Top 10 Hemp Lamp Cords For Your Lighting Fixtures

Hemp lamp cords are excellent fittings for your chandeliers and other hanging lighting furniture. They come in different forms and of different levels of strength and quality.

Presented here are the top 10 industrial-grade hemp lamp cords, each appended with unique reviews about how tough and resilient they are to support your choices of light bulbs, and suspended lamps.

Top 10 Hemp Lamp Cords Reviewed

1. BAYCHEER Retro Vintage Chandelier Hemp Rope, For Two-Pendant Lighting

The Retro Vintage Chandelier Hemp Rope designed and meticulously handcrafted by brand manufacturer BAYCHEER can hold an ornamental hanging lighting fixture of four kilograms plus two bulbs of 40 watt power and boasts of features which allow for easy and hassle-free installation.

This hemp rope by BAYCHEER is 39.37 inches (100 cm) in length. The Retro Vintage Chandelier Hemp Rope is also conveniently adjustable so you can experiment with the length depending on your preference and lighting necessity.

You may have it hung a little higher if you only need the chandelier as a dimmer ambient light or you may hang it lower if you want to use it as a main source of light under which you have something to work on. This is why this hemp cord is perfect for use to hold a chandelier in style in a small warehouse, your stockroom, a barn, or your garage working area.

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2. Lixada Vintage Hemp Hanging Pendant Lamp Rope, For Country-Style Café Single Head Lighting

The hemp fiber of the Vintage Hemp Hanging Pendant Lamp Rope by Lixada never sheds. It is looks and feels of high quality.

The Lixada Vintage Hemp Hanging Pendant Lamp Rope is long enough to be tied in a knot for the purpose of style and individual design. Or make a basic adjustment of the height of the light for better illumination.

Designed to hold a single bulb, this is one of the hemp lamp cords which you can use to hang by your reading area, your game room, the guest’s lounge or the sidebar of your dining area. It may also be a good idea to get a couple of these so you can hang them in a row to light a long table.

With the ceiling plate and the hemp rope pendant lamp base, it is not difficult to set up you will not need a professional installer as the instructions are easy to understand and execute.

It is a 40 watt bulb at the maximum which is recommended for you to use for the Lixada Vintage Hemp Hanging Pendant Lamp Rope.

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3. Vintage Twisted Hemp Rope-Covered Electric Wire for Lighting Fittings, UL-listed Lamp Cord

The Vintage Twisted Hemp Rope-Covered Electric Wire for Lighting Fittings is entirely handmade. It is round and is over an inch in diameter beautifully enveloping two 18-gauge electrical conductor wires made out of copper.

Thick, durable and sturdy yet without being too rigid, this hemp lamp cord can be twisted and styled into creative knots according to your liking.

There are various applications for the Vintage Twisted Hemp Rope-Covered Electric Wire for Lighting Fittings. Owing to the fact it is a hemp lamp cord that is power supply ready without a socket or base, you can employ it on practically any lighting fixture design you have in mind.

For instance, it is suitable for the more classic fashion of having a single bulb and it may also be used for more fun applications like with kerosene lanterns. This particular hemp lamp cord may be used for kerosene lantern installation without being obstructive due to its natural and rustic guise which will be a great fitting for this kind of oil lanterns.

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4. Kiven Hemp Sailing Swag Nautical-Themed Chandelier Rope, For Single Head Lighting

You are sure to adore the Hemp Sailing Swag Nautical-Themed Chandelier Rope by Kiven.

It is perfectly suited for practically any interior design and theme. Whether you own a modern home or a classic and elegant apartment dominated with shades of white or a nicely antiquated house, the Kiven Hemp Sailing Swag Nautical-Themed Chandelier Rope can never go out of style.

It can create a fantastic contrast against a contemporary home. It can also stand out in an all-white classic abode. As well, it can be a perfect blend with an old, rustic residence. The design and finish of this hemp lamp cord is truly versatile and it is long enough at 78.6 inches (200 cm) to allow for you to tie it into different knots. You will only have to depend on your imagination.

You can choose to purchase several of the Kiven Hemp Sailing Swag Nautical-Themed Chandelier Ropes. They will look fabulous to assemble in a row, each knotted distinctly from the other, in the hallway leading to the bedrooms.

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5. Ting-w Hemp Pendant Lighting Rope Draped on Bamboo, For Six Hanging Bulbs

The Hemp Pendant Lighting Rope Draped on Bamboo designed and manufactured by Ting-w includes three hemp lamp cords with each of its ends ready to be connected to a single bulb, and a 31.5 inches (80 cm) of auburn brown matte-finished bamboo. Each end of the bamboo fixture features a hemp rope securely wrapped around it. There is also a separate hemp lamp cord of thinner width which hangs the bamboo from either ends meeting in between to form a triangular shape.

