Top 20 Natural Daylight & Full Spectrum Lamps To Bring The Sun Into Your Home

Why do people need natural daylight lamps? These lamps have been a blessing to all those who use them. The natural aspect of these lights promote brain function, creativity, productivity, motivation and healthier lives. When you don’t have the ability to use natural daylight from the sun, these lamps are your best option.

More and more of these style lamps are being used in the workplace, in schools, and even in homes across the world. Promoting healthier lives and productivity is what natural daylight lamps aim for. Find out more about what these lamps can do for you.

Top 20 Natural Daylight & Full Spectrum Lamps Reviewed

1. Brightech LED Litespan Reading and Craft Floor Lamp (Natural Wood)

The Brightech lamp comes in several different colors including a wood color, silver, black and white. These LED lights have a 20 year lifespan in which you will (almost) never need to replace the bulb. If that wasn’t enough, the lamp is completely adjustable with a movable neck. It even has a really awesome and functional feature where you can adjust the brightness settings with the click of a button.

Why Use Brightech Litespan?

This wonderful lamp is so bright that any intricate work that you might be doing will be made just that much easier. If you don’t want to have the light super bright, just turn the brightness down. It’s that simple and that adjustable.

Favorite Feature of This Lamp

One of the best aspects of this lamp is the satisfaction guarantee. If anything happens or there is any reason at all why you are unsatisfied with the product just send it back in for a refund.

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2. Brightech LED Litespan Reading and Craft Floor Lamp (Black)

When it comes to Brightech products, you really can’t go wrong with the Litespan lamp. Do you work late at night in an office? Are you a painter? Maybe you work on very small objects, or design and sauder technology. Whatever it is that you might be doing when it comes to your work, this lamp is perfect for working on intricate and detailed work.

Why Use Brightech Litespan Lamp?

The Brightech has a great lifespan of 20 years without ever having to replace a single bulb. This is because of the wonderful LED light technology that the lamp uses. Since LED lights don’t overheat, you can use this lamp for hours without worrying about it getting warm.

Favorite Feature

The satisfaction guarantee definitely helps make this a safe purchase. If you are not happy with the product then send it back for a refund.

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3. Lavish Home Sunlight Floor Lamp

The Lavish Home brand has come out with a wonderful floor lamp here. The lamp comes in five or in a six foot model depending on your particular needs. Lavish Home has designed a natural lighting lamp with only a twenty seven watt bulb. However, the bulb puts off as much light as a standard 150 watt bulb.

Lavish Home Sunlight Lamp

The lamp is a wonderful addition to any home or office. This is a simple design with an adjustable neck so no matter what angle you might need the lamp to point, it will not be a problem.

Favorite Features

The simple button switch makes this design super easy to turn on and off. The many different colors that this lamp comes in will make it very easy to match this lamp to basically any room and any decor.

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4. Lighting EVER Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

Lighting EVER has come up with a very sleek and modern design for this lamp. One of the coolest things about this guy is the seven different dimming levels. So no matter what kind of lighting you need, there is definately an option for you.

Why Use Lighting EVER?

The lamp itself is incredibly flexible and can be bent into basically any position. The neck of the lamp will bend back in forth to any specifications that you may see fit. This design even has a lamp head that will bend and alter to your specific needs.

Favorite Feature

LED lights really makes this lamp a great purchase. When it comes to lighting, LED is well on its way to being the best possible option. Not only does it not get hot but it also has a much much longer lifespan than any other type of light.

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5. Brightech Contour LED Reading Floor Lamp

Brightech has done it again with this lamp design. Whether or not you plan to use this lamp for reading, for work or for anything at all, this lamp is perfect for anyone and for everything. The lamp has a completely adjustable height. Since it adjusts at 3 separate points, there are more combinations for you to adjust this lamp than basically any other design.

