Top 20 Premium Salt Lamps To Improve Your Decor

Highly rich in pure and potent minerals, the Himalayan salt lamps yield to numerous benefits both for the human health and the environment.

Exposure to heated premium salt lamps can help you create a balance in the functions of your bodily systems alongside the mind and the spirits. It also helps sanitize the ambient air, eliminating dust, dirt, bacteria, germs and even pet dander from it.

These are only some of what premium salt lamps can offer and provide you with.

Here are 20 of the best performing models of premium salt lamps available on the Internet today. They are listed with bits of product information and mostly with the reasons why they made it to the list of some of the most high-performance versions of crystal salt lamps.

Read on and pick out a premium salt lamp, or more, which you wish to accessorize your personal space with while helping enhance your well-being. They are all made out of 100 per cent Himalayan salt stones and crystals.

The salt lamps reviewed here are generally pretty big ones. We also have a page for smaller salt lamps.

Top 20 Big Salt Lamps Reviewed

1. Hand-carved WBM Himalayan Salt Glow with Genuine Neem Wood Base

Handcrafted in Pakistan, home to the only source of Himalayan salt that is the Khewra salt mine, this 12 inches tall premium salt lamp by brand manufacturer WBM sits on a pest-resistant pure neem wood base.

One of the premium salt lamps on the market, it has a commanding presence which is sure to capture attention and awe with its mysterious yet elegant amber fire-pit-like glow.

At 17 pounds, this WBM model of the Himalayan salt lamp can provide enough negative ionization and air purification for a living room of considerable area. Allow the WBM crystal salt lamp to rinse out your home’s ambient air, taking away contaminants and toxins which the indoor atmosphere contains. You will enjoy the soothing light while noticing the positive difference in the way you breathe and in your general respiratory health.

A 40-watt bulb is recommended for the WBM Himalayan salt lamp. Its cord assembly and the light itself are both approved and listed under electrical product safety testing organization Electrical Testing Laboratory or ETL.

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2. Extra Large Himalayan Salt Lamp by Black Tai Salt Co.

Truly a decorative item for your household, the Extra Large Himalayan Salt Lamp handmade by brand manufacturer Black Tai Salt Co. is reminiscent of the fresh ocean breeze as it gives off a pleasant, light scent of island beach air. The graceful aroma emitted comes with the efficient air purification process through the heated Extra Large Himalayan Salt Lamp by Black Tai Salt Co.

If you are conscious of the cleanliness of your home’s interior atmosphere or are naturally fond of installing natural indoor air purifiers, this version of a premium salt lamp by Black Tai Salt Co. will make a great choice. It goes well with your house plants. A huge crystal salt lamp and house plants work harmoniously to provide you with a healthier household setting.

At around 40-50 pounds and around 20 inches in height, a bulb of 25 watts will do the job of warming the lamp enough for it to effectively neutralize the surrounding positive ions and electromagnetic or EM radiation.

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3. Indusclassic® Natural Crystal Salt Rocks, Set of Two

A beautiful treat to your bedroom, living room, guest’s lounge and practically any corner of your home, the Indusclassic® Natural Crystal Salt Rocks, which come in two pieces, emanates a warm and peaceful glow which you are sure to adore. They cast a soft peachy illumination which swings and alternates from a pinkish to an orangish hue.

Make them your favorite home embellishment, which does not only brightly radiate a gorgeous beam but also greatly enhance your physical and emotional health, intensely boost your disposition and inherently cleanse the circulating air in your home.

At its size, a tubular bulb or a teardrop-shaped candelabra bulb will fit just right in this set of premium salt lamps.

With the excellent and durable quality of natural crystal salt lamp production by Indusclassic®, you are guaranteed with this set’s prolonged use and serviceability.

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4. Dimmable Levoit Elora Glow Himalayan Salt Lamp, Pack of Two Hand-Carved Salt Rocks on Stainless Steel Base

Using only the purest variant of salt available, which is strictly sourced from the Khewra salt mine, the Elora model of Himalayan salt lamp by brand manufacturer Levoit is a crystal salt lamp which assures only superior quality, beauty, and effectiveness.

