Top 20 3D Illusion Lamps To Lighten Up Your Room In Style

Three dimensional lamps are really cool and even though they are actually 2D they give the impression that they are 3D. This is almost like an optical illusion that the entire family can enjoy.

These cool little lamps light up the night and are perfect for night lights for your little ones. The LED lights that are used are completely safe for kids and energy efficient. The many different shapes and designs are perfect for kids and even adults. There is surely one that you will find that will be just right for you.

Top 20 3D Illusion Lamps Reviewed

1. TURTLE Night Light by rainbolights

First off, these lights are really cool. Most of these are meant to be a sort of night light for a baby or young child. However, that doesn’t mean that adults don’t still enjoy them. This particular design is a turtle. The actual picture at first seems to be a 3 dimensional model of the turtle but it actually is not. This is a piece of tough plastic that when placed into the base of the light, glows and gives the perception of being 3 dimensional.

The TURTLE Night Light

This neat little night light comes with seven total LED light settings. All the colors include blue, red, green, light blue, yellow, white, and finally purple. The power cord is able to be plugged into an adaptor so it can even plug into a laptop or computer to power the light. This is sure to be one of your child’s favorite gifts. They will look forward to going to sleep at night when they know they will get to enjoy the coolest night light they have ever seen.

Favorite Feature

The fact that rainbolights made multiple color functions and the power cord is able to be used just about anywhere makes this light a really cool addition to your child’s room.

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2. Football Helmet Night Light by rainbolights

Even though this football helmet night light is simply a two dimensional model, it sure does come across as a three dimensional wonder. With the spherical shape of the football helmets head, it is a wonder how rainbolights was able to really make this light jump out and give a true 3D feel. If you have a little rascal at home who is just all about sports, this would be the absolute perfect gift for them!

The Football Helmet

With the desired shape of the football helmet, this light is not just for children. This would be a really cool addition to your boyfriends or husbands man cave. When watching the football game, turning down lights and throwing on one of these will really complete the feel. All you will need after that is the beer and the snacks.

Favorite Feature

We love seeing the different colors that come with these types of lights. The LED settings are a simple as hitting one button. The different colors come in blue, turquoise, yellow, white, purple, red and green. So whatever your team colors are, there will be one that will be perfect for you!

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3. I Love You Light by rainbolights

This is a wonderful gift to give to anyone because who doesn’t want to hear that they are loved. This gift, in particular, is especially unique and fun. If you have a young child that you just can’t figure out what you want to get them, or you can’t figure out what shape of light they would like for their room, you simply can’t go wrong with a gift like this. Every night when they lay down for bed they will see the night light and know that they are loved.

The I Love You Light

Another great way to use this light is for your significant other. Have you thought about what to give them for Valentine’s day? Have you thought about your anniversary? Well, this could be a very cute and sweet way to tell them that you care and that you love them. Your significant other will love to see this lamp on their bedside table when they go to sleep and when they wake the next morning. Make sure that you are the first thing they think about when they wake.

Favorite Feature

All the different colors are always really cool to see and use but one of the best things about this lamp in particular would be the vibrancy that you can see these LED’s in. This shape and design is perfect for being able to see the vibrant colors.

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4. Owl and Leopard Light by rainbolights (Comes with Remote!)

Are you an animal lover? For anyone who loves animals of all shapes and sizes, this is a great little light for you. Whether or not you are planning on using this light for yourself or thinking of giving it away as a gift, or even planning on giving it to your child, this will be a great addition to your house.

The Owl and Leopard Light

Just like other rainbolights, this light comes with different color settings and even a wide range power cord that fits with an adaptor or a computer. The really cool thing about this light, in particular, is the remote that comes with it. There are different settings that you can use with the remote. These settings include things such as a dimmer mode, a timer, and even flash speeds (not recommended for those with epilepsy or a history of seizures).

Favorite Feature

The favorite feature for this style of lamp night light was the batteries. You can make this night light portable so you will never be without a night light!

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5. Star Trek Battleship Light by LOTOS

What kind of gift can you get for a Star Trek fan that you can be certain that they will love? This cool little night light is perfect for a display shelf, a desk, or even just a table. The really great thing about these lights is that even though they are simply on a piece of clear plastic, they give the illusion of being a three dimensional shape. What would a sci-fi geek love more than a 3D style lamp of a Star Trek battleship?

The Star Trek Battleship Light

This will be a great gift for anyone who loves Star Trek. This would be a great gift even for a child who loves science fiction and wants a really cool night light with different LED color functions. It is very simple to operate with one power button and seven different colors to choose from.

