Top 20 Desktop Aquarium Lamps For Those Yearning To Return To The Ocean

If you are a fish lover but you don’t love the mess and the smell that most aquariums bring with them, then these desktop aquarium lamps are perfect for you. Below is listed several types and brands of really cool faux aquariums that you can use on your desk at work or on your countertop at home.

Do you love jellyfish? Do you love fish like the beautiful bettas also known as chinese fighting fish? Then take a look at the selection that we have gone through for your enjoyment. These amazing little desktop tanks will help you relax at work when the stress is just really getting to you. These are also great for kids to enjoy and even to use as nightlights to help them with their fear of the dark.

Top 20 Desktop Aquarium Lamps Reviewed

1. CALOVER Desktop Aquarium Lamps

Not only is this a great little LED lamp with water, but this particular lamp includes two faux jellyfish that are just great to watch. If you are looking for a fun, decent sized lamp for your desk or countertop, you couldn’t pick one more relaxing then the CALOVER Jellyfish Lamp.

Why Use CALOVER Desktop Aquarium Lamps?

In all honesty, when looking at the price of this lamp, you wouldn’t really be expecting much. However, when you get these cute little LED desktop aquarium lamps going, you get lost in the majestic movements of the jellyfish entrapped within.

Favorite Feature

The option to either use a cord that you plug in or batteries that allow you to place it anywhere is a wonderful feature. Simply use this lamp as decor for your dining table. Your family and friends will love the beauty and simplicity of this darling design.

Sally's Score:

2. Lightahead Artificial Tropical Fish Aquarium

The Lightahead Artificial Tropical Fish Aquarium is by far one of the hottest sellers in the LED desktop aquariums. This guy simulates a tropical feel with angle fish and even clown fish. This is a wonderful way for you to get a hassle free tropical saltwater aquarium in the comfort of your home or your office.

What is it About Lightahead Artificial Tropical Fish Aquarium?

This particular aquarium is wonderful in the fact that it is easy to set up. It also has virtually no cleanup or maintenance that is required by the owner. If that wasn’t enough it also keeps fish lovers from harming and trapping the fish they love.

Favorite Feature

The moving fish in the background make it look like the fish are constantly swimming around your faux tank. This LED tabletop tank actually does not require water, so it is even safe if you want to get one for your child’s room.

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3. Lightahead Artificial Mini Aquarium

The Lightahead Artificial Mini Aquarium is a little different than the last Lightahead product that we saw. This one does require water but it is a lot more free moving when it comes to the fish in the tank. Not only is it nice because the clownfish and the damsels that originally come with it are able to float around freely. You can also purchase other types of faux fish and add them to the tank if you so choose.

Why Use This Style Lightahead Aquarium?

Most like this option because of the fact that it is more free moving, however, being able to choose different kinds of fish to go inside it is also nice. One really great feature is the LED lights that were added to this model.

Favorite Feature

Similar to the CALOVER that we also reviewed, this Lightahead model also allows for the use of a cable or for batteries if you wish to use it further away from a wall or outlet. This feature makes it a wonderful addition to the home, office, or even your child’s bedroom.

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4. Lightahead LED Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp

The Lightahead LED Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp is an absolute gorgeous lamp for anyone who enjoys marine life. This jelly lamp in particular is one of the most fascinating examples of marine life that we have had the privilege to review.

Why Use the Lightahead LED Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp?

These desktop aquarium lamps are not only treasured for their beauty and wonderful LED effects but also for their life like resemblance of real jellyfish. The way that the five different LED modes reflect off of the faux jellyfish will make it seem like you have new jellies in your tank every day. Even more fascinating is the ability that the LED’s have to really bring these faux invertebrates to life in your own home.

Favorite Feature

This LED lamp is a true example of beauty that can be brought to life in your own home and all without harming any real animals. With having an auto turn off switch after about 4 hours, you can turn on this lamp and let it go without any worries of needing to turn it off.

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5. Fascinations Home Décor Jellifish Lamp

The Fascinations Home Décor Jellifish Lamp is another wonderful jellyfish inspired lamp. The LED lights in this desktop aquarium lamp are bright and clearly noticeable even in the day time. When you turn on this lamp, immediately you notice all the colors dancing around the fish like a disco.