The Levoit Elora is packaged with two premium salt lamps whose best feature is its flat and polished dimmer switch with sensors. This touch control switch technology, as well as its electrical cord, are both approved and listed under the American safety certification organization Underwriters Laboratories or UL.

These handcrafted salt rocks designed and created by Levoit are attached to a patented sleek stainless steel base which allows for drainage control to ensure moisture will not accumulate at the bottom of the lighting fixtures, which may eventually damage them. Note that good premium salt lamps are moist when not in use and the steel base is specially designed to protect the lights from water build up particularly when it is not heated.

This two-in-one package of premium salt lamps will be worthy of your every penny.

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5. Huge Everest Himalayan Salt Lamp on Rosewood Base from SpiritualQuest

SpiritualQuest ascertains during your purchase of the Huge Everest Himalayan Salt Lamp, from its factory in Tibet to your doorstep, everything will be smooth-sailing, and your great buy will arrive intact and moisture-free.

Composed of only the unique, authentic, meticulously and manually selected salt stones and crystals, the nearly 18-inch tall Huge Everest Himalayan Salt Lamp is carved into perfectly balanced functioning.

As the bulb heats the Everest Himalayan Salt Lamp enclosing it, the crystal salt rock starts and carries on its role of eliminating air contaminants and pollutants generating negative ions. Which as well will reduce harmful positive ions distributed by electromagnetic fields like television, computers and mobile devices. You are at peace, and you and your family are breathing in allergen-free indoor air. This version of a premium salt lamp by SpiritualQuest is sure to make you feel fabulous about the state of your health, and the excellent air quality in your household.

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6. Iconic “Hearts of Gold” Himalayan Salt Lamp on Neem Wood Base by WhiteSwade

Spruce up your home with the touch of modernity and contemporary design of the Iconic “Heart of Gold’ Himalayan Salt Lamp on polished, even and stylish Neem wood base uniquely created by WhiteSwade out of pink Himalayan salt stones and crystals which have been unearthed by hand in the Khewra salt mine.

This one-off premium salt lamp can offer vibrant energies into a dull area in your house just as it can provide a soothing sensation with its dimmer feature as you place it on your bedside table to lull yourself to uninterrupted sleep.

This heart-shaped premium salt lamp with its distinctive curves can do wonders to your respiratory health particularly if you or another member of the family is suffering from asthma and allergy symptoms.

The Iconic “Hearts of Gold” Himalayan Salt Lamp from WhiteSwade is certainly a health-enhancing household item that does not fail to be in style.

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7. Levoit Viéra Natural Himalayan Salt Crystals in Borosilicate Glass Vase on Aluminum Alloy Base

The Viéra style by manufacturer Levoit is where class and fashion meet functionality and practicality. It is eye-catching in that it is composed of carefully selected salt crystals and stones of colors, clarity, and shape of the utmost quality. These Himalayan salt crystals and stones are arranged in an industrial-grade glass vase which can endure the heat from the bulb and is fixed on an aluminum alloy base of four pillars.

The Levoit Viéra salt crystal lamp is a perfect addition to dens, attics, a reading room, and other meditative and quiet personal areas such as yoga spaces. It is an exceptionally stunning decorative piece which is at the same time a healthful home adornment which can instantly command awe and attention.

Levoit employs only the finest elements for their efficiently designed premium salt lamps, and the Viéra model is no exception. The Levoit Viéra will prove to be durable and long-standing, and you will certainly not regret shelling out cash for this well-thought-out design and sophisticatedly constructed premium salt lamp.

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8. Extra Large Crystal Salt Lamp

This Extra Large Crystal Salt Lamp which weighs from 50 to 65 pounds and stands pretty tall, lives up to the holistic and healthful benefits provided for by premium salt lamps that are intensified through its size.

This premium salt lamp contains minerals naturally accumulated over thousands of years in the Khewra mine salt, the only source of pink Himalayan salt rocks and crystals. It’s durable construction on a sturdy base faultlessly holds its size and weight without any risks of toppling over.