Favorite Feature

Since this light is powered by a simple and energy efficient light, you can leave it on all night safely without it using much power at all. The other nice aspect of this light is that it doesn’t put out a lot of heat when it is on so it stays cool and safe for children.

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6. Punisher Skull 3D Illusion Light!

This thing is super cool. Everyone already loves the aspect of having the three dimensional illusion to these lamps. Seeing one that is a skull makes this extra cool and fun. Then on top of all of that, you are looking at the skull that arguably one of the coolest Marvel characters ever wore. The Punisher! This is a great piece of Marvel culture that any comic book lover would be excited to have.

The Punisher Skull 3D Illusion Light

If you are looking for a great gift for your husband or spouse or even your own father, this light will be well received. If you are looking for a light that your pirate loving child will enjoy and even be able to use as a night light, this is the best option for you. Some have even used this simply as a decoration for Halloween. No matter how you use it, this light is a cool find and a wonderful gift.

Favorite Feature

This particular design truly stands out and is a great option for many different reasons. The multiple different colors are great to use but the true white really stands out for a great feature for any occasion.

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7. Earphone Design Optical Illusion Lamp and Night Light

This lamp is similar to the other lamps and night lights that we have looked at thus far. The really cool thing about these is that they are very open to the person. What is meant by that is that these are basically for anyone who loves music. So if you have been looking at all of these different shapes and designs and still haven’t been able to find one that is right for you or for the person you intend to gift them too, this could really be the design for you.

The Earphone Design

Teenagers can be very difficult to buy for but what teenager doesn’t love music? This option could really be what you have been looking for. With all the different colors and LED lights that this one comes with, you are sure to find a color that suits you. This light is energy saving and takes up very little power so it is safe to leave it on without worrying about it sucking up energy.

Favorite Feature

The acrylic plate that is used is very high end especially for the affordable price of the headphone design comes in. Since it is also non toxic and doesn’t overheat, once again, these are perfect for children’s rooms and nurseries.

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8. Teddy Bear and Heart Night Light for Kids Room

This wonderful light design is meant for children. They love the feature of the cute and cuddly teddy bear. This night light is perfect for younger children, and even for nurseries. The three dimensional illusion is captivating to younger kids. They will love this little light and love the different changing colors they can try out. With the seven different colors, they will be able to try a new color every day of the week.

The Teddy Bear and Heart Night Light

With a simple one touch button design, it will be super easy for even your young ones to control. They can change the colors themselves and even turn it off when they wake up in the morning. Once again, with this model, we see the battery operated option which is really nice, and since it is energy efficient the light will not eat through your batteries.

Favorite Feature

The coolest thing about this particular model is the money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied completely with your purchase, just send it back for a full refund.

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9. Lazaga 3D Illusion Whale Desk Lamp

Do you love sea life or marine mammals? This whale desk lamp is a great addition to any home or even your office. These lamps are becoming more and more popular as a means of relaxation and meditation. One look at this majestic creature beautifully brought to life will soothe and calm you down like nothing before. Lazaga did everything right when they came up with this whale design for their next lamp.

The Lazaga Whale Lamp

You can use this as a very reasonably priced gift and send it to someone you really care about. Even if they don’t particularly love whales and just are all about oceans and marine life, this is still a knockout gift idea. Like most other lamps of this design, you can change the LED lights to multiple different colors, seven to be exact.

Favorite Feature

The auto color changing feature is a really cool addition to this light. If you have children who want a night light with a really neat feel to it, you can’t go wrong with this whale of a gift.

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10. Deruicent Martian 3D Lamp and Night Light

This lamp is right out of Area 51 itself. The Martian design is a super cool feature of this lamp and is really well received by the multiple color changing LED lights that come with this night light. Kids love how real this three dimensional model looks and just how much it jumps out at you when you walk into the room.

The Martian 3D Lamp

If you are a sci-fi lover then you will love just how cool this thing looks in person. With the glow from the LED lights, you will feel like you are in an alien movie. With the one touch switch, you can simply change the colors around utilizing seven different color options. This is even a great Halloween decoration to freak out the kids who come to your door for candy.

Favorite Feature

The auto changing mode is really great and it gradually shifts from one color to the next. This is a really great gift for those who love sci-fi stuff or just freaky aliens.

