About Sally

Hello, world. I’m Sally and welcome to my website, Salt Lamp City.

I started this website because I am in love with natural living. I enjoy writing about it just as much as I do, well… actually doing it!

On Salt Lamp City, I write helpful guides that will help you improve your life. But I also review a lot of products. While I don’t necessarily own every single product I’ve reviewed, I have at least owned/tried out at least one product of every product type that you’ll find on my website.

My home is a wholesome place, where I live, eat, rest and meditate in serenity every day.

In real life, I work as a secretary for a large company in Salt Lake City. And yes, that’s where I got the name for this site from.

I love to hear from my readers, so don’t be shy and send me an email. I try to reply to everyone.

You can also leave a comment on any page Salt Lamp City. That way, the other readers get to enjoy your feedback as well.

Thanks for visiting Salt Lamp City and I hope you’ll be back. I’m looking forward to creating more content in the near future!

Sally Sokolowski

is the creative mind behind Salt Lamp City.

She has created this website because she is a big fan, not only of salt lamps, but of all things 'natural living'. She never ceases to think of new ways to up her natural living game to the next level. Through this website, she aims to share all of her knowledge with you.

Sally keeps her pages up to date. She has updated this page on .


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