Top 20 Led Projection Devices To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Space Setting

Why use projection devices for your bedroom? More and more people are using a projection device now a days as a night light for their children. This is a fun and unique way to add security and enjoyment to you or your children’s lives.

We have looked into some of the best and most popular devices on the market and have displayed them here for you. Be careful to pick the right device though. They all come with different projections and led lights and more.

Top 20 Led Projection Devices Reviewed

1. Ohuhu Ocean Wave Night Light

The Ohuhu is a really great example of what a wave projector should be. They not only have different settings to change the colors that are being projected but the waves ripple and move as if they were real. This LED projection lamp is one of the best that you will find on the market and definitely within the affordable price range.

Why Use Ohuhu?

The Ohuhu brand might be a small name brand but is made up of nothing but quality. The features that comes with this type of lamp is extraordinary. Not only are you getting the LED projection lamp but you are also getting a music player too. You can plug in your phone or an MP3 player. As long as the device has a phone jack, you can play it on the projector.

Favorite Feature

This wave LED projection lamp is really cool but we love to see the automatic shut off. If you fall asleep with the projector still on, it will shut off automatically after about an hour of being on.

Sally's Score:

2. Night Lighting Lamp

This LED projection lamp is incredible. There are four different LED lights that are used in this projector and three separate light modes. The lighting features and the different modes that you can use on this projector really set this guy apart from the competition.

What Makes this Projector Different?

There are several different modes in which you can can set the projector to but the ease in which you can set these modes at is what makes this projector really cool. There are different buttons so that you can change the rotation, change the colors being used, and even a hard light mode.

Favorite Feature

The stars and the galaxies that you can see with this projector is incredible. This is one machine that you and your kids will want to use every night.

Sally's Score:

3. Aurora Borealis Star Projector by Deneve

This LED projection lamp is really amazing. Most are used to seeing the star projectors, and even the wave projectors, but this is a different type of projection unit. This machine projects the Aurora Borealis that until now, could only be seen in the Arctic.

Why Use this Projector Instead of Others?

This projector is truly specialized. When it comes to the lights no other type of wave projection unit has been able to look like the Aurora Borealis until this unit. If you have an affinity for these Arctic lights, then this is the perfect machine for you.

Favorite Feature

When switched on this projector will automatically turn off after about an hour to help preserve energy and promote better sleep at night.

Sally's Score:

4. Lizber Baby Night Lighting Lamp

Lizber brand night light projectors are a great buy but what we love to see the most from these projection units are the versatility of colors and functions. This projector provides just that. The Lizber unit has nine color changing options so you will absolutely find a special function that you like the most.

Why Use Lizber?

One of the best reasons to use Lizber brand is that the projection unit is meant for kids of all ages. So, not only do you have different color modes but you can use the clear dome to dim the lights and make this a wonderful night light for you children and even babies.

Favorite Feature

This projection unit can function with just batteries making this unit portable and easy to set up in the best possible area to get the best lighting.

Sally's Score:

5. Soothing Aurora LED Night Light Projector by SOAIY

This Aurora Borealis night light projector is an incredible buy for anyone. The features that come with this brand is beautiful. This projection unit comes with a timer that will automatically shut off the device whenever you program it to. Another really cool thing is the remote that this projection unit uses.

Why Use SOAIY?

Not only is the price more than affordable for what this machine will get you, there are multiple lighting modes that you can choose from, music speakers that you can use, and even a remote so you can control it from the comfort of your own bed.

Favorite Feature

The dome cover that you use with this unit will dim the lights and turn this projection unit into the perfect night light.

Sally's Score:

6. SCOPOW Rotating Universe

The projection unit that we see here is another wonderful option when looking into what projectors to use. This particular model has multiple different light settings and modes to choose from. We love to see that kind of variety but there is another aspect that you will get with the SCOPOW. This unit uses different projection caps so that you can either look at the stars or look at galaxies.


Seeing the different modes or settings and then also seeing the different caps that come with this machine is just spectacular. There are so many different options to explore with these types of LED projection lamps.

Favorite Feature

The clear dome cap is a great feature so that you can use this unit as a night light by dimming the light with this cap, you can even just use this as a regular light by removing the star cap and leaving the clear dome on. Really versatile lamp.