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11. Modern Meditation Mood Lamp by MrLifeHack

The meditation mood lamp is a really interesting way of using this lamp. The idea is that you can use it to help you fall asleep at night by relaxing and watching the light as you drift away into sleep. You can also use this lamp just to help you meditate and try to find inner peace. Many who do Yoga can use this lamp as a nice meditation piece while they are doing different stances.

The Modern Meditation Mood Lamp

Really, this lamp (or night light) is for anyone who wants to relax. You can keep it by your bed, in your living room and even in your office at home or at work. They change to seven different colors and even have an auto color changing mode so you can just watch the light and relax. Meditation devices are becoming very popular as more people are trying to find a better way to relax and de-stress.

Favorite Feature

The energy efficient LED lights is always a nice touch but the color changing mode is the favorite feature of this night light and meditation lamp.

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12. UBIKORT 3D Illusion Night Light of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars! (Upgraded Version)

Who doesn’t love Star Wars? No matter what type of sci-fi lover you are everyone knows Darth Vader and loves the Star Wars movie franchise. With the new movies of Star Wars that have come out over the last several years, more and more people are joining the Star Wars fan club. The Millennium Falcon from Star Wars is such a cool space ship and is so intricate in design. Even if you aren’t a big fan of Star Wars, you know two things, the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon.

Night Light of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars

This iconic design is an incredible addition to anyone’s collection. If you plan to get one for your kids you know they will love the idea of a spaceship lighting up their bed room at night. Not to mention the different color modes that come with the Millennium Falcon design. You might plan to get this for you significant other, a family member, or even a friend. If they like Star Wars then they will be sure to love this lamp.

Favorite Feature

The energy efficient LED lights are great and have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The fact that it is safe for kids is just another great reason to use this as a night light.

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13. Gawell Basketball 3D Illusion Lamp Night Light

Do you love sports? Do you have any family members who love sports, particularly basketball? This lamp is a great gift for anyone who loves to watch or play basketball. The spherical shape is a great way to portray the three dimensional effect. With the different colors that you can choose from, kids will love it and even be able to display the color of their favorite teams.

The Gawell Basketball Night Light

This is a great gift for you children but can also be great for your significant other or a family member. They can prominently display the light during their favorite games. It is a perfect gift for anyone who loves the sport of basketball. With the gradual changing color mode, you can host a game night that all can enjoy.

Favorite Feature

The energy efficient light is great for those who want to use this as their child’s night light. Leave it on all night with no worried about it burning power or overheating.

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14. Elstey Wolf 3D Night Light and Desk Lamp

This stunningly graphic and beautiful design of a wolf is an amazing addition to these three dimensional lamps. With the multiple different color changing modes, this is a great gift for practically anyone who loves nature, wolves, Native American decor, and much more. The wolf is a symbol of strength and wisdom.

The Elstey Wolf Lamp

The wolf lamp is a great addition to your child’s bedroom as a night light and is super safe. The LED lights never get hot and do not take up much power at all. This is also a great addition to your man cave as well. With the decent size and very reasonable price, you really can’t go wrong with this lamp. Use it as decoration or give it as a gift.

Favorite Feature

The truly graphic design of the wolf and the wolf’s fur is what makes this piece stand out from the bunch. Even if you don’t love wolves, you have to love the graphic elements that are used in this piece and the LED lights just make this truly pop out.

Sally's Score:

15. Huiyuan Star War Clone Troopers Night Light

Another super awesome lamp and night light for the sci-fi Star Wars lover. This trooper mask really jumps out and looks like a trooper is coming out of thin air. The really awesome thing about this lamp is that it really resembles a true trooper from the Star Wars movies. The different colors are fun to play with but the white is really remarkable to see and portrays the trooper as true Star Wars memorabilia.

Star War Clone Troopers

For anyone who loves Star Wars, this is a great addition to their collection. The light will work great on a display case, on a desk, or basically anywhere that works. Leave it on at night for those times you need to get up late with no worries about it draining your power. This light is meant for you to leave on for long periods of time. The energy efficient lights don’t get hot, making this a very safe alternative to other night lights.

Favorite Feature

The colors can change modes and there are seven colors to choose from. They even have a mode where the lights will automatically change gradually.

Sally's Score:

16. 3D Illusion Animal Horse Head LED Desk Table Night Light Lamp 7 Color Touch Lamp Kiddie Kids Children Family Holiday Gift Home Office Childrenroom Theme Decoration by HUI YUAN (Remote Control)

A great gift for kids and horse lovers alike. What little girl doesn’t love ponies? This is a perfect gift to your daughter or your son as a cute little night light. All their friends will be jealous and the design of the horse head is just beautiful. The graphic lines and dramatic curves flow together beautifully and make this an absolutely gorgeous piece.

