Top 30 Natural Wooden Lamps To Bring Outdoors Indoors

Lamps are essential pieces of furniture in the house or in the office. Aside from a striking visual appearance and practical functions, customers are eyeing for natural wooden lamps for their known durability. Here are the most interesting wood lamps that are ideal for your mood and style.

Top 30 Natural Wooden Lamps Reviewed

1. Brightech-Maxwell Shelf Floor Lamp

Brightech products are famed for their sleek design and practical functions. The Shelf Floor Lamp is one of their beautiful items that you can proudly use in your living room or bedroom. The 63-inch lamp is made of genuine wood. To blend with your room’s interior design, there are four color variants that you can choose from – Classic Black, Natural Wood, Walnut Brown finish and Havana Brown.

Why Use Brightech-Maxwell?

The Brightech-Maxwell Shelf Floor Lamp is a beautiful addition to your furniture. It adds a soft glow that is gentle on the eyes. Also, its stable built boost its confidence and quality that will surely deliver its promised performance.

 Unique Feature

The three-layered open shelves make this floor lamp extraordinary. It adds versatility and function to the item. If you decide to have this product in your bedroom, you can store a few of your favorite novels, an alarm clock, and a mini vase. These elements when combined make a gorgeous display.

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2. Brightech Madison LED Floor Lamp

Looking for an exceptional natural wooden lamp that will not hurt your budget?  Brightech Madison got the perfect solution to your light needs. Aside from providing a decorative display in your living room or bedroom, the inclusion of LED bulb is up to save you from electric bills.

Why Use Brightech Madison?

Brightech Madison understands every customer’s needs, and this LED Floor Lamp is not short of amazing features. The LED Floor Lamp is an excellent example of innovation matched with massive benefits. How do you say no to a wooden lamp that has a multi-purpose table? This piece is functional for paperwork or a great read of your favorite fiction book. More so, you will admire its vintage beauty.

Unique Feature

The built-in two USB ports are the beautiful surprise of this product. You can just connect and charge your smartphone and other electronic devices. This rare-find feature is a keeper.

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3. Tomons Wood Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Where else can you purchase a flexible desk lamp that suits your reading needs? Tomons Wood Swing Arm Desk Lamp is a smart choice and proves that it can be one of your best buys.

Why Use Tomons Wood Swing Arm Desk Lamp?

This desk lamp from Tomons looks smart and chic. Interestingly, it is made of natural wood that boasts of steady and firm built. It can be used as a night lamp or your ally to your reading time. The device has three color options that you can choose from. With all these fantastic features, you will be amazed as to how reasonable its price tag is.

Unique Feature

The special feature of this wooden lamp is its flexible design. Structured for adjustments, both its height and angle can be changed based on your liking. More so, it is light and portable making it a handy piece from your bedroom to your study room. Indeed, Tomons Wood Swing Arm Desk Lamp is not only appealing; its benefits are overwhelming.

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4. Lightshare LED Natural Willow Twig

Experience Christmas anytime, anywhere with Lightshare’s Natural Willow Twig. This lovely piece is ideal for a romantic dinner inside the comfort of your house or simply a decorative display in your bedroom. Guests will be charmed by this beauty the moment they see it, especially when the LED lights are up.

Why Use Lightshare LED Natural Willow Twig?

Lightshare LED Natural Willow Twig is made of authentic wood derived from the branches of a twig. Equipped with 15 white LED lights, you are assured of saving electricity. More so, Lightshare understands that budget plays a crucial role, so you do not have to worry about its price tag as it will not be a pain in your pocket. Isn’t it a bonus that the soft lights can provide a relaxing ambiance?

Unique Feature

The USB Plug-in function makes this wooden lamp an extraordinary one. It can be directly used on your laptop or smartphone’s charger.

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5. Minimalist Solid Wood Table Lamp

If you opt for a traditional design of a desk lamp, Surpass Lighting has a classic offer with its Minimalist Solid Wood Table Lamp.

Why Use Minimalist Solid Wood Table Lamp?

This natural wooden lamp from Surpass Lighting is every inch simple yet elegant. It proves that it can stay versatile with its plain appearance. From your office table to your bedroom, the desk lamp is a perfect accessory to give you a peaceful light. The glow that it brings is easy on the eyes and will even invite your friends and colleagues to get one for themselves.

