Top 20 Tiki Torches To Impress Your Guests With Amazing Flaming Fixtures

Tiki torches can make your garden and patio look and feel more festive. Something is exciting yet at the same time soothing about dancing flames.

Here are some of the best tiki torches which you can select from, from fuel-lit and gas-lit tiki torches to the much more modern solar-powered torches.

Learn more about each of them and then choose which you feel like will be the best purchase according to your taste and the desired visual and aesthetic effects on your outdoors.

Top 20 Tiki Torches Reviewed

1. Newhouse Lighting LED Tiki Torches in Bamboo-Like Finish, Kit of Four Solar Island Torches

Bring realistic and natural-looking flickering flames reminiscent of the great beach island atmosphere into your garden or patio with these LED tiki torches designed and manufactured by Newhouse Lighting.

This economic package of tiki torches can turn the look and feel of the exterior of your house into a tropical dreamland.

This tiki torch offer by Newhouse Lighting comes in a package of four solar island torches. Each of them has a natural bamboo finish, only much sturdier owing to the material used. They are, in fact, made out of polycarbonate construction masquerading as natural wooden tiki torches. Polycarbonate composition is an industrial-quality replacement to glass and is associated with extra strength, lightweight, and shatter resistance.

They come with stakes which need to be buried into the ground which the pole assemblies are affixed. They can make for perfect lighting fixtures by your poolside, lawn or backyard.

Moreover, with the very flexible materials of poles and stakes, you can be creative about the installation apart from placing them in a typical horizontal row. You can lodge each of them slantwise in a tiki torch pot giving off an impression of a bouquet of tiki torches.

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2. TIKI® Stone-Colored, Multi-Purpose Resin Jar Torch

If you are maintaining an old-fashioned patio or garden, then the antiquated-looking TIKI® Stone-Colored, Multi-Purpose Resin Jar Torch will make for a great buy. It can complement an old-style home exterior and nicely contrast amid a contemporary-designed residential outdoor setting. This is because the resin jar torch appears to be crafted from a roughly finished mined precious stone.

This resin jar torch from TIKI® is of great value owing to its smart and versatile design. It can be assembled into a five, four or three feet tiki torch mounted on the ground. Also, it can stand alone as a centerpiece on your garden table or be clamped into railing after taking out the pole assemblies.

It is portable, easy to use and store, and easy to refuel, too.

The TIKI® Stone-Colored, Multi-Purpose Resin Jar Torch bears a 12-ounce fuel canister which can burn a rather big and beautiful flame for up to four hours.

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3. Large Flame TIKI® Island King Torch, Gunmetal-Finish

The Large Flame Island King Torch by brand manufacturer TIKI® with a great-looking dark gray gunmetal finish will prove to be very sustainable without showing any signs of premature rusting despite the changing weather conditions. It will even stay lit amid high gusts of wind.

It will be a fantastic purchase with an excellent design that is at the same time functional. It produces a rich firelight that is five times larger than your typical and traditional tiki torches and will be perfect for illumination over a laid-back outdoor dinner.

The Large Flame TIKI® Island King Torch has a canister for 16 ounces of fuel whose burning time can last for up to five hours. The filling hole for the fuel is equipped with the Twist & Pour technology unique to the TIKI® brand. This will allow for easy refills with no mess just as it will allow for you to clean the fuel container with no hassle.

Apart from all these excellent features, the Island King Torch also comes with a metal snuffer that is conveniently and cleverly attached to the torch bowl with a magnet to avoid getting lost. The snuffer can also serve as a lid to the tiki torch and its wick when not in use.

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4. Newhouse Lighting LED Tiki Torches in Dark Chocolate, Kit of Four Solar Flickering Torches

This version of Newhouse Lighting’s four-pack LED tiki torches comes in dark chocolate shade.

This pack of flickering solar torches makes for excellent accent lighting pieces which can be installed in a neat row to emphasize a pleasant walkway, deck, garden benches or patio. They emit a warm and vibrant soft yellowish orange glow. These LED tiki torches from Newhouse Lighting are appealing to the eyes and look terrific, but they are also easy to install without any need for wirings and convenient to adjust with their detachable pole risers allowing for you to decide on their height.

The Newhouse Lighting LED tiki torches are powered by nickel-cadmium batteries which are rechargeable through solar energy. For best effects and performance, it is recommended before first use you charge the batteries under direct sunlight. What you need to do is to take out the solar LED cap along with the frosted lens and place it where it can capture as many sun rays. After a full day of solar charging, you can put these spare parts back onto the tiki torches, and they will be ready to alight as nighttime settles in.

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5. Matney® Bamboo Tiki Torches, Set of 12

Cost-effective, appealing and functional, the set of 12 Matney® Bamboo Tiki Torches light with real flame by almost any torch oil including the insect-repelling citronella essential oil making them a must-have at fun outdoor gatherings such as camping or nighttime picnic. The number of tiki torches in this package offering from Matney® is enough to add ancient impression and charm to outdoor parties or dinners whose theme may be luau or jungle.