Sally's Score:

7. The Ocean Wave Projection Night Light by Weirdbeast

Weirdbeast brand has come out with a really great LED projection lamp with basically everything you need for more restful sleep. The projector has several different light modes so that you can choose whichever one you prefer. There are also different modes to automatically turn off the projector once you have fallen asleep.

Why Use Weirdbeast?

Another really cool feature of the Weirdbeast is the musical aspects of this device really make this the ultimate sleep machine. It comes with four different natural sound settings. Sounds of the forest, ocean waves, water birds, and merry sounds.

Favorite Feature

The remote control is the best option for this type of device. Instead of having to get up and out of bed every time you want to change something you can simply use the remote.

Sally's Score:

8. MOKOQI Modern Rotating Moon and Sky Projection Lamp

The MOKOQI is a really fun design when it comes to these types of star projection units. The MOKOQI has multiple different projection styles and modes to choose from. One really cool aspect to this machine is the battery power function.


There are nine different light modes that you can choose from and then there are even 360 rotation modes that make this model really cool to use. On top of that there is a standard light mode that you can use with just the clear dome piece and you also have the ability to dim the star lights to make this the perfect night light.

Favorite Feature

The LED screen is what makes this model different from others that we have seen. This feature will also make this much easier to use and adjust.

Sally's Score:

9. LIWUYOU Ocean Night Light Projector

This is one really cool projection unit! We have seen star projectors and wave projectors but this one really is set apart from its competition. The LIWUYOU has eight separate kinds of light functions each of which is more mesmerizing than the last.


This brand of projection unit is quickly becoming one of the hottest sellers. This LED projection lamp is easy to use and even easier to enjoy. There are simple button press controls and music jacks so that you can plug in your own MP3 player or hook this machine up to the computer.

Favorite Feature

The automatic turn off function is still one of our favorite features. This not only helps you save energy but also helps you stay asleep.

Sally's Score:

10. MOKOQI Baby Night Light Lamps

This type of baby night light is perfect for young ones and even infants. They will love watching the stars and cosmos change and swirl around their ceiling. One thing that you will love is that fact that you can change the domes out so that you can look at either the stars or you can look at galaxies.

Why Use This Version of Projector by MOKOQI?

The versatility is what makes this LED projection lamp so great to use. The affordable price is excellent for what you get with this particular unit. There are so many different light modes that you will never know what is yet to come.

Favorite Feature

This lamp is great for young ones and for adults alike. The best feature to this lamp would have to be the interchangeable domes so that you can see different stars and galaxies.

Sally's Score:

11. Constellation Night Light LED Projector Lamp from Peachy Nights

This lamp projector is really cool and has many features that you will love. The first really awesome thing that you will find with this projection unit is the many different light settings that your kids will adore. This night light is meant to be a great alternative to standard night lights and is also proven to be safer than other traditional night lights.

Why Use Peachy Nights Brand?

This brand is not only a great deal when it comes to price but it is also a great deal when it comes to quality. There are even warm and soft light modes to make it easier to use as a true night light.

Favorite Feature

The battery mode is a great feature so that you aren’t constricted to just using this while attached to the wall.

Sally's Score:

12. GoLine Ocean Wave Projector Lamp

The GoLine projector is a really neat machine to use if you ever get the chance. The price is super affordable and this is such a fun little unit to have for your kids or for the entire family to use. This particular model actually comes with seven light modes that you can use too.

Why Use GoLine?

This model is just so easy to use with simple buttons and simple instructions. The greatest thing about this wave LED projection lamp is the musical settings. Simply plug in your MP3 and you will be able to hear the beautiful music along with the beautiful lights.

Favorite Feature

The automatic shut off settings is a great feature to have when you are dealing with children. Save energy with the automatic shut off feature that you can set to 1, 2, or even 4 hours.

Sally's Score:

13. Ocean Wave Night Light Projector by Lucky Rain

The Lucky Rain projection unit is an absolutely beautiful wave projector that is incredibly easy to use. Even your little children can learn how to turn it on and off and it is incredibly safe for young ones to use. Unlike standard night lights, this unit uses LED lights which don’t get nearly as hot and therefor are much safer to handle.

Why Use Lucky Rain?

There are eight different light projection modes that you can choose from with this unit. Even use the music mode and plug in basically anything with a headphone jack. Let your children enjoy this LED projection lamp as their new night light.