Unique Feature

The combination of the lamp’s wood stand and fabric shade makes an extraordinary feature. With the long list of wood lamps in the market, this piece is a rare sight. You would love mixing a conventional art in your already modern-inspired house. The price is reasonable, making this gem a solid buy.

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6. Adesso Elegant Table Lamp

Adesso Table Lamp is a definition of elegance without being pricey. Aside from being suitable for your living room and bedroom interiors, it is an attractive candidate as a gift to your loved ones who love a classic piece of art. You can just imagine the flexibility of this table lamp and the warmth that it brings to you and your family.

Why Use Adesso Elegant Table Lamp?

The Adesso brand is built on quality, creativity, and integrity. Staying true to its core values of excellence, this elegant table lamp mixes classic and modern design. You can quickly turn your simple living room into a gorgeous one with a pop of this piece standing in one corner.

Unique Feature

The pull chain socket is a practical feature that makes it easy for an elderly to use instead of finding a switch button to power it on. The risk of falling from bed especially in the dark is prevented with this friendly function.

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7. Darryl Rectangular Table Lamp

This Rectangular Table Lamp from Darryl is a neat and sleek piece of art. The overall layout and design make it a perfect display in the office and the house. Its rectangular wood finish adds natural vibes to your collection of wooden furniture. Not to forget that it easily matches any color.

Why Use Darryl?

The moment you choose Darryl, you decided to be wiser and smarter in buying a practical accessory for your house. Its affordable price is a great match to the quality that it offers. Just simply look at the design, and you do not have to think twice about having one.

Unique Feature

The fabric shade of Darryl Rectangular Table Lamp makes lighting extra special. Its warm glow is pleasing to the eyes so if you feel exhausted after a long day from work, head off to your bed for a relaxing sleep accompanied by this bed lamp.

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8. Adesso Stratton Table Lamp

On top of its handsome design, the Adesso Stratton Table Lamp serves a lot of advantages. The black pole is made of metal leading to a steady and stable built. That said, you are guaranteed of getting the most out of your money.

Why Use Adesso Stratton Table Lamp?

Adesso takes pride in making products that are powered by innovation and function. This Stratton Table Lamp is one creative finish that will surely win your attention and satisfaction. Your best friend will surely be delighted upon receipt of this present during her birthday. That is a double treat as you also get to share your wonderful experience with this natural lamp to your close pal.

Unique Feature

The bell-shaped fabric shade sets a natural mood in your living room. It is no doubt a luxurious piece that will not break your savings. Interestingly, the distribution of light is even hence creating a relaxing mood. This table lamp works best while you are working with your laptop on or when you indulge in a good read.

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9. Adesso Stratton Floor Lamp

Want a nice floor lamp that is inexpensive? Adesso Stratton Floor Lamp will ease your worries of a costly price tag as this beautiful item is a perfect decor in your den or the living room. This furniture is easy to assemble and will wow you with its elegant vibes. Indeed, this makes a perfect gift for your loved ones on special occasions.

Why Use Adesso Stratton Floor Lamp?

Adesso Stratton maintains excellence in every product that it offers. The sturdy floor lamp will catch your guests’ attention soon as this beautiful product greets them. Its classic design and structure are easy on the eyes.

Unique Feature

The special part of this best buy is the bell-shaped fabric shade that is ultra pleasing in sight. Its diffusion of light is even and just enough to cater to your lighting needs if you host an intimate dinner or an engaging book reading with friends.

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10. Normande Wood-Look Table Lamp

How about having a Normande Wood-Look Table Lamp in your living room or your work station? Saying yes is definitely a smart decision because this product is a combination of modern materials and impressive quality at a fair rate.

Why Use Normande?

Normande knows that art and function can go together without worrying its customers on their budget. The fabric shade in white is neat and appealing. This goes well to buyers who are keen on a minimalist design. This table lamp makes a perfect present to your mother who loves wooden lamps on her sight. It looks warm and relaxing, just perfect to ease a stressful day.

Unique Feature

The base is made of wood hence a steady built is expected. As you study with this pal on your desk, you will not worry about seeing it from falling. More so, the glow of light is balanced and is not hard on the eyes.

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11. Adesso Hamptons Floor Lamp

Dreaming of a Scandinavian fix in your living room? Adesso Hamptons Floor Lamp will make your wishful thinking a reality. This excellent piece of art is truly a best buy! Have one in your den and share the good news with your friends and colleagues, too.

