The Positive Vibrations in Negative Ions: The Good Which Negative Ions Do for Your Mind and Your Body

Negative ions are basically oxygen ions which have an extra electron and are produced with moisture and other water molecules. This is why they are most abundant in natural and moving water supplies such as the seas, rivers and waterfalls, as well as the green and lush mountains and forests. Negative ions are also predominant before, during and after a thunderstorm. Some believe them to have real benefits when it comes to cleansing air.

What Negative Ions Do to Your Mind and Your Body: How Their Presence Is Responsible for Your Overall Refreshing Feeling of Wellness

What Negative Ions Do to Your Mind and Your Body How Their Presence Is Responsible for Your Overall Refreshing Feeling of WellnessHave you ever experienced hanging around an enclosed space for a considerable period of time? Are you always in an air-conditioned office due to work requirements?

Have you noticed how you feel like you’re carrying this sense of unwell during those hours? Perhaps you still feel some general sense of discomfort in your stuffy car while stuck in bad traffic.

This is because of the low amount of negative ions present in these structures and confined areas.

On the other hand, have you noticed how you feel light and enlivened when at the end of the day you soak under the shower or lounge in the tepid and lathered waters of your bathroom tub?

You may have also observed how you get these same sensations of invigoration and rejuvenation, physically and emotionally, whenever you are on a vacation island basking in the sun by the shores of the oceans.

This is because it is during these times you envelop yourself in such an unbelievably high concentration of negative ions produced through high levels of water molecules around these settings.

Draw More Negative Ions Toward You: Get Up-Close and Personal with Nature More Often and Get Some Fresh Air

Negative ions, when ingested, strengthen the human body, and support and build up its every part of your body to be able to take on and perform well the responsibilities and the purposes of each.

Draw More Negative Ions Toward You Get Up-Close and Personal with Nature More Often and Get Some Fresh AirAn amount of negatively charged electric ions of 5,000 to 50,000 for every cubic centimeter when inhaling clean and fresh air is great enough to bolster your body’s resistance, endurance, and immunity.

So you can imagine how much positive vibrations you can take in if you spend more time with nature’s resources which are natural sources of negative ions. These natural resources are at your disposal for free and they include practically every earthly body.

The air surrounding these terrestrial bodies carries with it 50,000 to 100,000 negative ions for every cubic centimeter.

Therefore, the negative ions which your body consumes are crucial in the maintenance and betterment of your general well-being. So go out there, take a stroll in a park filled with lush greeneries and breathe in some fresh air.

The Mind and the Spirit: How the Presence of Negative Ions Around You Uplifts Your Emotional State

Negatively Charged Electric Ions as Anti-Depressants Provided for by Nature

Negatively Charged Electric Ions as Anti-Depressants Provided for by NatureNegative ions have long been associated with and credited for alleviating depression, both seasonal affective disorder such as winter depression or chronic depression and other types and levels of depressive disorders.

Staying indoors, in a room lying in bed for long periods of time in a given day and this habit’s lasting for weeks, lack of enthusiasm and interest in participating in physical and interactive activities, and consistently low energies are only some of the many symptoms of clinical depression.

If you may personally know someone who is diagnosed with and suffers from clinical depression, then you must have observed how this person, perhaps a friend of yours, may be constantly advised and persuaded to battle the psychological disorder by getting out of bed and going out of the house.

While the suggestion may sound commonplace, too familiar and trivial even, there is truth to how leaving the bed, going out and getting some fresh air can help greatly mitigate the feeling of lingering loneliness and reduce the bouts of a depressive state.

One of the major reasons for this is the exposure to more negative ions outdoors which serve as anti-depressants provided for by nature.

Negatively Charged Electric Ions as Natural Mood Boosters

While depression may logically be deemed more detrimental, anger, more temporary feelings of sadness, irritability, and sulkiness – among other adverse dispositions and feelings of emotional discomfort and displeasure which are also experienced even by the nondepressed – can also be eased by a person’s exposure to negative ions.

A sufficiently high density of negative ions around a person’s body and within can significantly drop the intensity of these undesirable destructive emotions.

Negatively Charged Electric Ions as Inherent Fatigue Busters and Stress Relievers

Negatively Charged Electric Ions as Inherent Fatigue Busters and Stress RelieversIn relation to negatively charged electric ions as natural mood boosters, stresses and anxieties are the other markers of unpleasant dispositions. These too can be much lessened, if not entirely taken away, by exposure to large quantities of negative ions.

With reduced stress and anxiety, you can, in turn, have a brighter day and even achieve a healthier outlook and lifestyle on the long term when constantly nurturing your body with negative ions.

Negatively Charged Electric Ions and Their Innately Valuable and Positive Effects on Cognitive Performance

As you pull yourself out of a depressed state, boost your general disposition and release all of your stress and worry, you can better perform your daily tasks as an individual and as a professional, among your other roles and responsibilities in life.

The negative ions can indeed exert substantial effects on reasoning, good decision making, learning, and general cognitive performance at work and definitely in different situations which require mental dexterity, intellectual adeptness, and focus.

The Body: How the Presence of Negative Ions Around You Enhances Your Physiological State and Functions

Serotonin is a vital organic compound found in the human body and it has several functions including the smoother stimulation of muscles and the regulation of cyclic biochemical processes in the body. However, when the amount of serotonin become higher than what is necessary for the body, it adversely affects some organs.