Favorite Feature

This unit uses the one hour auto shut off feature and even uses batteries or a wall cord for power. So the versatility of this unit is a great thing and makes this a great purchase.

Sally's Score:

14. Star Galaxy Projection Lamp by Ndoobiy

This LED projection lamp is a great find when talking about projectors. This lamp has one incredible price and is super easy to use and operate. You and your kids will have so much fun and will truly enjoy this projection unit.

Why Use the Ndoobiy Projector?

Enjoy the starry skies and the lights that you will see when using this incredible little machine. Choose from multiple different modes with several different lights. With the clear dome that goes on top, you can actually dim the lights to make this a great night light.

Favorite Feature

You will have your own choice between using the wall unit and cord to keep this machine powered up, and you can also use batteries to take this machine to wherever you need.

Sally's Score:

15. Projection Night Light Lamp by Star Fly

This is another wonderful example of a great star light projection unit. For a really great price, you can own this wonderful little unit. The clear dome that comes with this unit is great for dimming the lights and making this a perfect night light.

Why Use Star Fly Brand?

Not only was this a great price but it is another unit made with really great quality. It is super simple to operate and is perfect for you young ones to use on a daily basis.

Favorite Feature

The musical feature of this machine is great for when trying to fall asleep. If you are looking for a simple machine that will help your little ones fall asleep super fast, then this is the night light for you!

Sally's Score:

16. LED Ocean Wave Night Light Projector by Estink

The projection unit by Estink is a great machine to use for your children or even for yourself. With this unit you get so much quality and a wonderful night light that you will never stop using. The wave light has seven different types of light modes that you can choose from to fall asleep to.

Why Use Estink?

This LED projection lamp is a great type of night light to use when you are having trouble falling asleep. The musical mode is great to use to help you fall asleep just that much quicker.

Favorite Feature

This unit comes with a remote control which makes it that much easier to use. Another great feature is the automatic shut off that you can customize at one, two, or even four hours.

Sally's Score:

17. Multicolor Sky Moon Star Projector by Number-One

The unit made by Number-One is a different kind of projection unit all together. There are four different kinds of projection screens that you can use. There is a starry night, a happy birthday, a cosmos, and even a romance film to use.

Why Use Number-One Brand?

This LED projection lamp is really cool because of just how versatile it is. All the different modes and the different screens really makes this a one of a kind projection unit.

Favorite Feature

The rose shaped dome is what really makes this unit stand apart from the rest of the ones that we have seen. Even though it is super easy to use, this unit is just so versatile.

Sally's Score:

18. LIWUYOU Star Night Light Projector

The LIWUYOU star projector is super cool. This machine is able to use four different screens to make up a total of twelve different options that you can choose from. The light modes are fun to change and try with the different screens.

Why Use the LIWUYOU?

The shape of the dome really sets this guy apart. When all assembled this adorable lamp looks like a little pig. On top of the shape, these projection units also come in two colors, blue, and pink.

Favorite Feature

The shape of the dome is by far the cutest thing that we have seen but the different screens are what really makes this unit one of a kind.

Sally's Score:

19. LifeBee Ocean Wave Projector

What really sets this projection unit apart from others? Not only does this LED projection lamp have incredibly easy to use buttons and instructions, but this lamp has a simple remote control to help you change the modes from the comfort of your bed or couch.

Why Use the LifeBee?

There are several different light modes that you can choose and enjoy. The musical aspect of these projectors are also great to use. Simply plug in your phone or MP3 player and use the music to help lull you to sleep.

Favorite Feature

This LED projection lamp uses a remote control to change and control the lamp. This makes it so much easier to use.

Sally's Score:

20. SlowTon UFO Night Light Projector

The SlowTon brand is so fun. The fact that the projector is in the shape of a UFO makes this a really cool and fun projection unit to use. There are also eight different light modes that you can use.

Why Use SlowTon?

Not only is this a really fun shape and projector unit, but this is also great to use as a night light for children or even yourself. Even plug in your phone or MP3 to play music through the speakers.

Favorite Feature

This unit is really cool and by far the best feature of this projection unit is the shape of the unit itself. Sci-fi lovers will love to use this LED projection lamp.