Why Use Adesso Hamptons Floor Lamp?

The Adesso Hamptons Floor Lamp is a mix of modern and classic elements that will captivate your family’s attention. The tall, wooden pole strikes a walnut finish, and the pull chain function keeps things easy. Even in the dark, you will not have a hard time looking for the power button with this practical socket. Indeed, this floor lamp is chic and fashionable without compromising its functions and stability.

Unique Feature

The interesting aspect of the light is it is dimmable. Its warm reflection will not overpower your room, so relaxation is a breeze. A pleasant sight indeed.

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12. Bedside Minimalist Solid Wood Lamp

Add a rustic item in your bedroom with this Minimalist Solid Wood Lamp. It is simple and offers a lot of functions. This wooden lamp will definitely add warmth in your place and will add to your relaxation.

Why Use Bedside Minimalist Solid Wood Lamp?

This wooden lamp is ideal for bedroom use. With a compact size and simple design, it can match any color and style in your place. More so, if you want a soft glow of light as you sleep, this product makes a perfect ally. Its beige fabric shade does the easy tricks.

Unique Feature

The bonus item in this practical piece of art is the LED bulb that will surely save you a lot of electricity. This is a rare deal that you should not miss. With a simple package this small, you will be surprised with its incredible offers. At a reasonable rate, you can have this item as a gift for your niece or nephew. It will pacify their fear of the dark during sleep time.

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13. Cavogin Solid Wood Table Lamp

A romantic evening does not need to be expensive. A simple yet functional piece of furniture will bring warmth to a lovely dinner enjoyed with friends or family members. Cavogin Solid Wood Table Lamp will help you set up that dreamy treat with your loved ones even on ordinary days. The good thing is it comes with a reasonable price tag.

Why Use Cavogin?

Cavogin knows that a simple wooden lamp can make a big difference based on its functions. Yes, this table lamp is not only ideal in your bedroom, but it also makes a great display in your living room and even in the baby room.

Unique Feature

The very moment the lamp lights up, you will embrace its charm and gentle beauty. The soft glow of the light is easy on the eyes and will not irritate your rest time. The fabric shade adds up to its rustic theme that blends well with your casual interiors.

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14. Adesso Walnut Floor Lamp

The Adesso Walnut Floor Lamp is a stunning offer that you should not miss. Looking at its appealing design and walnut finish, how can you say no to this beauty? This item only proves that a beautiful piece of art is possible at a moderate cost.

Why Use Adesso?

Adesso is a known brand in natural wooden lamps. It takes pride in making furniture pieces that are elegantly designed, function well and most importantly, bear a price tag that will not break your bank. Your sister-in-law will really admire your impeccable taste of having this decorative display in your living room. It makes a pleasant greeting to your visitors, too.

Unique Feature

The frosted white glass is the special aspect of this item. Its ability to distribute light is impressive with the soft glow that it produces. Make your rest time an extra rewarding one with this lamp that can serve you with ultra relaxation and satisfaction.

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15. Brite Light Indoor Desk Lamp

If you are looking for a desk lamp designed for indoor use only, Brite Light has the answer. The Brite Light Indoor Desk Lamp takes the minimalistic approach with its utmost simplicity. Its layout and structure are simple and practical that makes the product versatile on any interior design inside your house or even in your workplace.

Why Use Brite Light Indoor Desk Lamp?

This Desk Lamp from Brite Light produces a fine glow that looks pleasant and friendly to its users. This is best used when you want to relax and have a good nap or your steady guide while hanging out with your favorite fiction novel.

Unique Feature

The Sandalwood base is made of solid wood resulting in its physical strength that makes a stable display. Any customer is eyeing to own a desk lamp that is reliable in terms of quality and efficiency, and this item is a good example.

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16. Mission Night Light Table Lamp

Looking for an elegant table lamp that will make the most of your time and money? The Mission-styled table lamp is timeless and every inch a beauty. Snag this deal now, or you will regret the chance of owning one at a reasonable rate.

Why Use Mission Night Light Table Lamp?

The Mission Night Light Table Lamp is a head turner product. It has a natural ability to transform a plain living room into a lovelier one with this decorative display. Its distribution of light is fair and not irritating to the eyes, so studying with this item is a breeze.