This is where negative ions play its role in reducing the levels of serotonin in the body which in turn, helps to ease your stress and physical pain as well as strengthens your body’s defenses and immune system.

Less Headaches and More Sound Sleep. Serotonin is a necessary organic compound in the body. However, its overproduction causes migraine and restlessness leading to an unstable sleeping routine.

Ingesting negatively charged electric ions helps regulate the production of serotonin in the neurotransmitters so you are guaranteed this natural organic compound produced by the human body itself does not go over the top.

Normal Potential of Hydrogen or pH Balance Toward Stronger Immune SystemNormal Potential of Hydrogen or pH Balance Toward Stronger Immune System. Having lower pH level, i.e., acidic pH level weakens the immune system and makes the body more prone to illness.

This may be due to the food which you consume. Acidic pH level weakens the immune system and makes the body more prone to illness, if not entirely shut down. This is caused by a significant loss of electrons in the body which can be remedied with an inflow of negative ions containing an abundant amount of electrons so you can improve your resistance.

Improved Blood Circulation. The more negatively charged electric ions pass through your bloodstream, the faster the delivery of oxygen into our cells, tissues, and organs will be. This means that negative ions activate the body’s capacities to absorb and use oxygen.

Better Respiration. While positive ions aggravate asthmatic and allergic responses, the negative ions act against these symptoms alongside other respiratory tract diseases such as influenza and bronchitis.

Better Skin. The negative ions cleanse the body from within and act as natural antioxidants which help enhance the functioning of the skin cell membranes. As previously mentioned, they contribute to accelerating the delivery of oxygen into our cells and tissues including those of the skin.

Negative ions reinforce the collagen production which is responsible for the resilience and elasticity of the skin.

Fresher, More Pure, and Cleansed Atmosphere: How the Presence of Negative Ions Around You Rinses the Air Clean

Negative ions attach to and bond with the contaminations found in the atmosphere which they occupy. This is because they attract the opposite charges. Owing to this process, negative ions thus have purifying effects on the air.

In other words, these negative ions take away dust and dirt, pollen and other allergens, other forms of toxic pollutants, and even kill off bad bacteria and germs. As well, they remove volatile organic compounds or VOCs which are given off with paint, pungent adhesives and other household items and chemicals.

What happens then is that the sources of negative ions such as waters, lush green plants, and including the man-made negative ion producers, take in impurities which have clung to the negative ions and thereafter release filtered and decontaminated ions back into the atmosphere.

How to Get Exposure to and Generate Negative Ions

How to Get Exposure to and Generate Negative IonsThere are many ways through which you can get exposure to and generate negative ions. There is, of course, the near limitless earthly resources. Some are activities and habits which you can regularly practice and with today’s advancement in technologies, there, too, are some man-made varieties of negative ion producers.

Better Exposure to the Gifts of Nature

The best way to gain better exposure to these anti-depressants provided for by nature in the form of negative ions is absolutely to go out there and dip into some river or ocean waters, or swim underneath some beautifully cascading waterfalls. You can stretch those limbs and go for a hike on some richly canopied mountains or trails.

Generation of More Negative Ions and Trimming down on Positive Ions at Home

If you lack the spare time to go out of town and do all these suggested physical activities with nature, you can always design your home and turn it into a place where there are enough negative ion producers.

The Exterior of Your Home. You can start with your lawn and gardens. Perhaps it is time for you to take interest in gardening and landscaping if you have not started yet. Make sure your gardens are filled with plant life.

Spend your alone time or quality family bonding time on your patio that is surrounded with abundant herbs and florets. You can even spend the right amount of money on a garden fountain or artificial rock ponds and waterfalls. These flowing waters make for an excellent source of negative ions as well.

Generation of More Negative Ions and Trimming down on Positive Ions at HomeInside Your House. In the interior of your home, you can choose to open the windows and let the breeze in instead of always having your air conditioning unit running. Of course, you can bring some plants into your house too. These indoor plants help improve the air quality in your household as well as release moisture which is a natural source of negative ions.

Your Personal Practices. Showers also play a role in generating negative ions. After all, they are moving waters too. So when stressed out or feeling fatigued, just get yourself in the shower. It is better for you to not wait for the stress to soak in your bodily systems and eventually let them affect your mood and spirit. Jump into the warm waters of your bathtub and match your own home spa treatment with fragrant essential oils of aromatherapy.

Also, Do Not Allow Cigarette Smoking in Your House. Choose household items made out of natural fibers over synthetic materials. Use linens, cotton, wool and genuine wood because plastic, polyester and other chemically infused products heighten static electricity which cancels out negative ions.

Choose to Air Dry Your Washed Clothes and Other Fabrics. Their moisture discharged into vapor also contains negative ions.

Man-Made Variety of Negative Ion Producers: Generation of More Negative Ions and Trimming down on Positive Ions at Home

Man-Made Variety of Negative Ion Producers Generation of More Negative Ions and Trimming down on Positive Ions at HomeAt health and new age stores, they offer negative ion producers such as ionized drinking water and ionized bracelets. There are the crystal salt lamps too which have been gaining popularity in the recent years.

You can also use appliances with built-in negative ion producers. These products are great for countering the effects of positive ions, radiation and static electricity emitted by wi-fi routers, computers, and televisions.

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