Brightech Reading Floor Lamp

With a wonderful lifespan on the LED lights used to construct the lamp, there will never be a need to replace the bulb. LED lights are also much safer to use since they don’t get too hot and because they save so much money on energy and electric bills.

Favorite Feature

The really cool thing about this lamp is just the LED lights or the ability to adjust the lamp anywhere. The sleek silver design is what separates this design from the others that we have seen.

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6. Sunlight Desk Lamp by Baltoro-Power

The Baltoro-Power Sunlight lamp is perfect for the home or office. If you work late at night or in a room that just doesn’t get enough sunlight, then this is the perfect lamp for you. It is able to adjust to multiple different angles so that you always have light pointing where you need it. The bulb is also 27 watts but it shines as brightly as a 150 watt bulb would.

Why Use the Baltoro-Power Sunlight Desk Lamp?

This is a great model to use for your desk or work space. The really great thing about this lamp is the sunlight display. It is known that harsh fluorescent lights are bad for the eyes and can actually make people more tired while they are trying to work. So when it comes to working, the sunlight lamp will actually promote better work.

Favorite Feature

The modern and sleek style is perfect for any desk or any other possible place you would want to put it.

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7. Daylight Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp

This hobby floor lamp is actually perfect for detailed work at night time or just in a room the doesn’t receive much light. If you are a hobbyist, an artist, or just love crafts, this lamp is what you need. The bulb is 27 watts but is bright enough to really light up what you are doing.

Why Use Daylight Brand?

With other lamps you deal with inacurate lighting and yellowish tints. When dealing with art and other intricate designs, you need a reliable light that won’t wash out the colors that you are working with. The light is designed to not overwhelm you or your eyes when working for long periods of time.

Favorite Feature

This lamp will help you relax more and is much easier on the eyes. When it comes to proper lighting, this lamp has it all.

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8. V-LIGHT Natural Daylight Magnifier Lamp

V-LIGHT brand has designed a wonderful lamp specifically meant for very intricate work. For those who paint small figurines or for those who craft very small objects and need to be able to see very small objects, this lamp is perfect for these types of hobbies. A small 22 watt bulb with natural daylight is perfect for those who need to watch the colors that are being used.

Why Use V-Light Natural light?

The natural effect of the light is what crafters and hobbyists need to complete their work with the utmost efficiency. Lighting might not seem important at first, but when you are trying to make sure that things are done precisely and efficiently, natural lighting becomes a crucial component.

Favorite Feature

The magnifier connected to this lamp is wonderful. For anyone who deals with small and intricate work, there is nothing better that you can use than a well designed magnifying glass.

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9. V-LIGHT Natural Daylight Effect Magnifier

This lamp is similar to the last one that we just took a look at. The magnifying glass is meant to help those who are dealing with very intricate work. Miniature figurines, small crafts, and even very tiny paintings are all done more easily with the V-Light brand lamp.

Why Use This Version on V-LIGHT

One really cool thing about this lamp that is different from the last is the cover that comes with it. The cover goes on top of the magnifying glass to help keep the glass clean and free from scratches. This is a really nice feature to have.

Favorite Feature

The favorite feature of this lamp would have to be the stand. The last model that we looked at was just a clamp to a table. This model has the option to either clamp to the table or to attach to a real stand so that it doesn’t need to clip to a table.

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10. Verilux Original Natural Spectrum Desk Lamp

Such a cute and quaint design for a desk lamp, this light is a perfect addition to any home or office. This lamp is perfect for basically anything that you might need it for. The head of the lamp moves freely and will adjust to any angle.

Why Use Verilux?

This brand has been trusted for many years and has been around since 1956. The lighting used has been proven to be safer for your eyes especially for longer periods of use. Since it is also energy efficient it is safe to use for long periods of time without needing to worry about how much power the lamp is using.

Favorite Feature

The light diffuser which is attached is extremely helpful at making sure the lighting is not overwhelming and is easy on the eyes.