With the Extra Large Crystal Salt Lamp around your creative space or work area, you are sure to have a peaceful and productive day to day experience with your personal and professional tasks. Given the immense mass of this premium salt lamp, it can provide a comfortable and relaxing ambiance even with a relatively larger area delivering maximum negative ionization.

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9. 9 . Natural Tibetan Crystal Salt Lamps on Rose Wood Base from SpiritualQuest, Pack of Six

This bundle of six medium-sized Natural Tibetan Crystal Salt Lamps from SpiritualQuest will make for a truly economical purchase. Each is unique from the rest regarding shades of color and jagged shapes. They have a varying texture of flat pitches and sharp cuts on the surface, and noticeable differences in size and weight which range from 7 to 8 inches tall and 5 to 7 pounds.

These six premium salt lamps can cover a room of up to 500 square feet. They can make a big difference in the feel of the atmosphere eradicating dryness and chill and, make you feel cozy. These premium salt lamps emit healthy negative ions which contribute to easing your physical stress and emotional tension after a long day.

You can read your favorite books by their light, or you can adjust them to a dimmer tint as you watch your all-time feel-good movies.

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10. Big Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp by Black Tai Salt Co.

This Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp of around 90 pounds designed and handcrafted by Black Tai Salt Co. will make for an awesome addition to your decorative collectibles or perhaps a one-off surprise to a friend or family.

This premium salt lamp sits on a plush solid wood base of excellent quality enabling it to secure the giant rock salt home lighting accessory.

This big Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp by Black Tai Salt Co. exudes a rustic feel and appearance with its surface which has been deliberately carved to be rugged and strong-featured.

You will bring in nature to your home with one of Black Tai’s biggest manufactured premium salt lamps. It will make for a beautiful and at the same time all-natural alternative to ionizing appliances. There is no discharge of noise, and it is very environment-friendly. With the size and weight of this premium salt lamp, it can cover an entire living room of a wider area, or long hallways and waiting areas in commercial establishments.

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11. WBM Himalayan Crystal Chunk Salts in Tall Pillar Basket

The exceptional design of the WBM Himalayan Crystal Chunk Salts in Tall Pillar Basket is sure to stand out amid any room where you choose to place it. It is attention-grabbing in a unique way, with the wavy strips that make up the pillars holding the salt rocks creating an effect that is reminiscent of a tiny fire place.

At almost 10 inches in height, these Himalayan crystals in a support basket are truly aesthetic. It has a dimmer button through which you can set your desired brightness depending on the mood you wish for this premium salt lamp to exude in your meditative space.

The lamp itself and its cord are both tested and approved by the Electrical Testing Laboratory or ETL. A sufficiently strong bulb is recommended for the functioning of the WBM Himalayan Crystal Chunk Salts in Tall Pillar Basket.

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12. Casa Vita Himalayan Salt Lamp

A pleasant and healthful lighting fixture, the handy Casa Vita Himalayan Salt Lamp is perfect to be placed close to electronic devices such as computers and televisions especially as it only requires a USB port or any USB adapter for its power source.

The negative ions which the heated Casa Vita Himalayan Salt Lamp emit neutralize the ambient air by counteracting the harmful positive ions. This allows for better concentration on your work and significant reduction of negative feeling like stress and tension.

If you are a believer in natural therapeutic products which heal holistically, then this conveniently sized premium salt lamp designed and manufactured by Casa Vita will make for a rustically beautiful and functional addition to your collection of all-natural treatment implements.

With Casa Vita’s four-inch tall miniature premium salt lamp, you will certainly gain lots of product value and benefit wellness in your lifestyle.

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13. Indusclassic® Crystal Salt Lamps, Set of Four

This offering by Indusclassic® of premium salt lamps which come in a set of four is both economical and practical. The brand sells according to the weight of the salt rock lamps instead of the size, so you will get four premium salt lamps which vary in size and weight, ranging from 7 to 10 pounds.