The hemp lamp cords to which the bulbs will be affixed are firmly and seamlessly glued to the bamboo fixture.

All set to accommodate six hanging bulbs, this hemp pendant lighting ropes draped on bamboo by Ting-w really gives off the look and feel of a rustic chandelier which can give your indoor ambience a refreshing and relaxing countryside impression.

At the maximum, 40 watt is the recommended bulb to be used with these hemp lamp cords.

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6. Borang Vintage Hemp Ceiling Light Rope, For Two-Head Lighting

Measuring around 39.37 inches (100 cm) in length, the Vintage Hemp Ceiling Light Rope by Borang can handle up to a maximum of 60 watt bulb on each of its ends. It is of first-rate quality and its fibers never come off except to have deliberately frayed ends in a smart and stylish way.

It is an absolutely lovely choice for home interior décor. The Borang Vintage Hemp Ceiling Light Rope is thick and can be used for droplight to hover over the tables of your dining room or your library, to illuminate and add zest to your living room, or to dangle and swing with light air even in the space between your long adjacent staircases. It is a hip and cool combination of a tasteful kind of old-fashioned and a refined form of contemporary home interior ornament. It can definitely add a uniquely nice touch to any room to display it in.

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7. LightInTheBox Retro Hemp Chandelier Rope For Country-Style Single Head Pendant Light

At the length of 78.7 inches (200 cm), the Retro Hemp Chandelier Rope manufactured by LightInTheBox For Country-style Single Head Pendant Light can be used as classic lighting hanging solitarily over a work desk.

On the other hand, you can get a couple of the Retro Hemp Chandelier Rope from LightInTheBox to creatively tangle with each other for a one-off effect resulting in a chandelier of lush entwined hemp lamp cords. You may also set them in a row by the hallway, or over your wide kitchen island or side bar.

Regardless of the design of your home or any specific area in your house, this hemp lamp cord, when accompanied with its appropriate light bulb, can give off a cool and cozy barnyard atmosphere which will not go out of style. Instead it will be a la mode, either impressively complementing an old-fashioned residence or being nicely prominent in a more modern abode.

The recommended light bulb to be used with the LightInTheBox Retro Hemp Chandelier Rope is 40 watt.

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8. Injuicy Vintage Hemp Ceiling Lamp Rope

The Vintage Hemp Ceiling Lamp Rope designed and crafted by hemp lamp cord maker Injuicy is of industrial-grade quality with a textured clean finish.

It is not only a great choice of embellishment for the interior of your home, but it is also very suitable to be used in commercial areas such as coffee shops, clothing stores, novelty and specialty depots, and bars, among many other business establishments. The Injuicy Vintage Hemp Ceiling Lamp Rope may especially be fitting for smaller commercial areas. In this way, a piece, or a bunch of them, can truly stand out and justify their presence and countryside style. They will be a real eye-catcher and a great talking point amongst the spectators.

You can style this hemp lamp cord from Injuicy in several unique ways. With its length, you can be totally creative with knotting it or you can gather a huddle of these hemp cords together and turn them into one masterful piece of lighting fixture.

LED is the recommended bulb type for the Injuicy Vintage Hemp Ceiling Lamp Rope.

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9. MKLOT Two-Light Hemp Ball Chandelier Rope

Pretty as a stand-alone or when in a group, the Two-Light Hemp Ball Chandelier Rope hand-made by MKLOT makes for an ideal lighting fixture for any segment of your home. It can offer a welcoming and warm impression upon laying eyes on it. It is classic and vintage in fashion and finish without leaving behind a quixotic touch which is sure to radiate in any room where it is displayed once it is affixed with the appropriate E26 or E27 bulb.

The MKLOT Two-Light Hemp Ball Chandelier Rope is perfect to hover over a bathroom sink or vanity where you dress up, or an attic with a pile of books where you retreat to as a sanctuary at the end of the day.

With a length of 78.6 inches (200 cm), it can be freely twirled, twisted and looped as you please, for your own unique individual design and style which you think will fit your personal spaces.

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10. ECOOLBUY Hand-Knitted Vintage Hemp Lamp Rope, Double-Head Lighting

Manufactured by ECOOLBUY, the Hand-Knitted Vintage Hemp Lamp Rope which can accommodate two light bulbs, one on each end, may come in 39, 59, or 79 inch lengths. Of course, you will have to choose depending on your lighting needs and how much hemp lamp cord will be necessary for the styling you have in mind of your vintage-looking fixture.

This enhancement for your household will be great for use in the living room, guest’s lounge, indoor coffee area, bedroom or even your creative work space, and requires an E27 bulb.