Each of them has a metal canister which can hold six ounces of oil that can burn and sustain real firelight for about eight hours before the need to be refilled. While you can make an impressive accent lighting piece, putting together all 12 to burn simultaneously around any outside setting can make for excellent ambient lighting.

At a little over four feet in height, these Matney® Bamboo Tiki Torches can be conveniently installed through running their speared ends through the ground.

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6. TIKI® Glass Table Torches, Pack of Three Different Colors

This set of meticulously crafted glass table torches from TIKI® comes with three fun and brilliant hues of ocean blue, Rio red and key lime green. Each of these is six inches in height and has a three-inch wide base. Each also nicely pops out in whichever outdoor area you may want to place it.

These vibrantly colored TIKI® Glass Table Torches take advantage of its size enabling them to hold 12 ounces of oil which can burn flames for up to five hours before refill.

Despite their relatively small sizes, these glass tiki torch pieces set alight fairly big flames making them ideal for even wider-sized outdoor tables. They can also liven up old and rather dull stonework such as decks, fences or railings outside your home.

You can choose to group them together to accentuate a garden table, or you can randomly scatter them around your patio so each can stand out individually. There are a several ways to locate the TIKI® Glass Table Torches where they are sure to add zest too.

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7. TIKI® Lamplight Flame and Solar Torch, Multi-Purpose

This tiki torch is truly one-off. You can choose between igniting it with live flame or use its solar-powered LED lights. For the former, you have to simply take off the solar LED cap and light its wick which can emanate twice as large a flame as most traditional tiki torches. On the other hand, to use the solar-energy-charged LED lights instead, you just need to put it back on the head of the tiki torch, wait for the night time to fall and watch it grow its lovely, glimmering artificial lights.

The multi-purpose TIKI® Lamplight Flame and Solar Torch has another fantastic surprise. While you are using the conventional firelight, the solar LED cap does not have to go unused. You can still enjoy its glint as a tabletop accent light while under the ambient lighting from the burning flame.

It is heavy-duty which can serve you for years with its capacities to withstand high winds and stormy weather. You will not have to worry about its cap falling off as it firmly covers and secures the tiki torch when left unused.

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8. TIKI® Luau Bamboo Torches, Pack of Four

With their durable and well-constructed woven bamboo around the torch heads, the classic appeal and reliable functionality of the Luau Bamboo Torches by TIKI® are sure to exceed your expectations.

This set of four Luau Bamboo Torches is reflective of the laid-back, carefree and serene ambiance of the tropics. Having them in your backyard or front lawn is bringing in the spirit of the island vacation breeze onto the surrounding areas of your abode.

The TIKI® Luau Bamboo Torches have a canister which can hold 12 ounces of fuel of your choice. You will get to enjoy up to five hours of burn time before the need to refill.

Refilling is also easy as their canisters are wide-mouthed so you can conveniently pour fuel with little to no mess. Regular cleaning of the fuel container is hassle-free and will encourage you to care more for your Luau Bamboo Tiki Torches.

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9. TIKI® Luau Bamboo Torches, Pack of 12

A stunning set of live flame lighting implements perfect for any outdoor occasions, this package of 12 TIKI® Luau Bamboo Torches can spice up and brilliantly illuminate your tropics-themed bridal shower, Hawaiian-centric mid-summer party, or any other cheery and light-hearted gathering al fresco.

A pack of 12 Luau Bamboo Torches is easy to install and a dream deal of tiki torches to buy. These 12 identical tiki torches offer the classic yet timeless design of torches but brand manufacturer TIKI® makes certain each of their items is the hard-wearing and resilient version of the old-fashioned style.

While 12 Luau Bamboo Torches can never be too many, they certainly are enough and are a fantastic bundle which will leave you with no regrets upon purchase. Perhaps this cluster of tiki torches from TIKI® will even make you request for more.

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10. TIKI® Stainless Steel Torch

At five feet in height and raised through a total of four pole assemblies that are easy to attach, the TIKI® Stainless Steel Torch has been designed with pure sophistication and slickness and can withstand any weather conditions and sustain its durability despite its lightweight form.

One of the most modern tiki torch models from TIKI®, this industrial-grade stainless steel source of live firelight is highly resistant to rusting and corrosion. It can burn a rather large flame that can last for up to five hours amid intense blasts of air with its long-lasting fiberglass wick and a removable fuel tin of 10 ounces.

This will also make for a pleasant surprise to your friends and family during special occasions so you can enjoy this weather- and decay-resistant contemporary tiki torch. You can extend and share the relaxing bliss of watching real and safe torch flame while lounging outdoors by giving some TIKI® Stainless Steel Torches as a gift to your dear ones.

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11. TIKI® Torch with Swirling Metal around Blue Bubble Glass Head

Beautifully delicate in appearance but exceptionally durable in material composition, this tiki torch version designed and created by TIKI® is certain to make your outdoor spaces snazzy.