Just like the four premium salt lamps in this package from Indusclassic® differs in mass, each of their colors also stretches and oscillate from peach to reddish orange. They can be placed in the same room to accentuate it gracefully or you can take advantage of the number of premium salt lamps in the package to distribute them in different areas of your household. They can also be an excellent gift for friends and family.

Each is perched on a high-quality wooden base which has a quick release leaving you with no hassle whenever you need to replace the bulb.

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14. Indusclassic® Pure Himalayan Salt Lamp, Pack of Four

A perfect packaging of four pure Himalayan salt lamps is offered only by Indusclassic® can cover several areas in your residence.

You can strategically place these four healthful décors in areas where you and your family spend the most time. You may also choose to use each of them in favorite relaxation spots such as the attic, where you can freely put your feet up and read your books or just lazily scan through wellness magazines. The den, the tiny basement working room, or your improvised home workout room are other areas in your home where you can place the rest of the pack of four premium salt lamps from Indusclassic®.

They will also make for practical, yet economical gift items. You can surprise four of your loved ones with this salt lamp package offering from Indusclassic®.

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15. Pure and Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp by Black Tai Salt Co.

A stunning slice of nature and a real piece of art, this Pure and Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp by Black Tai Salt Co. has been carved from pure pink Himalayan salt rocks, and crystals dug straight from the Khewra salt mine by the foothills of the Himalayas.

Ranging from 50 to 65 pounds, this Black Tai version of large premium salt lamp exudes the look of a precious gem that is beautifully pure yet also powerfully and naturally healthful.

This premium salt lamp has been specially cut to cover and release vibrant yet quieting energies into a larger area in your home, particularly your personal or creative work space, and turn it into an even more pleasant private nook.

Allow for it to clear and cleanse your surrounding indoor air, effectively eliminating toxins and even smells. Let it deliver a cozy and warm atmosphere to envelop you with while detoxifying your physical body and freeing your spirit of worry and tension as you enjoy the lovely pink and peachy flicker of Black Tai’s big premium salt lamp.

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16. Bliss Model of Natural Crystal Salt Air Purifying and Ionizing Lamp by LIFE Home

Tested to produce 800 negative ions per cubic centimeter which equates to an occurrence of negative ion emission in natural moving waters, the Bliss version of Natural Crystal Salt Air Purifying and Ionizing Lamp by manufacturer LIFE Home guarantees maximum sanitization of an indoor atmosphere.

The Bliss model of the premium salt lamp has gone through a unique development process. It is composed of a meticulously selected slab of pink Himalayan rock from the Khewra salt mine, polished into a sophisticated globe sealed off in a sleek, refined and sturdy outer shell. These features are what makes the Bliss salt lamp by LIFE Home prominently stick out wherever you decide to place it.

This design is a breath of fresh air which is easy on the eyes. You will not tire of gazing at the Bliss salt lamp like it was a ball of fire which is safe, secure and healthful. Strictly operating without any leaks or formation of mold and mildew, this model of a premium salt lamp is approved by the European Conformity or CE and complies with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive or RoHS accordingly adopted by the European Union standards.

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17. Himalayan Salt Lamp on Marble Base by Black Tai Salt Co.

With a weight around 43 pounds, this model by Black Tai Salt Co. of Himalayan Salt Lamp is artfully and skillfully lodged on a marble base which is an excellent and resilient alternative lamp base to Neem wood and stainless steel.

When heated, it radiates a massive yet relaxing orange glow that is strong enough to illuminate a big room. This premium salt lamp model from Black Tai also has a couple of dark reddish spots which add to its rustic and ancient appeal.

It is a beautiful embellishment which can provide your household with more refreshing ambient air while helping reduce your physical pains, get better-uninterrupted sleep and ease your emotional stress.

Black Tai Salt Co. assures long-lasting use of this premium salt lamp given the exceptional quality of the entire piece including the robust marble base.

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18. Himalayan Salt Lamp on Hardwood Base by Black Tai Salt Co.

Assembled on a hardwood base handcrafted by skilled artisans, this model of Himalayan Salt Lamp by Black Tai Salt Co. will make for a fantastic therapeutic product to exhibit in practically any place.