The Horse Head LED Night Light

This would be a wonderful gift for just about anyone who loves nature, horses, the country, or just about anything else. What is more beautiful than this graphic design of a gorgeous mustang. The simple yet stunning make of this is brought to life even more with the lights. The LED lights help this horse head really stand out bright and make this a light and decor piece that anyone can enjoy.

Favorite Feature

The remote control is a great feature that you don’t always see with these lamps. It also gives you more control over the settings of this piece and the lighting functions that you can use.

Sally's Score:

17. Elstey Butterfly 3D LED Night Light Lamps

Butterflies have always been a symbol of beauty and what is better than having a large glowing butterfly displayed in your home or office. They are seen as very swift and tranquil creatures. For those who love butterflies, this is a perfect gift for you or your loved ones. The different colors will suit basically anyone and the color changing mode is great for relaxation. If you have a particularly stressful job, this would be a perfect desk lamp for you to use and to help you de-stress now and again.

The Butterfly LED Lamp

This is a great option to use for your baby girls bedroom or nursery. With the energy efficient lighting these lamps are completely safe and don’t overheat, or get very warm at all for that matter. These lamps are labeled as night lights because they are great for lighting up a room without being overwhelming. This lamp has a mosaic feel to it and the butterfly is beautifully designed.

Favorite Feature

With energy efficient technology this is a great option for a night light and will be perfectly safe for your children even as they begin to grow.

Sally's Score:

18. The Death Star Desk Lamp and Night Light by Hosyo

Star Wars fans are starting to become more and more with the new movies that have come out over the years. Now with their increase in popularity more and more memorabilia is also becoming popular and well sought after. Now they have more toys and figurines than you can imagine all surrounding the Star Wars movie franchise. We have already looked at a Trooper and even the Millennium Falcon as lamps and lights. Now we are taking a look at possibly the single most memorable part of Star Wars all together, the Death Star.

The Death Star Desk Lamp

For kids and adults alike, they all love Star Wars stuff, and something as cool as this is something you can’t pass up. The light changes to eight different colors and effects that are sure to tantalize and amaze. Anyone who loves Star Wars or sci-fi stuff in general will really get a kick out of this lamp.

Favorite Feature

With the LED lights being energy efficient and lasting so long you will be able to enjoy this lamp for a long time and with minimal energy use. This is a great gift for any time of the year.

Sally's Score:

19. 3D Elephant lamp by YKL World

The elephant design is a great design for kids of all ages. For those of you who are planning a party or if it is getting close to the Holidays, this might just be the best gift that your young one would love to receive. With the amazing light up effects of these lamps, they will love to use this as a night light or even just for playing in the dark at night. With the different colors they will be sure to find a setting that they like.

3D Elephant lamp

If you are looking for elephants to theme your nursery with, then this is a wonderful piece to use. Light your nursery at night with one of these and you will easily be able to see your baby on their baby monitor. Since these lamps and the LED lights tend to last a long time, you can keep using this lamp as their night light for as long as it runs.

Favorite Feature

The elephant lamp is a great gift through and through. With the 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, you will be sure to be happy with this product or your money back.

Sally's Score:

20. Gawell Dinosaur Visual Effect Night Light

The night light has an amazing three dimensional visual effect and any child will be captivated by how it looks three dimensional even though it’s not. Every little boy and even some girls will absolutely love this little light. There are seven different color options that your little one can choose from.

The Dinosaur Night Light

Use it as a night light for their bedroom, their bathroom, or just for the hallway when your kids get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. This is a great alternative to more dangerous lights that overheat and can cause fires. The simple LED lights won’t get too hot and are beautiful to look at.

Favorite Feature

This LED lamp is a great decor piece for any child’s room. With the great acrylic material, the LED lights shine brighter than ever.

Sally's Score:

Are LED Lights Safe to Use as Night Lights?

Are LED Lights Safe to Use as Night LightsFor a long time there has been controversy among those who use LED light and those who use standard wattage bulbs.

The real great benefit of using LED or (light emitting diodes) lights is the energy efficiency that they bring with them. These lights are capable of saving much much more power than we have ever seen before and they are incredibly cost effective.

One of the biggest concerns that we’ve always had has been the safety of bulbs. From the time that we started using fire and candles to light our homes at night, we have always been looking for safer ways to light up our homes. When the light bulb was invented people thought that there could be no safer solution. However, they were wrong.