Sally's Score:

Why Use a LED Projection Lamp as a Night Light?

Why Use a LED Projection Lamp as a Night LightThere are many different types of night lights that people like and use for many different reasons. Maybe you are using a night light for your children to help them sleep at night. Maybe you are using a night light for ambiance or possibly for walking to the bathroom at night.

Many people use their night lights for different things and we want to discuss some of those things.

  1. One of the biggest and most common reasons why people use night lights is because of their fear of the dark. Since the beginning of mankind, humans have had an rational fear of the dark. It used to be that for our survival, we were programed to have a substantial fear of the dark to help keep us on our toes so that we would stay alive.

Since we have grown away from this primitive way of living, we still cannot shut off our survival instinct. Also, since children are basically incapable of protecting themselves, they have always has a much stronger sense of fear when it comes to the dark. These feelings are human nature and are hardwired into our DNA.

  1. Another major reason why people use night lights has the most simple answer that you can think of. A lot of people use them to help them see when trying to get around in a dark area. We use these dim lights to help us navigate a dark area without harming ourselves or others.

It’s really that simple. Basically everyone on earth has has a point in their life when they got up in the middle of the night for one reason or another and has stubbed their toes or tripped over something. This is usually a very unpleasant experience and most of us would rather avoid such things. That is where a handy night light can come in incredibly helpful.

  1. Finally, the next most common reason why people use night lights is because people don’t want to turn on the main lights in their homes at night when they are simply getting up for a drink or to use the restroom. When you turn on the main light fixture your eyes are immediately shocked and try to adjust.

How Can Night Lights Help with InsomniaHowever, this shock is enough to make it that much more difficult for you to easily get back to rest when you are finished with whatever it is that you got up for. For those who find it difficult to get back to sleep once they’ve gotten up having a night light to use is very helpful.

How Can Night Lights Help with Insomnia?

First, we must understand what the condition called insomnia actually is. There are many things that people don’t understand about insomnia, such as the fact that you can sleep regularly when you have insomnia.

This is just a condition that typically makes it difficult to fall asleep or to even stay asleep. Some with this condition have serious problems simply getting enough sleep and that is all it takes to suffer from insomnia.

A vast majority of the public have misunderstood this condition for years and believe that this is just a condition in which the inflicted cannot sleep at all or they deal with incredibly small amounts of sleep which isn’t entirely true.

 What Causes Insomnia?

There are many different things that actually cause insomnia and the condition is actually a lot more common than you might think.

  1. What Causes InsomniaThe first, and most common reason that people suffer from insomnia is stress. When it comes to stress, you rarely understand the kind of effects that this seemingly normal condition has on the body. Stress can cause you to be overweight or even underweight, stress can cause acne, and can cause your hair to grey or fall out well before it naturally would under other circumstances. One of the most unfortunate effects that stress can have on the body is sleeplessness or trouble with sleeping, better known as insomnia.
  1. Another yet widely misunderstood reason for insomnia is depression. One of the most common signs of depression is actually over sleeping, so it would seem to be a contradictory statement to say that depression can also cause the lack of sleep. Someone with a serious case of depression and also with a serious case of insomnia is a very bad combination. Being awake for hours on end with nothing but depressed thoughts is a recipe for disaster.
  1. The next most common reason for insomnia is irregular sleeping schedules. Some people have to work late at night regularly or go away on business trips quite frequently, it starts to become difficult to keep your regular sleep pattern in check. insomnia becomes a side effect of such an irregular sleeping schedule.
  1. As you age, changes in your health can be serious and can bring about serious medical conditions. insomnia is one medical condition that is not very common, but can be a serious game changer when going through new life changes. For example, menopause is one thing that women go through and the hormonal imbalance can make your body change in all sorts of ways, including your internal clock.

So Why Use A Night Light to Help You Sleep at NightThere are different techniques that people have started using to help them with their insomnia.

One of the more interesting ones is called light therapy. Even though it is recommended that you see a doctor to help you monitor your light intake and the intensity of light therapy to be used, lighting during the day and at night is essentially what light therapy is all about.

So Why Use A Night Light to Help You Sleep at Night?

With so many different causes and reasons to use a night light during night time, there is almost always a good reason to have a night light handy to use. Whether you are a child or an adult, the benefits to using a night light are astounding in many different ways.

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