Unique Feature

The intricately designed glasswork is an amazing part of this night light lamp. You can honestly say that fine craftsmanship and attention to details are highly considered when making this furniture. The built-in night light inside the glass adds more to the already elegant design and impressive function.

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17. Iron Twist Tray Table Floor Lamp

Compliments will pour in once your friends see your Iron Twist Tray Table Floor Lamp. This multi-functional floor lamp makes a great deal and is an ideal use while watching your favorite series or simply enjoying a good read with your cappuccino.

Why Use Iron Twist Tray Table Floor Lamp?

This wooden floor lamp is a beautiful display in various areas in your house. From the living room to the bedroom, this product maintains its art and function without being difficult on the eyes and budget. Your grandfather is one of the many recipients of this present who will be happy to have it as your birthday gift.

Unique Feature

This product is a rare find. Aside from the soft glow of the lamp, the tray table makes it extra unique. It can steadily accommodate your remote control while enjoying a new TV show or simply resting your smartphone while falling asleep on a couch beside it.

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18. Kenroy Home Overhang Floor Lamp

Every piece of furniture in the house is well thought of. Consider adding Kenroy Home Overhang Floor Lamp in your best buys, and you will be amazed of its appearance and function.

Why Use Kenroy Home?

Kenroy Home is a reliable brand when it comes to floor lamps. It is regarded for using high-quality materials polished with unique layout and design. Looking at the physical appearance alone, you will not think twice of getting one or more for your family. Such wise decision will not hurt your wallet and will be truly admired by your children. Isn’t it relaxing to have this sturdy floor lamp in one corner of your bedroom as you entertain the idea of relaxing?

Unique Feature

The special factor in this floor lamp is the grapevine design which boosts your nature vibes in the living room or your workplace. This makes an attractive gift to your friend who has a cottage in her residence. The wood grain finish is exquisite and naturally blends on other wooden pieces.

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19. Possini Euro Tripod Floor Lamp

This model is a perfect display in the office, living room or art gallery. The cherry wood finish easily matches other furniture in your house and will surely catch your guests’ attention. You cannot easily spot this product at all times so owning one asap is a smart choice.

Why Use Possini Euro Tripod Floor Lamp?

The Possini Euro Tripod Floor Lamp boasts a distinctive visual appearance. Made from wood and metal, quality is the priority of this item. Another great thing is its broad uno shade that undoubtedly produces a bright glow that will not overpower your room. This is one great companion when you invite your classmates for a night of review and bonding.

Unique Feature

The adjustable tripod makes an extraordinary feature. You can adjust its height based on your mood and its function. With a strong base, you will not worry about its steady support to the large lamp. Indeed, this item is a unique find.

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20. Deco 79 Wood Floor Lamp

This Wood Floor Lamp from Deco 79 sets a fresh mood in your place, especially during sleep time. It naturally brings your dream spa experience with its natural design and the warm glow of light. Can you imagine the comfort that it brings on cold nights when rain keeps falling, and all you want to do is get cozy under your bed sheets for a deep slumber?

Why Use Deco 79 Wood Floor Lamp?

You are lucky to own this floor lamp because it is made of brown wood. The material equates quality that you can expect to last for several years. Priced reasonably, getting one or two will add beauty to your house. More so, this beautiful piece makes a chic accessory in your den while engaging in a casual chit chat with your peers.

Unique Feature

The lovely light that it releases is not harsh and creates a relaxing mood. It illuminates the right amount of glow that is easy on the eyes.

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21. Rexford Walnut Table Lamp

The Rexford Walnut Table Lamp will elevate the look of your living room. This gorgeous piece carries the mid-century accent that will add a classic style to your already chic interiors.

Why Use Rexford Walnut Table Lamp?

The visual look says it all. Either you pair this walnut table lamp beside an abstract painting or let it stand on a table with neutral colors. Its easy blend with other elements makes it versatile and flexible. Not to forget that this pocket-friendly product is ideal as a beautiful present to your grandmother.

Unique Feature

The amount of light diffused from a lamp plays a crucial role in setting one’s mood. With Rexford Walnut Table Lamp, you can never go wrong. The off-white shade radiates a warm glow when the light is up. As a result, it can warm your cold nights and relax your exhausting day from the office. Indeed, this simple treasure is a keeper.

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22. Benzara Driftwood Floor Lamp

Have you wished hard to own a floor lamp made of driftwood?  Benzara has the perfect offer, and this item will definitely win your attention. Budget is not a worry as the Benzara Driftwood Floor Lamp is priced reasonably.