What Is So Fascinating About the Fascinations Home DéCor Jellifish Lamp?

This very lamp has only one setting and only runs on batteries. So it is recommended to only use it when you are wanting to watch it and relax. Other than that, the jellies that are found inside are very realistic and move around the vertical tank flawlessly.

Favorite Feature

For the price, you cannot beat this LED desktop lamp. If you plan to give one to your children, or plan to use it in your office, this lamp will give you hours of enjoyment and relaxation.

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6. Art Glass Teal Jellyfish that Glows in the Dark

Art Glass Teal Jellyfish that Glows in the Dark is not an actual tank, but it is absolutely beautiful. This piece of glass art is perfect for anyone who love marine life or jellyfish in general. For the jelly lovers out there, the top of the jellyfish in this piece of glass art glows in the dark and so do the tantalizing tentacles.

What Makes this Piece of Art so Special?

These glass pieces are all hand blown glass so even though their exact specifications may vary, they are all a little unique in their own way. This beautiful piece of art is great for decor and for making an incredible statement. With this hand blown glass masterpiece, people will envy your office or home.

Favorite Feature

For this jelly, we recommend purchasing a light up stand that the glass can sit on. Even though this is not necessary to enjoy just how beautiful it is, it is recommended so that you and others can enjoy this beauty on so many levels.

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7. YOOEO Mini Led Jellyfish Lamp

The YOOEO Mini Led Jellyfish Lamp is very similar to some of the other jelly lamps that we have looked at so far. One of the things that immediately stands out though would have to be the multiple LED settings. For other lamps similar to this one in this price range, we really haven’t seen one that actually gives you the option of multiple LED lights or settings. The Jellyfish also move around the vertical aquarium flawlessly.

Why Use the YOOEO Brand Jellyfish Lamp?

This lamp is very similar to others that we have seen but for the price you just cannot beat the quality that you receive. For anyone who suffers from stress or any other type of emotional issues, this aquarium lamp is great for relaxing and enjoying a break now and again.

Favorite Feature

This guy has the option to use a usb cord or to use batteries which is really nice. However, the favorite feature of this one would have to be the multiple LED settings. Being able to have more control over the lights is one really great aspect of this mini aquarium.

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8. Mini Desktop Lamp Light Fish Tank

This desktop aquarium is really neat and super fun for those who love fish and aquatic life. The Mini Desktop Lamp Light Fish Tank is definitely not for those who are looking to have a large tank with multiple fish. This little guy can hold one small fish, possibly a betta fish. For what this desktop lamp is, it is really cool.

Why Use This Desktop Aquarium Lamp?

Unlike most of the other things that we have talked about so far, this one is meant for a real fish. If comes with a motor to filter the water for you so there is minimal clean up required for this tiny tank. Another really fun feature is that the water from the filter is joined back into the tank via a small faucet looking return valve.

Favorite Feature

Obviously seeing the filter was a very nice feature to have so that you can take care of the fish with minimal effort on your part. For the feature favorite though, seeing the tiny faucet structure really gave this piece the extra pizazz that really makes this a cool accessory to have around your home or office.

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9. Docooler Mini Fish Tank Aquarium

The Docooler Mini Fish Tank Aquarium is a great addition to any home or office. This particular mini tank is only big enough for about one fish (usually a betta) and has additional features that you are sure to love. On top of having the lamp on top of the mini tank, there are also multicolored LED lights that are hidden under the base of the tank. Just turn them on to light up the tank with fun colors.

What Is So Special About Docooler?

Well, on top of the lights and the lamp perched on top, there is also a filter inside of the structure to help keep the water moving. Even though betta might not like this feature, you can simply turn off the motor when you don’t want to use it.

Favorite Feature

We love that there is a clock on this so your aquarium isn’t just for enjoyment. This piece is also functional. With the clock you will always know what date, time, and even temperature it is outside. All in all, this is a great feature for your office.

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10. Flexzion Desktop Aquarium and Clock

The Flexzion Desktop Aquarium and Clock is very similar to the last couple of desktop aquariums that we have seen. One of the really cool features of this one is that it comes with it’s own rocks to put in the base of the tank if you so choose. Another really cool thing is the motor and filter used for this mini tank.