Sally's Score:

11. Baltoro-Power Floor Lamp

The Baltoro-Power brand is known as being great quality. With this style of lamp, they have really done it. The sleek black color goes with basically any style or decor that you can think of. This lamp will look great just about anywhere, at home or at work.

What is Great About the Baltoro-Power Brand?

The 27 watt bulb puts out more than enough lighting to still consider this lamp a bright style lamp but keeps the energy usage low. So you can feel free to use this lamp for long periods of time without worrying about draining energy and using too much power.

Favorite Feature

The gooseneck makes this lamp super flexible and a great option for no matter what you might be using it for. Whether you are planning to use it to read, craft, or even work, this lamp is great for any occasion.

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12. OxyLED Spring-Arm Magnifying Lamp

This magnifying lamp is an incredible find for anyone who crafts, paints, or works with very intricate details. The LED lights that are used in this lamp is perfect for working with details. You won’t have to worry about the LED lights getting too hot when working closely with objects. The LED lights are also great for saving energy and power usage.

Why Use OxyLED Brand?

The magnifying lamp that OxyLED has designed here is wonderful and super easy for anyone to use. The arm of the lamp is incredibly adjustable and easy to move to make sure that no matter what you are working on you will get the best possible angle on it.

Favorite Feature

The LED lights are always a feature favorite. They last basically forever without needing replaced and always are a best option when it comes to energy efficiency.

Sally's Score:

13. LSE Lighting Natural Full Spectrum DayLight

The natural lighting is option that comes with these types of desk lamps are perfect for working late at night or for long periods of time. When dealing with cheap flouresnet lights, people often start to get headaches, burning eyes, and even start to feel much more tired. That is why natural lighting is so important.

The LSE Lighting Brand

The wattage of the bulb that is used in this lamp is only 27 watts, but it outputs around 150 watts of light. With the sleek and modern design, and the energy efficient bulb, what isn’t to love about this desk lamp. It is even available in two colors, black and white.

Favorite Feature

This lamp is super easy to use and a great option for any home or office.

Sally's Score:

14. SLEEKFORM LED Standing Floor Lamp

This lamp is perfect for any room and any reason. The LED bulbs that are used really brighten the night like it is day. On top of that the energy efficiency of the LED lights are always looked for when it comes to lighting. You can’t do better than energy efficient LED lights. The sleek design also looks great anywhere.

What is so Great About SLEEKFORM?

The SLEEKFORM brand is known for being a top quality brand in their field. With this lamp, you won’t have to worry about using too much power, and the lamp is completely safe. On top of that, the lamp is amazingly bright and provides a dimming mode so that you can completely customize your lighting.

Favorite Feature

The ability to move the neck to any position that you might need is a great option to have. With that said, this lamp is high quality and meant to last up to 20 years without having to change a single bulb. What is better than that?

Sally's Score:

15. Naturebright Led Daylight Lamp

This Naturebright lamp is a wonderful purchase and will definitely make you a happy customer. Not only is this light a great option to use for reading and crafts, but it is perfect to use at work. The clock display makes it multifunctional and a great addition to any office. The LED lights are meant to mimic natural light and brighten your night or your day.

Why Use Naturebright?

Well, this lamp is not just meant to be a desk lamp. This is also meant to be a means of waking up in the morning. So if you are like most people and have difficulty waking up in the morning, then you are in need of this lamp. Set your timer to when you want to wake up and the light will turn on in the morning and wake you up with artificial daylight.

Favorite Feature

We love to see the multifunction of the lamp and the clock together, but the fact that the lamp is meant to be an alarm clock too is a great double feature that makes this lamp more desirable.

Sally's Score:

16. Kenley Natural Daylight Lamp

Kenley brand makes a great quality lamp and the sleek and modern design is what really makes these lamps stand out. When it comes to Kenley, they know how to make a sturdy and luxurious lighting fixture. The neck of the lamp is able to twist and turn to your heart’s desire. So no matter what you are doing, you will always be able to find a good angle.