Why Use Benzara Driftwood Floor Lamp?

The Benzara Driftwood Floor Lamp boasts of elegance and function. In every angle, you will simply be astonished by the excellent craftsmanship dedicated to producing this piece of art. By purchasing this item, you are bringing nature vibes in your house. More so, the lamp reflects a burlap shade that is easy on the eyes, and the tone just compliments any design and color in your interiors.

Unique Feature

The driftwood frame is truly exceptional. Made of driftwood, you are assured of high quality and durability. Without this structure, the floor lamp will be dull. This is a beautiful greeting to welcome your guests in the living. If you have a beach house, this furniture is a great deal that you should not miss.

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23. St. Claire Modern Table Lamp

This natural wooden table lamp is easy to assemble and works well in your budget. Aside from the vintage feel, it also incorporated a modern touch resulting in a beautiful piece of furniture.

Why Use St. Claire Modern Table Lamp?

The St. Claire Modern Table Lamp gives an extra boost in your office, living room or bedroom. The fabric shade produces a smooth glow of light and is warm on the eyes. This is important so as not to appear irritating and to create a calming environment without overpowering a room.

Unique Feature

The wood finish base is lightweight making it easy to carry from one room to another. After spending an hour or two in the living room streaming your favorite thriller show, you can transfer this piece of art into your bedroom for a good sleep. You will keep admiring the open design of the base that makes it extraordinary.

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24. Wooden Foldable LED Book Light

It is not easy to have a uniquely designed table lamp that gives optimum functions. The Wooden Foldable LED Book Light proves that it can combine the two elements without being a burden on your budget.

Why Use Wooden Foldable LED Book Light?

This LED Book light simply means significant savings on energy. Quality is not compromised given the sleek design as Tyvek paper is used to give enough support and durability. It is also portable making it handy. This is one book light that you will not probably miss especially if you are into reading books or streaming your favorite show in your smartphone.

Unique Feature

The foldable function of this LED Book light is one of a kind. You also get to unleash your creative side based on the design that you want. More so, a 360-degree lighting brings an even light enough to keep your focus as you indulge on a bunch of paperwork.

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25. Aspire Brockton II Table Lamp

Add a rustic character to any room of your house by having Aspire Brockton II Table Lamp. It looks simple, yet the price and quality are reliable.

Why Use Aspire Brockton II Table Lamp?

Looking at the Aspire Brockton II Table Lamp, you can actually say it is an excellent product from the thoughts of a minimalist. Don’t you feel interested in having one or sharing this beauty as a present to your college friend?  Make your loved ones feel special and appreciated with this gift of art. This beautiful display makes an awesome spot for a good read or a warm sleep. The glow of light is natural and smooth.

Unique Feature

The base of the lamp is made of wood making a steady built. It visually looks ruggedly handsome that compliments the soft fabric shade. Any interior design will work best with this table lamp for its versatility and flexibility in structure and style.

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26. Jeteven Pyramid LED Desk Lamp

A reliable lamp is functional in different settings and can cater to your various needs. Jeteven Pyramid LED Desk Lamp is a great example of such. From your house and office to your camping needs, this portable device makes an excellent accessory.

Why Use Jeteven Pyramid LED Desk Lamp?

The Jeteven Pyramid LED Desk Lamp is made to function in different settings. Its versatility and flexibility are just awesome. Since it is handy, you can also use this reliable device as an emergency light especially at midnight. More so, the quality of light being produced is not harsh on the eyes so even if you study, you will not be distracted as the light is not overpowering.

Unique Feature

The touch key of this LED Desk Lamp is simply practical and functional. With one press, you get a white light. After pressing twice, you get a pop of yellow light and if you want a relaxing warm light, just press it thrice. Whatever your mood is, you can set the lighting.

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27. Injuicy Retro Wooden Desk Lamp

This wooden desk lamp from Injuicy is a lovely antique accent in your art collection. Aside from making an appealing display, it also produces a gorgeous glow of light. More so, a LED bulb for lighting is highly recommended. Aside from being friendly to the environment, the LED light means big savings in energy and money.

Why Use Injuicy Retro Wooden Desk Lamp?