What Is up with Flexzion?

This cool tank also is very functional with the LED lights and even with the clock that is attached. For an office it is nice to always know the date, time, and even the temperature that it is outside.

Favorite Feature

This little lamp is really cool in the fact that it comes with programed nature sounds inside. Just hit the button and you might hear the sound of an ocean, or maybe the sounds of a tropical rainforest. So if you are looking to have a little buddy to help with the stress, the nature noises will help soothe you too.

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11. Novelty Jellyfish Aquarium with LED

The Novelty Jellyfish Aquarium with LED Lighting is such a cool little tank for you to use on your countertop at home or for your office. It is extremely fun to watch and very relaxing to enjoy. One of the really cool aspects of this tank is that it is a little larger than what you typically see faux jellyfish tanks.

What Is Special About This Desktop Aquarium?

Another really cool thing to look at is the fact that there are three majestic jellies that dance around the tank instead of just the typical two that you see in these types of tanks. Since it is a desktop aquarium it is really interesting that it is as large as it is and that there is enough space to display three jellyfish comfortably.

Favorite Feature

If you are someone who loves to see the different effects of LED lights this is definitely the jellyfish tank for you. You can change the light settings whenever you would like and see all the different effects.

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12. Caveen Moving Jelly Fish Tank

The Caveen Moving Jelly Fish Tank is really interesting and not quite like most of the other faux tanks that you see for jellyfish right now. This guy is actually much much larger than what is typical of jellyfish tanks. This one is around 20 inches long. Even though it is very thin, this desktop aquarium would do best on a much larger desk.

Why Use the Large Caveen Jelly Fish Tank?

This mini aquarium is not as miniature as you would expect. With having about 20 inches of aquarium for the jellies to swim around in, you can have more than just 2 or 3 faux jellies in this tank. You can have five or six jellies in this tank with no problems at all. They sway and move in the tank like real jelly fish do.

Favorite Feature

There are seven different features for the LED lights and 12 lights all together throughout the tank. They automatically change and shift so the tank always looks different when you look at it. Another favorite would have to be the automatic shutoff after 4 hours so you don’t have to worry about turning the tank off.

Sally's Score:

13. Fascinations DeskQuarium

The Fascinations DeskQuarium is a great option for kids and just anyone in general who would love to have a piece of the ocean right at their desk. This aquarium is meant for desks because of the pencil holder that comes with it. It is a very quaint little tank and is great for enjoyment and entertainment.

What Makes the Fascinations DeskQuarium Cool?

If you plan on using this for your children in their bedroom, they can actually use this desktop aquarium as a night light. Even though this aquarium isn’t that big, it is quaint and is great for those who love marine life.

Favorite Feature

This particular tank is great for those of all ages and is battery powered making it easier to move around and use virtually anywhere. All in all this is a perfect little deskquarium.

Sally's Score:

14. Night Light Aquarium

This is a great little product. The Night Light Aquarium is great for just what it sounds like. The night light feature is perfect with the multi changing LED lights. At night this is a perfect option to keep your room dimly lit and enjoy the changing lights that will dance around your room.

The Night Light Aquarium is Great for Kids!

This is a wonderful night light even for your bathroom. If you’re like others who hate waking up in the middle of the night and turning on the bathroom light just to go to the restroom, this is a really cool way to dimly light up any room in your house.

Favorite Feature

We always love to see the adaptor thrown in so you do not have to solely rely on batteries to power the device. What was really fun about this one is that it comes with the several different LED light settings.

Sally's Score:

15. Ocean Decor Jellyfish Lamp

The Ocean Decor Jellyfish Lamp is another really fun and decadent piece. This lamp is considered a mood light to help stimulate your senses. This amazing and decorative lamp aquarium is meant to be relaxing with the faux jellies dancing around inside.

Why You Should Use Ocean Decor

This is a gentle and tantalizing scene for anyone who loves the ocean or marine life in general. It is a vertical style lamp so it is great for use in pretty much any room in your home or office. It is portable but also can be used with a simple power cord.