You are sure to be more than satisfied with the Hand-Knitted Vintage Hemp Lamp Rope as it is wonderfully constructed in precise detail by ECOOLBUY to deliver one of the best hemp lamp cords there is on the market. Purchasing the ECOOLBUY Hand-Knitted Vintage Hemp Lamp Rope will be worth every penny spent.

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A Brief Background of the Hemp Plant

The use of products extracted or made out of the hemp plant can be traced 10,000 years back with remainders of hemp fiber discovered in earthenware debris in several areas in China.

Production of hemp. Since the 1950s, it has been Russia, Ukraine and Poland which are the major producers of hemp. Other countries where the hemp plant is abundant are China, Romania, France, Hungary and Italy.

On the other hand, from the 1990s until now, the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada have resumed the production of hemp. These countries commercially grow hemp to manufacture it into a variety of products used in agriculture businesses, certain automobile spare parts and panels, food, even cosmetics, and of course first-rate textile and fiber. Textile and fiber fabricated out of the hemp plant make for important components of hemp lamp cords.

The ecofriendly hemp plant. In order to explain the environmental advantages of the hemp plant, let us first talk about the products that can be manufactured with this herb and how it is cared for.

A Brief Background of the Hemp PlantFirst off, the hemp plant does not require pesticides or herbicides. It can even grow and stand alone with only a minimal amount of fertilizer. This means growing hemp is rather straightforward and undemanding as there is no need for added chemicals to sustain it which can otherwise hurt the natural surroundings. The hemp plant can grow under any climatic circumstances as well.

Moreover, paper products can be made out of hemp, from bathroom tissue to thick cardboard. Hemp can make for an excellent substitute to trees which take many years to grow and which play a vital role in the prevention of erosion and flooding.

There is also a great reduction to topsoil loss as trees are being pulled out, as well as decrease in the contribution to water pollution due to soil overspill.

The herbaceous plant can also produce lightweight wood. The hemp plant is also a source of non-toxic biomass, more than other plant species, which are better known sources of fuel and energy.

Therefore, taking advantage of what hemp has to offer can significantly benefit both the environment and the economy.

The Hemp Rope: The Manufacturing Process, Simplified

While there are machineries which can make hemp rope more efficiently, the best fashioned and constructed hemp rope is carefully handcrafted.

Hemp fiber and a piece of supple wooden rod are what is needed in handcrafting a hemp rope. In the case of industrial-grade hemp lamp cords, a thick electrical conductor wiring takes the place of the wooden rod instead.

Separation of hemp fiber. The first step involves unwinding the hemp yarn and cutting it into a length that is two times as long as the targeted length of the rope. The crafter carries on cutting until a cluster of hemp yarn is already half of the diameter of the rope intended to be made.

The cluster of hemp fiber is then folded in half whose fold is secured in place over the rod close to its end.

The Hemp RopeWrapping the hemp yarn around the rod. This part of the process is no easy task. It requires strength of hands and accuracy of hand movements. Twisting the bundle of hemp yarn over the rod will need the crafter to pull hard to make certain loops and curves are securely flattened over the rod.

The other end of the folded cluster of fiber is turned clockwise while the other, counterclockwise.

Thereafter, upon covering the entire length of the flexible wooden rod with the hemp fiber, an overhand knot is tied to keep the yarn successfully intact without slipping from the rod or even slightly moving it.

This process will have to be repeated as necessary depending on how thick and sturdy the crafter wants the hemp rope to be.

The Hemp Cord Today: The Other Uses

Because hemp cord comes in different sizes, thickness and texture, it can be utilized in the production of several other items such as one-off native jewelry, beadworks and candle-making.

Hemp twine for jewelry-making. The hemp twine is durable enough to be crafted into jewelry of high quality, and it is pliable enough too, to be made into fine, beautiful accessories. Necklaces and bracelets are only some of the basic adornments which can be made with hemp twine and they can last for years. These will certainly make for a great year-round gift idea for friends and family.

Hemp twine for beading. The art of beading can also benefit from the durability of hemp cords. The average hemp cord can string and hold a considerable weight of beads which can last for a long time.

The Hemp Cord TodayHemp twine in candle-making. Hemp twine is the perfect choice for people that like to make candles. It does not burn too fast, compared with other candlewick materials, allowing for the candle to take more time to melt down. It is even better for scented candles. With hemp twine as its wick, you will get to enjoy the candle’s aroma more and for a longer period of time.

Finally, just as hemp cords can hold heavy hanging lamps and even chandeliers, they can also be used to string up aerial plants, such as orchids, in the garden. They are even manufactured into long-lasting fishnets.

Truly, the hemp rope is amazingly versatility.

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