The Natural Daylight Lamp

The natural daylight aspect of this lamp means that you can use this light for long periods of time and without hurting your eyes in the process. The bulbs used are energy efficient and proven to last up to eight thousand hours before needing replaced.

Favorite Feature

The natural daylight feel of this lamp is always a nice feature. You will absolutely love the sleek and modern design.

Sally's Score:

17. Natural SunLight Floor Lamp by LSE Lighting

This lamp comes in the color black which is perfect for any type or style of decor. The really cool feature of this lamp is the natural lighting that has been integrated into the light bulb. The bulb that comes with this particular lamp is only 27 watts but puts out the same amount of light that an 150 watt bulb would.

Why Use a Natural Sunlight Lamp?

When you are dealing with artificial light, until the recent years we really haven’t had much else other than standard bulbs and fluorescent lighting. These old types of lighting cause issues with the human eye and even more with motivation and production.

Favorite Feature

The bulb in this lamp has an average lifetime of ten thousand hours before needing to be replaced. Another really great feature is the neck adjustment where you can bend and twist the lamp to your desire.

Sally's Score:

18. LSE Lighting Natural Full Spectrum DayLight

LSE brand of lamps is a great option to use when it comes to lighting your home or your office. They are a trusted and quality brand of lamps with a fair price tag. The sleek and modern style of the lamp is great for any room with any decor. The bulb that comes with this lamp is 27 watts but puts out the same amount of light that a 150 watt bulb will.

Why Use a Natural Daylight Lamp?

The bulb that comes with these lamps is meant to mimic the real and natural daylight that comes from the sun. This is very beneficial when it comes to your productivity and your ability to function when working.

Favorite Feature

The energy efficient lighting is an excellent feature of this light. Even more than that, the bulbs only need changed after every ten thousand hours of use.

Sally's Score:

19. V-LIGHT Natural Daylight Desk Lamp

For the V-LIGHT desk lamp, you can use this lamp at home or at work. This type of lamp is great for all types of things. Use this lamp to read, craft, or just to work on some homework or paperwork. The neck of this lamp will adjust to whatever you need and any angle you can think of.

Why Use V-LIGHT?

The 27 watt bulb is great for energy efficient lighting but is brighter than any 27 watt bulb that you have used before. Don’t waste energy, power, and money. Use the V-LIGHT brand lamp.

Favorite Feature

The sleek pattern design is what sets this lamp apart from others. Not to mention the glare-free light.

Sally's Score:

20. LED Floor Lamp Bright-Reader by HomeConcept

This lamp is a very similar design to most of the others that we have looked at. There are a few differences that set this lamp apart thought. We’ve saved the best for last. Not only does this lamp have a great price tag associated with it, it also has great additional features.

Why Use HomeConcept?

The lamp is sleek and stylish but also has great lighting tech. The LED lights are very energy efficient but also they never need replaced. Since LED’s don’t get hot they last basically forever. The daylight feature is also a great touch that makes this a wonderful addition to your home or office.

Favorite Feature

The different settings that you can use with this lamp really sets it apart. You are able to dim the light so that you can always shift and adjust the brightness to what you need.

Sally's Score:

What Makes Natural Lighting Important in the Workplace?

What Makes Natural Lighting Important in the WorkplaceNatural Lighting otherwise known as daylight is incredibly important when it comes to the workplace. There are so many things that natural lighting promotes that is beneficial to the workplace and productivity.

Studies have actually shown that those exposed to more natural lighting had a dramatic increase in productivity, sales, and proper function of processes.

When talking about true productivity, one of the largest benefits that natural lighting offers is true creativity. That is another reason why artificial daylight is just as important as true daylight. When you need to work throughout the night and there is no longer any daylight to support you with energy, artificial daylight is the best possible option.

What is so great about artificial daylight is that it stimulates the human brain and your eyes the same way that standard daylight does. If you have to work late through the night, artificial natural daylight actually helps reduce your stress and keeps you positive and even focused.