Favorite Feature

The power cord can connect to any type of adaptor or even a computer with access to a USB. Really, this is just a great little piece for anyone who wants to enjoy lights, jellies, or just beautiful movement.

Sally's Score:

16. Caveen Mini Desk

Caveen Mini Desktop Tank is a really cool lamp. This one actually has a motor that attaches to a filtration system. The filter will help keep moving water going throughout the tank and will also keep the tiny tank clean making your life much easier.

The Cool Thing About Caveen

This lamp is really cool because of the clock function that is attached. The clock and date are displayed on an LED screen making this perfect for your home office or for work. If you plan on not using the filtration system, getting a betta fish would be perfect for this size tank.

Favorite Feature

The sound feature is really nice with this desk accessory. For anyone with a stressful job or who just tends to feel stress, you can escape to the ocean or to the rain forest for a time and forget about all of your troubles.

Sally's Score:

17. Home Decor Jellyfish Tank

The Home Decor Jellyfish Tank is incredible and fun for anyone and all ages. For those who love tanks this jelly tank sure is a keeper. For a very reasonable price, this jelly tank is perfect for desks, tabletops, counters, and even your bedroom. If you have children, this could be a great new way for you to light up their bedrooms and keep their nightmares at bay.

Why Use this Jelly Tank as Home Decor

The white color of this tank makes it look sleek and modern. On top of that, the attraction to jellyfish has become more and more apparent for a lot of people. The faux jellies that were used for this display are actually very life like and are a beautiful addition to any home or office.

Favorite Feature

The multiple changing light effects that come along with this style lamp and desktop tank is truly one of a kind. This is a beautiful example of sleek, luxury decor. This is an amazing accessory that the entire office or family can enjoy.

Sally's Score:

18. Jellyfish Simulated Ocean Lamp

The Jellyfish Simulated Ocean Lamp is a really cool lamp and is endorsed by Discovery Kids. This is a really fun way to teach your children about marine life without the danger or the mess. For anyone with adventurous children, they will absolutely love this fun and inspiring gift. Give your young ones the chance to learn about marine life the easy way.

Why Use These Types of Lampquariums?

Not only are they a great teaching technique but they are also a wonderful way to enjoy your time and relax. Even for children with disabilities like autism, these types of mini aquariums can work as a way to stimulate them and help them relax when they are over stimulated.

Favorite Feature

A lot of the jelly lamps will have room for one or two jellyfish to float around the tank. This one is interesting and different because it has room for three jellies to dance and play in the tiny aquarium.

Sally's Score:

19. Mini USB Aquarium

The Mini USB Aquarium is a rather perfect option for those with a smaller desk, a dorm room, or anyone who wants a small fish like a betta or a county fair goldfish. This tank is great for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with a lot of maintenance. The motor inside and the filter attached is a wonderful option for anyone who is busy and can’t clean out a fish tank or bowl every few days.

The Mini Aquarium is Great for Kids

The lamp at the top of the aquarium can be used to light up the fish tank but there are also LED’s placed at the base of the tank which can light up the tank. The top light is also meant to be used for lighting your desk while working in the dark.

Favorite Feature

For children who have difficulty sleeping, this tank can be used as a nightlight and even to soothe them with nature sounds at night. More and more children are having a hard time falling asleep at night and using something like this is a great option to keep them sleeping soundly and all throughout the night.

Sally's Score:

20. ATC Mini Desktop Fish Tank

This lamp is very similar to the last tank lamp that we just took a look at but the main difference is the color. This one comes in a sleek black that will match with any decor in any setting. This desk decor has a place for you to put some pens, pencils and even your cell phone safely.

The ATC Mini Desktop Fish Tank

This lamp has the same features as the other one with the LED lights that light up the entire tank. On top of that the clock feature is always a nice addition to have. This lamp is great for the space that it saves, the life that it brings to your desk, and the function it adds with the LED clock that shows date, time, and even the temperature.

Favorite Feature

This amazing design is really fun and whether or not you are an adult or a child, you will love having this as an addition to your work space.

Sally's Score:

Do You Love Jellyfish and Other Marine Life?

