need two reflector bulbs with the maximum wattage of 30.

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How the Best Lava Lamps of Today Have Come to Materialize: The Story Behind the Funky, Glittery Indoor Implements and More

A psychedelic lighting fixture which has been around for over 50 years, the lava lamp has gone through many alterations in terms of design, shape, and mechanical and chemical composition, shifting to one trend over to the next fad and then back. Of course, the lava lamp has been subjected to technological innovations too. There is so much more variety of the lava lamp these days. It shines even more vibrant and its kaleidoscopic features has become even more charmingly complicated.

Let us look back at how we have arrived at making the best lava lamps whose gleam dimly lights our quiet sanctuaries and whose dazzle never fails to amaze and mesmerize us.

How We Have Arrived at Making the Best Lava Lamps: A History of the Fun and Glowing Indoor Décors

The creation of the lava lamp in the early 1960s is credited to Edward Craven Walker who is a native of England.

The story goes, that when Craven Walker was spending some time at a local pub in Hampshire, he noticed an egg cooking timer crudely made out of a cocktail shaker that was full of bubbling and fizzing liquid objects atop a stove.

This gave him the idea to simulate the same liquid-filled fixture and improvise a lighting fixture that would have the same bubbling and fizzing appearance and effects.

That was the birth of the lava lamp as we call it today. The lava lamp was originally named and officially registered to be distributed in British home depots as the Astro Lite.

The mechanical and chemical composition: The effectiveness of the lava impression and movement that makes for the best lava lamp lies in the good choice of fluids used in the lamp.

These fluids are selected accordingly based on their expansion properties so that the objective of making them rise and sink inside the lamp will be much faster and hence more striking to display and look at.

In order to make a lava lamp design that is successful, i.e., its liquid composition move as they are intended to, is to carefully choose the right fluids which never mix with each other but instead repel one another. While the accurate mechanisms of the chemical composition of the lava lamp is not entirely disclosed – in other words, they are a trade secret – in general, the idea is to put together in one lamp a type of fluid that is oil-based while the other should be water-based. This is based on the logic that water and oil repel one another.

What happens then is that when the heat from the light bulb warms the heavier liquid which remains stagnant at the bottom of the lamp when not powered on, this lower density liquid then rises as it gets even hotter. Upon reaching the top surface of the lamp and cooling down again, this heavier liquid component becomes denser and sinks back to the bottom of the lamp. This process carries on for as long as the lava lamp is switched on.

The design: The general rule in the selection of fluids to be used in lava lamps may remain unchanging but their designs have been updating, becoming more modern and complex by the day. While some may prefer the good old classic and simple lava lamp designs, some may also be inclined to turn to the more eye-catching fashion of lava lamps with multiple colors in it including glittery pigments. There are even modern lava lamps with figurines installed inside which must be carefully designed and crafted to remain safe and inflammable as it is surrounded by heated liquid elements.

What to Do When the Lifespan of Your Lava Lamps Finally Reaches Its End or Your Wish to Replace Them with New Ones: Proper Disposal of Lava Lamps and Do-It-Yourself Recycling of Spare Parts

If you only want to get newer versions for lava lamps with updated and more advanced designs, and finally get rid of your old ones, you can choose to simply give it away to a friend or family as a vintage token, or you can also make a little money out of your old lamps by taking them to a thrift store which accommodates buying antiquated home items including décors.

It may be a different story if the lava lamps which you own are already busted, you will need to meticulously take out the waxy solutions from inside the lamps and wrap them in newspaper and then covering it again with another plastic layer. That will be when you can safely dispose the liquids in the garbage bin.

When it comes to the electronic parts, you can dispose them with other electronic wastes or reuse them in some other appliances or fixtures whose needs may match the electronic parts from the lava lamps. The thrift shop is definitely another good option to go to rid of these electronic parts which are still functional.

If the glass containers which used to make up the body of your old lava lamps are still intact, you can go green and thoroughly clean them to convert them into fish tanks.

A Lava Lamp for Every Occasion, Location and Intention: When and Where You Can Use the Best Lava Lamps

Lava lamps have come a long way since its creation and they continue to thrive and make sales because they work and they are truly pretty pieces of lighting fittings. Designed by manufacturers and continuously bought by consumers, basically for aesthetic purposes and transformation of an interior ambience, the best lava lamps can practically be placed and used anywhere indoors.

While for the most part, beautiful lava lamps can be easily utilized to create a unique atmosphere in your home. But, sometimes, you can also find them at your neighboring colleague’s workspace at the office. Brightly colored lava lamps can be used in themed parties of almost any kind. They, too, can provide a dim idyllic light along a hallway leading to a bar or restaurant. If you yourself own a shop or any other commercial space, you can display some top quality lava lamps there to make its atmosphere more appealing and relaxing with various hues of light reflecting on the glass and concrete walls of your store.

Next to lava lamps, there are other kinds of atmospheric lighting that you can use to give your home a unique vibe. Take plasma lamps, for those who enjoy physics. Or 3D lamps, if you’re a fan of all things sci-fi.

Lava lamps are excellent lighting fixtures which can be used anywhere indoors. Many are fond of them, even collecting them. You, too, should try and get your own. You will certainly enjoy watching their mysterious fluid dance about, creating an air of hospitality, while your guests go about their socializing.

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is the creative mind behind Salt Lamp City.

She has created this website because she is a big fan, not only of salt lamps, but of all things 'natural living'. She never ceases to think of new ways to up her natural living game to the next level. Through this website, she aims to share all of her knowledge with you.

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