If you are in a training class or going through business training of any sort, elements of natural daylight will keep your brain processing more quickly and functioning better. Creativity and learning are some other incredible benefits that you get from natural lighting and even artificial natural lighting.

Most experts will recommend that you sit near a window so that during the day you can receive as much natural daylight and vitamin D that you possibly can.

We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t still try to use natural daylight during the times that you can, but when it is late and work still needs to be done, artificial daylight is going to be a great alternative to harsh and unforgiving lighting fixtures.

Why Do You Need More Natural Type Lighting in Your Home?

Why Do You Need More Natural Type Lighting in Your HomeAre you a stay at home mom? Do you currently work a lot from home? Do you have kids that spend almost their entire day learning and taking in more knowledge than they had the day before? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then you need to consider getting artificial daylight lamps set up around the rooms in your home.

If you are a parent that stays at home and takes care of the house as their full time job, then natural lighting is going to be imperative. For some, they spend their days cleaning up around their home only to find that a few hours later they are already starting to feel tired and sluggish. Instead of taking a nap halfway throughout the day, make sure that your body continues to feel energized.

Drinking coffee isn’t what we mean when we say to stay energized. Promoting more brain function and productivity isn’t just for those who work in the office. These things are also true for those who spend time at home.

Not only will you be able to get more done throughout the day since you aren’t taking naps but you will also not feel as sluggish. Having more of that energy will make it so that you can get more done in a shorter period of time. That means having more time for your family.

So when it comes to natural daylight and even artificial daylight in your home, you will be able to get more accomplished throughout your days. If you are someone who makes a living working from home, than the stakes are only that much greater.

Making sure that you have the energy to get done the tasks that you need to get done is incredibly important. When you are your own boss, it can be incredibly difficult to not just keep track of your work but to stay focused on what it is that you are doing. This is where artificial daylight comes in so handy.

Staying focused and staying on track is not always easy but by making sure that you have the proper tools to do the job, you are already halfway there.

What Makes Natural Lighting Important in Schools?

What Makes Natural Lighting Important in SchoolsOur children are the most important part of our lives. When it comes to their well being, us parents will do anything to help make sure that our kids have everything they need to succeed. The funny thing is that for the longest time, we didn’t know that one of the most important aspects to success wasn’t being made priority for our children. Sunlight.

In classrooms all around the nation, we have focused on making sure that inspirational posters are hung carefully on the walls and that educational aids are always available. However, the one thing that hasn’t been made a priority is the lighting. Harsh fluorescent lights are considered normal when talking about institutions such as school.

Another very concerning thought is how many classrooms are without windows in these schools? With issues of overpopulation is most schools, basement rooms have started to be used with very minimal natural lighting and some of which have none at all.

How is this possibly good for the kids? Now we know that natural lighting is crucial for development of new ideas, creativity and even increased productivity. Making sure that our kids have the tools that they need to succeed in school is crucial.

What about at home? Do your children have the proper lighting to make sure they are able to focus and learn still even after the sun goes down? Having access to proper lighting fixtures that promote development in children is another way to make sure that your kids are set up for success.

Next to natural daylight, it’s also a good idea to have other things that are natural around the place. Think of plants or an aquarium. Anything that brings us closer to nature is always going to have a positive impact on us. We can’t help it… we are only human, after all.

So Why is Artificial Daylight so Important?

So Why is Artificial Daylight so ImportantWhen it comes to true success in school, work, and even at home, natural lighting is crucial. The only problem with that is now with our busy days we stay up later throughout the night to make sure that everything that needs done, is getting done.

So when it comes to work, learning, and productivity/creativity, we need to make sure that we still have access to artificial means of daylight to keep us motivated.

Nothing is ever going to beat natural daylight. But the reality of the situation is that it isn’t always available to us. In those particular cases, a natural daylight lamp is your best friend next to the sun.

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