Do You Love Jellyfish and Other Marine LifeMost people do not know that jellyfish have been around since before the dinosaurs. Their stunning beauty has always been mesmerizing to those who love the sea and they have often been seen as a nuisance by fisherman back in the day.

Whenever they would pull up their catch and a jelly was tangled up in their net, they would have a difficult time trying to get the jellyfish out of the net without being stung themselves.

Nowadays, jellies are considered a real treasure and some people even capture real jellyfish and keep them in very large tanks in their home or at their place of work. Even some high end restaurants have started to keep intricate saltwater tanks with expensive fish and even jellyfish.

It is no secret that people love to see a piece of the sea right in front of them. However, not everyone has the time or money to go scuba diving in order to taste that bit of the ocean.

Still, we see more and more people looking for these majestic creatures and wanting to learn more about them. They truly are fascinating and definitely wonders of the ocean.

Even though they are named jellyfish they actually aren’t fish at all. Jellies are actually considered invertebrates which is a fancy word for an animal without a backbone.

Some love these fish because of the beautiful movements they make in the water. Some love these fish because of the dangerous aspect that they carry with them.

Their tentacles are meant to stun their prey so that they can eat them easily and without harming their jelly like bodies.  There are some jellyfish that are so poisonous that they don’t just feel like a sting, they can actually kill with the toxin that they release.

Why Use One of These Faux Tanks Instead of a Real One?

Why Use One of These Faux Tanks Instead of a Real OneThat is where these beautiful tanks start to come in. Another aspect of these salt water tanks that makes them very difficult to maintain is the bacteria levels.

In salt water tanks you need to think about the live rock that will go into the tank and you must always be checking the bacteria levels in the tank to make sure that they are at healthy levels.

There is good and bad bacteria when it comes to salt water life, and if one or the other is out of whack, then everything in your tank can die overnight.

Time and time again we have seen where someone has spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars getting their tank system set up properly and watch them start to introduce life to the tank just for everything to start to die.

When it comes to life that is as fragile as a jellyfish, that is a completely other story. Jellies are notorious for being incredibly difficult to keep alive in tanks and without having a large amount of prior experience the chances of the tank actually being life sustaining for a real jellyfish is very low.

Not to mention the price of jellyfish are not cheap and they can be very difficult to come by.

That is what is so great about these faux tanks. You can start out with a smaller and cheaper one to try them out and see just how they work for you. They are great for those who love the ocean but don’t have the time or the money to invest in a tank that might not work out anyway.

For a small set up like the different ones that we’ve looked at today, there would be minimum investment involved and a number of different things that you can gain. These little tanks are great for your office space when you need to just take a breather.

With one of these on your desk, you will be sure to be able to relax and just take some time to destress by looking at the fish or the jellies dancing around your tank.

Why Are These Desktop Lamps Great for Stress?

Why Are These Desktop Lamps Great for StressThese tanks and desk aquariums are wonderful for destressing and coping with the stress from our day to day lives. Studies have started to be done concerning stress and the way the world is nowadays.

More and more people suffer from stress related illnesses or mental disorders. Depression is now one of the largest mental disorders that we deal with as a nation and most all cases can be attributed to stress.

Being able to take a breather at work has been proven to decrease blood pressure. So basically lowering the chances of heart related issues as you grow older.

Most everyone has a family history of heart disease and taking a few minutes everyday to relax while looking at your fish tank (whether it be real or fake) is a great way to lower your chances of heart related illness.

desktop aquariums are a great way to keep yourself calm and feeling tranquil throughout the day at work

On top of the heart issues, relaxation and stress relief has also been proven to reduce your chances of gaining weight. The theory behind this is that people who are under more stress tend to make worse decisions and that includes when it comes to your health.

Someone who is under more stress is more likely to eat a fatty burger instead of a salad or more likely to eat ice cream instead of a granola bar as a snack.

For the women out there, they have even started to notice a link between stress and breast cancer.

If you have a family history of breast cancer, then the more stress you feel throughout the years can not only increase your chances of breast cancer but they also increase how fast the cancer may progress.

All in all, these desktop aquariums are a great way to keep yourself calm and feeling tranquil throughout the day at work.

Check out more reviews on Amazon to see what others have said about how these lamps have helped them relax and enjoy their day more.

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