Whether you want to freshen up your own home or you own a small enterprise like a café, personal care salon or even a clothing retail shop, this premium salt lamp will be an enchanting display which can boost your productivity, inspire your creativity, induce significant emotions and encourage your mental capacities. All these can be provided for with this crystal salt lamp version from Black Tai in addition to natural negative ionization process which it goes through to keep pollutants and allergens at bay.

This will truly be an awesome purchase which you will not want to miss.

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19. Cylinder Himalayan Salt Lamp by Black Tai Salt Co.

Carved into an excellent and sleek cylinder shape, this one-off design of Himalayan salt lamp from Black Tai Salt Co. has harnessed various naturally occurring minerals from the earth’s gift which is organically and geologically formed Khewra salt mine. These precious substances are all packed in the tube-shaped premium salt lamp, so the benefits of environmental resources and negative ions are brought into your everyday interior setting.

This crystal salt lamp has noticeable blotches and cracks that give it an old yet chic look that can be perfectly fitting for any nook in your abode or even small commercial spaces.

At approximately 6 inches in height and with a diameter of a little more than 4 inches, you can buy a couple of these cylinder salt lamps to allocate them in several places in a given room.

It emanates a very soft dim light that makes it a great accent type of lighting to complement brighter and differently colored ambient lights.

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20. DeluxeComfort Natural Crystal Salt Lamp on Onyx Marble Base

Make battle against harmful positive ions, allergens and other airborne pollutants with this Natural Crystal Salt Lamp fashioned and shaped by DeluxeComfort.

This version of a premium salt lamp by DeluxeComfort bears an eye-catching orange shade which slowly translates into an intense red hue, especially when heated, creating a beautiful aura in your living room or bedroom. It will allow you to relax as the negative ions reduce your stress and worries and increase your vitalities and positive emotions.

It is highly suitable for everyday use in your household. It is conveniently safe without any risks of overheating as it sits on an onyx marble base of industrial quality. The perfectly secure base will give you peace of mind because it can withstand all-day use without acquiring mildew and mold or having moisture build up underneath.

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What the Best Himalayan Salt Lamps Can Do for You, Your Well-Being and Your Surroundings: The Reasons Why Premium Salt Lamps Are More Than Just a Wellness Fad to Embrace

What the Best Himalayan Salt Lamps Can Do for You, Your Well-Being and Your Surroundings The Reasons Why Premium Salt Lamps Are More Than Just a Wellness Fad to EmbraceThe air which we inevitably ingest these days is more polluted than before, and it affects our health in several different ways.

While adulterated air cannot be avoided, there are ways to cleanse at least the indoor atmosphere in commercial structures where we spend so much time, and especially in our homes where we are supposed to feel safest and most comfortable.

For instance, you can install air purifying house plants or use negative ion generating appliances.

There, too, are the other very natural implements to rid the interior air of impurities, and they come in the form of premium salt lamps.

What Are Premium Salt Lamps?

Premium salt lamps are made out of a chunk of salt stones and crystals which are specially extracted from the Khewra Salt Mine in Punjab, Pakistan close to the Himalayan regions.

They are lodged on a robust and durable base which is usually a wooden material of excellent quality, stainless steel or marble to be able to hold and sustain the mechanisms of the Himalayan salt lamp. Crystal salt lamps come with a hole at the bottom to accommodate the light source, and they operate on electrical power.

Raw and authentic Himalayan salt lamps are meticulously handcrafted. These are more commonly seen irregularly shaped premium salt lamps. However, they may also be machine manufactured, and these are the ones which are more sophisticated, refined and even regarding form such as those perfectly molded globe premium salt lamps.

Premium salt lamps come in various colors. Each of which has its specific and targeted purpose of healing and other forms of treatment for maintenance or improvement of health and mood, among many other concerns related to well-being and desired indoor ambiance.

Beyond the Pretty Lighting Ornament: What Do Premium Salt Lamps Do to You, Your Well-Being and the Environment You Are In?