The Injuicy Retro Wooden Desk Lamp is an evidence of innovation and function. It makes a handsome present to guys in your family circle. Those who love retro chic vibes will definitely appreciate this product. It does not only boast of an appealing visual look, but its compact size also makes it lightweight.

Unique Feature

The base of the desk lamp exudes an industrial design with a reliable quality since it is made of wood. Interestingly, you can expect a longer timeline with the use of this natural wooden lamp.

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28. Ashley Selemah Table Lamp

A lot of customers who shop for furniture still opt for the traditional design. Ashley Selemah Table Lamp is one of the classic pieces that makes a best buy. If you want to pump out a conventional look in your already modern house, this item is perfect. The drum- shaped shade blends well with the rugged design of the base. More so, expect a warm glow of light that is not irritating to the eyes, just perfect for a good read or a relaxing nap.

Why Use Ashley?

Ashley boasts integrity and quality for decades which makes it a brand that you can trust. It understands the needs of the customers, so you do not have to worry about quality and style.

Unique Feature

Expect an authentic wood in the Ashley Selemah Table Lamp. As a result, you will be satisfied with the quality and function that it can offer at the same time without breaking your bank.

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29. Benzara Wood Rope Table Lamp

If you are an avid fan of anything that is made of wood, take the Benzara Wood Rope Table Lamp when you shop for items to beautify your house. The design is exquisite as evidenced by its unique layout and structure. If you have friends looking for a similar product, this wood rope lamp is the answer.

Why Use Benzara Wood Rope Table Lamp?

The Benzara Wood Rope Table Lamp is surprisingly a combination of rugged and elegant design. Looking at the item, you will appreciate the dedication on the elements to come up with this beauty. Function wise, the lamp diffuses a soft light that is easy on the eyes and create a calming mood.

Unique Feature

The cylindrical stand rope is exceptional. It blends well with the natural tone of the burlap shade and can match any style and design in your living room or bedroom. Indeed, this product makes a lovely gift for your loved ones.

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30. Benzara Wooden Table Lamp

If you think your home decor is decent, the Benzara Wooden Table Lamp will redefine beauty and elegance in your interiors. This product does not only produce a warm light, but it also sends out a relaxing tone as evidenced by its natural design.

Why Use Benzara Wooden Table Lamp?

Benzara is a reliable brand when it comes to classic designs of table lamps paired with traditional, unique features. On top of these impressive benefits, it considers quality and efficiency of its products and the Wooden Table Lamp is one excellent example.

Unique Feature

The natural wooden base is exceptional. It provides a steady balance and adds strong support to the fabric shade. You will never go wrong with the high quality of wood used in this product as it is expected to last for a long time. Be wise and smart as you shop for table lamps in your office or house us, have the Benzara Wooden Table Lamp.

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Benefits of Wood

The notes to learning the massive advantages of wood are long. From its importance to the environment and its role in making our daily lives a better one, it is noteworthy to emphasize its origin, particularly the different types of woods and how it changed drastically various industries with the stunning and practical products that it created.

You will be amazed as to how a plain tree has the innate abilities to transform into a wood and the latter becoming a staple in every household. Check the interesting discussion below about wood, its life and its natural passion of making people happy and creative.

Wood Is Known for Its Crucial Role in Mitigating Climate Change

Wood Is Known for Its Crucial Role in Mitigating Climate ChangeIt is the only building material that eliminates carbon from the atmosphere. More so, it lessens the emission of new carbon heading into the atmosphere.

It is the only building material that eliminates carbon from the atmosphere. More so, it lessens the emission of new carbon heading into the atmosphere.

With climate change being a global threat to humanity and the environment, wood is a major player in preventing it from getting any worse.

Wood Is a Reliable Source of Carbon

Trees naturally store carbon – this happens as they grow, they take in carbon dioxide. Interestingly, when trees undergo the process of wood manufacturing, the carbon stays in the wood to help provide strength and durability.

Trees Naturally Store Carbon

this happens as they grow, they take in carbon dioxide. Interestingly, when trees undergo the process of wood manufacturing, the carbon stays in the wood to help provide strength and durability.

Wood Also Promotes Health and Wellness

Studies reveal that continued use of wood provides important physical and psychological advantages. With the presence of wood, people tend to be more calm and joyful; hospital patients better recuperate and workers become more productive and are less stressed with pressure in their workplace.