When the light bulb was invented people thought that there could be no safer solution. However, they were wrong.

Still today we see home fires starting with lamps that are not properly taken care of. When too close to forms of paper or to other forms of clothing and upholstery. When the light bulbs start to get too warm they can still create a heat fire which can burn down your home.

So Do LED Lights Get too Hot? Are LED’s a Fire Hazard?

LED lights don’t use a filament or infrared to generate light like incandescent bulbs do. This makes them much safer to use and helps keep LED’s from generating actual heat when lit.

These LED bulbs are significantly cooler and barely warm to the touch. This is unlike incandescent light bulbs which get so warm they can actually burn the skin. If they can burn to the touch they can surely catch something on fire.

Since the LED’s are able to keep their bulbs much cooler they are able to last much much longer. Since these lights are not producing tons of heat, they are also conserving their own energy and not wasting it.

Are Night Lights Good to Use For Your Baby?

Are Night Lights Good to Use For Your BabyNight lights have been the issue of controversy for some time now and we might be able to answer the question of if night lights are good for your baby.

As a matter of fact, they are great for your toddler’s sleep. They help keep your child feeling safe even when they are in the complete dark. Some people may think that babies aren’t afraid of the dark and that this fear is either learned or comes at a later age.

This is not true. When it comes to your newborn, even when they are in the same bedroom as you, it is still possible that your child will wake up and cry because they are afraid. If you use a night light in the room that they are sleeping in, there will be more times when the baby will wake up briefly and go back to sleep.

When a child is trying to fall asleep even for the first time for the night, they are still in need of the feeling of safety. When using a night light for your children, you want to make sure to use one that is dim enough or one with settings that you can adjust the brightness and other settings.

If the night light that you are using is too bright, then your child might be more apt to wake up multiple times throughout the night. That is the exact opposite of what you want. If the lights are too bright they will automatically get the feeling that they need to wake up.

Meditation with Lights

Meditation with LightsWhen it comes to stress nowadays, everyone suffers from some form of it. Whether it be depression related, work related, or even family and friend related. One of the best ways to circumvent this is to find a way to de-stress and relax. With forms of relaxation methods that soothe the body, people have been able to live much longer and healthier lives.

What’s important for meditation, is that you’ve got proper lighting conditions in your home. It doesn’t help to be staring at displays such as your computer monitor or your smartphone. These give up blue light and will keep you wide awake. It’s better to have natural daylight lamps, instead. They’ll make you feel better in general, making it easier to adhere to a meditation regimen.

With so many different things that cause stress today what with social media and world issues, what is one to do when it comes to relaxation? Some people try things like Yoga which is healthy for the body and for the mind. Another form of relaxing that people use is meditation. In fact, meditation is becoming more and more popular among people.

The reason why meditation is becoming more popular is the fact that you are able to completely let go and clear your mind of any and everything. For one, meditation has been used for centuries as a way to come into ones own and learn from ones self. Meditation is even a way of finding true inner peace and helps those who use it’s power to grow as people.

How to Meditate with Help

One thing that a lot of new meditators find difficult is being able to completely clear their mind without thinking of anything at all. That is why they have started to seek aid with meditation.

Using things like rocks, symbols, and pieces of art are ways that people have started using objects to help them meditate. Using music is another great way to help but doesn’t always work for everyone.

One way of helping yourself get in touch with yourself, is to surround yourself with all things natural. If you’ve got a backyard, great! Put a chair there and have a seat in the evening, when the world is starting to go dark and quiet. Maybe have a tiki torch to provide some natural light for yourself. Focus on your breathing and let your mind go quiet.

Using LED lights are another very popular way that individuals have started to use these lamps to help them meditate. When looking at the lights and watching the designs come to life, it becomes easier to let go of your thoughts and completely lose yourself in meditation. It is easier to visualize and focus on breathing when you can’t let go of your thoughts. Some people use mist diffusers to give themselves something monotone to focus on.

If you truly want to let yourself go then Yoga is another great way to de-stress that goes hand in hand with meditation. Simply meditate and yoga to increase happiness in your life.

With these two things, you will have the secret to success. These two simple acts can even help you quit smoking and help you with a healthier diet. So before you completely say no to meditation, take a look at the things you would like to have in your life.

These Amazing Lamps/Night Lights

These Amazing Lamps or Night LightsThese are a great feature to have in your home or in your office. Use them to help your children sleep at night or just to help yourself relieve stress. No matter what you end up using them for, you will be pleased with your decision to purchase one of these reasonably priced 3D lights.

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