Premium salt lamps act as natural negative ion generatorsPremium salt lamps act as natural negative ion generators. Whenever you go to the beach for an island vacation or swim by the waterfalls, perhaps you have noticed the light and mild sensations settling in your chest as if you were unloading troubles and anxieties.

You may have the same feeling whenever you go for a swim in any regular pool or take a warm shower. There is also this happy and cheery sentiment during and after a downpour of rain or even just a drizzle.

The reason for these soothing sensations is the negative ions carried through in these moving waters. The mountains which are lush in greeneries are also bursting in negative ions.

You are then bringing in nature and its negative ions into your home when you use premium salt lamps which are a beautiful light source and even more importantly natural negative ion generating products.

Negative ions are responsible for attracting pollutants and allergens in the surrounding air. These harmful particles are then trapped in the heated crystal salt lamps. What your Himalayan salt lamps do after that is to re-release purified water molecules in the form of moisture and vapors, so they cleanse the ambient air in your household.

Moreover, the negative ions produced by heated premium salt lamps cancel out electromagnetic, or EM radiation is given off through appliances, electronic devices, and gadgets.

The EM radiation is associated with various physical illnesses, mood, and psychological disorders. EM fields either contribute to the acquisition of these diseases or worsen already existing ones.

By scattering premium salt lamps in strategic locations around your abode, or by using at least one crystal salt lamp of considerable size and weight, you can help create a better, healthier household for you and your family.

Premium salt lamps for fighting respiratory tract illnessesPremium salt lamps for fighting respiratory tract illnesses. About the explanation in the previous section with regards to the role of negative ions in ridding the indoor environment of harmful microscopic compounds, Himalayan salt lamps promote easy breathing.

They primarily aid in alleviating symptoms of allergy, asthma and other respiratory tract diseases. Even as simple and commonplace as cold and flu resulting in nasal congestion and clogged sinuses, you will be able to immediately recognize the difference with premium salt lamps around you as you recover.

Other types of lighting can also make your home look nicer, but they won’t give you the same benefit that salt lamps do.

Premium salt lamps for light therapy. Himalayan salt stones and crystals which make up premium salt lamps vary in color depending on the veins in the Khewra salt mine from where they have been excavated.

These colors play a great role in what it is you wish to treat with your use of premium salt lamps, particularly in the mental and emotional aspects.

Perhaps the pink crystal salt lamps are the most popular. They are easy to find just as they are very easy on the eyes. The salt stones and crystals that compose the pink premium salt lamps are mined from Khewra salt mine veins which are found between the orange and white ones. The pink crystal lamps promote positive emotions such as compassion and affection.

The orange premium salt lamps are likely just as popular as the pink crystal lamps. They are linked with a balance of positive and negative ions in the environment which in turn, contribute to stability and equilibrium in mind and the spirits.

When it comes to the physical aspect of the human body, the orange premium salt lamps are known to improve the functions of the nervous system.

Then there are the red premium salt lamps which are known to be associated with better blood circulation. They provide a very dim and gloomy look and feel in the area where it is placed which encourage a tranquil indoor ambiance.

Finally, there are the rather rare white Himalayan salt lamps. They illuminate the brightest, and they induce healing and cleansing of the human body.

Premium Salt Lamps as a Vehicle Toward Holistic Treatment of the Body, the Mind and the Spirit: There Are More to Crystal Salt Lamps Than Meets the Eye

Premium Salt Lamps as a Vehicle Toward Holistic Treatment of the Body, the Mind and the Spirit There Are More to Crystal Salt Lamps Than Meets the EyeThe benefits of Himalayan salt have been tested through time. Its use and effectiveness can be traced way back to the ancient times of humanity’s oldest ancestors who had employed Himalayan salt to treat illnesses both through topical application, and oral and nasal ingestion.

We are fortunate these benefits have been passed on, even up to today. The use of Himalayan salt has progressed a great deal over this significant period. These days, it is made into premium salt lamps which are some of its most valuable products.

Premium salt lamps provide more than just striking gleam in homes. They aid in healing physical ailments and upset emotions and influence the maintenance and betterment of great well-being while remaining eco-friendly.


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