Wood Is Reliable for Its Natural Strength and Durability

Wood has proven its important role in the construction of houses and buildings. Over decades, this natural element has shown that it is stronger and better than steel. Naturally wooden bed frames, table lamps and cribs for infants are few examples of furniture pieces that are popularly used by consumers.

Wood Has Proven Its Important Role in the Construction of Houses and Buildings

Over decades, this natural element has shown that it is stronger and better than steel. Naturally wooden bed frames, table lamps and cribs for infants are few examples of furniture pieces that are popularly used by consumers.

Wood Is Elegant and Versatile

Wood Has Proven Its Important Role in the Construction of Houses and BuildingsIt cannot be denied that wood products are naturally beautiful. Houses and furniture pieces made of wood are pleasant in the eyes and set a tone of a calm, relaxing environment. Also, The natural beauty of wood products makes it versatile in blending with a variety of interior designs. It can match a rustic or modern vibe in the office or the house.

Wood Is a Good Provider of Green Jobs

From harvesting of trees to wood manufacturing, local jobs are not an issue as these types of work is usually done on site. As a result, people in the area are taking these green jobs that support their families in return.

Types of Hardwoods

Mahogany, Known as Honduras Mahogany Is a Tropical Kind of Hardwood

It has a costly price tag, and it has two color variants – medium brown and deep red brown based on its age. It is known for its versatility and traditional benefits.

Oak Is One of the Most Popular Hardwoods

It is known for its heavy and hard wearing properties and the stunning open wood grain markings that it bears. Oak is available in two shades – white oak that resembles a grayish/brownish color and the red oak that has a noticeable reddish tint.

Ash Is a Strong Type of Hardwood That Is Known for Its Outstanding Bending Abilities

It is basically used for unique pieces of furniture like a chair with rounded backrests. Ash is typically light brown in colour.

Cherry Is Sometimes Called as a Fruitwood Because of Its Light Brown Finish

This type of hardwood is grown in the Eastern part of America. Cherry is known for its active, closed grain properties. It makes crafting a wood product simple and practical because it is easy to polish and carve.

Walnut Is Grown in America, Asia, and Europe

Oak Is One of the Most Popular HardwoodsThis type of hardwood is popularly used in making cabinets due to its versatility. It boasts of exceptional wood qualities, hence appealing, and durable finishes are expected. The wood is light to dark chocolate brown in color with a straight grain in the trunk. Walnuts are commonly used in veneers.

Maple Is a Heavier and Stronger Type of Hardwood

Known for its moisture resistant property, it is a reliable kind of wood to combat wear and tear. Maple wood has a pale color and easily blends on any paint.

Types of Softwoods

Pine Is Not as Durable as Maple or Oak but Matches Well with Other Types of Woods

Its versatility makes it a soft blend on other existing furniture in your house. Interestingly, any interior design will work with pine wood. More so, pine woods are reasonably priced.

Cedar Is Grown in the Southern Part of the United States

This softwood bears a reddish brown color with visible light streaks. Due to its repellent properties, cedar is popularly used in lining drawers and boxes. This light softwood makes appealing storage closets, thanks to its aromatic qualities.

Spruce Is a Strong Type of Softwood

It is known for its low resistance to decay and is lightweight. Spruce wood products are practically used for spars and masts for airplanes, ships, and ladders due to its durability and strength.

Fir Wood Is Easy to Work with and Makes a Great Finish

Like Spruce, its resistance to decay is low-level. It displays a uniform texture and has a non-resinous quality. It is used best in doors, windows, and a variety of furniture.

Larch Is Regarded as a Softwood That Has Strong, Waterproof Qualities

Larch Is Regarded as a Softwood That Has Strong, Waterproof QualitiesIn Canada, larch wood is famous on its relevant use in cutting boards and cheese boards. It has become a basic tool in every household, especially in restaurants. Its durability and tough properties make it a staple tool in food preparations. It is also used in making small boats and yachts.

Beech Is a Type of Softwood That Has an Appealing Strength and Durability

It also boasts of its fine texture and high level of shock resistance. It is a popular choice of wood for furniture and usually sets your room a warm, relaxing environment.


Sally Sokolowski

is the creative mind behind Salt Lamp City.

She has created this website because she is a big fan, not only of salt lamps, but of all things 'natural living'. She never ceases to think of new ways to up her natural living game to the next level. Through this website, she aims to share all of her knowledge with you.

Sally keeps her pages up to date. She has updated this page on .


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