It comes with four pole pieces which are easy to assemble and are flexible so you can be creative with this tiki torch model. This pole assembly is sturdy. It may be an excellent idea to place one or more of this torch model in lovely pots with florets and rocks beneath. You can also align a couple of them by a rectangular patio.

It features a unique blue bubble glass canister that is cleverly wrapped around with a spiral metal.

You are sure to adore the TIKI® Torch with Swirling Metal around Blue Bubble Glass Head. It guarantees no soot buildup.

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12. TIKI® Polynesian Palm Glowing Table Torch

The TIKI® Polynesian Palm Glowing Table Torch distinguishes itself from other tabletop tiki torches with its multiple functionalities.

It’s made out of industrial-grade plastic canisters which are enclosed in the glass head of tiki torch where a lovely, refreshing pattern of Polynesian palm leaves is painted over. You can choose to enjoy the LED lighting that reflects and highlights this design or you can delight in live, natural firelight from the burning wick atop the fuel reservoir. Even more fun is that you can set the TIKI® Polynesian Palm Glowing Table Torch to operate on both functionalities at the same time.

Moreover, with regards to the LED lighting, there are two settings through which you can set the mood in your gardens or patio. You can either set it to stay on unmoving white light or the waxing and waning changing of lighting from the calming bluish-purple to the lively reddish-pink to nature’s sea shade of green.

This handy tiki torch can indeed transform the ambiance of your outdoor spaces into a kind of paradise. Otherwise, you can choose to experience its mesmerizing and charming appeal in a more personal manner by having one a couple of feet away from you as you relax and sip coffee by the patio.

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13. TIKI® Urban Metal Multi-Purpose Torch in Army Green

The TIKI® Urban Metal Multi-Purpose Torch in Army Green lives up to its name. It is urban regarding its multiple uses, its material composition, and its army green shade while at the same time bears with it the characteristics of your old traditional tikis with the large, long-standing live flame.

The TIKI® Urban Metal Torch is easy to assemble as it comes with easy to follow instructions. It is a tiki torch model you will never tire of illuminating the exterior of your household. Its style and uses never gets old.

You can use it at its full height of five feet or four feet. You can also snugly affix it with a bracket to a fence, deck or any outdoor railing. Finally, it can be used as a stand-alone portable tiki torch on your garden table top.

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14. King TIKI® Multi-Purpose Metal Torch

The King TIKI® Multi-Purpose Metal Torch indeed makes for an interesting talking point. It has a carefully carved metal design which features a King Tiki.

You will love how you can display it in three different ways. You can make use of it as a traditional tiki torch at its full height of five feet. You may assemble it into a middle-sized garden torch, or you may completely take out the pole assemblies and enjoy viewing its flickering flame as a centerpiece on your patio’s tabletop, or atop a thick railing.

Obtain several of these, and you will have beautiful and natural lighting fixtures to define your outdoor entertainment spaces. Enjoy hours of quality bonding time with family and friends while being surrounded with attractively lit King tikis.

The King TIKI® Multi-Purpose Metal Torch encloses a sturdy canister which can hold 12 ounces of fuel to keep burning for four continuous hours without having to refill.

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15. King TIKI® Multi-Purpose Outdoor Torches, Set of Two

With the King TIKI® Multi-Purpose Outdoor Torches, you are presented with four carrying options of use for different scenarios. This particular package offer from brand manufacturer TIKI® comes with two identical King tikis for you to enjoy during outdoor beach-themed summer parties, nighttime family camping, and picnics or a simple get-together by your residence’s patio bar.

Create an aura of paradise in your backyard with these tiki torches which comprise adjustable pole assemblies and can stand alone as table top lamps once you detach the 9.5-inch authentic-looking tiki heads from their metal poles.

This tiki torch set from TIKI® makes for an excellent deal that is aesthetically great as well as reasonably cost-effective.

So, let the original beam ignited through this pair of King tiki torches hover over your gatherings by the front yard or any of your regular outdoor dinners by the patio.

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16. TIKI® Slate Resin Multi-Purpose Torch

The TIKI® Slate Resin Multi-Purpose Torch boasts of compact neatness in design and versatility in use.

You can enjoy it as a standard tiki torch to accentuate your lawn. You can also use it as a mid-sized garden tiki torch which you can clasp onto a fence, deck or patio railing. Finally, you may choose to disassemble and store away its poles so you may use the torch head itself as a tabletop lamp.

The head of this tiki torch model by TIKI® is made out of fine-grained rock that has a smooth-finished layer. This feature makes the slate resin torch give off an antiquated look and feel. Despite the old-style finish and style, it can still be perfectly fitting for practically any outdoor setting. Whether you have a Zen garden, a backyard lush in greeneries and florets, or a patio that is constructed with stonework, the TIKI® Slate Resin Multi-Purpose Tiki Torch can prove suitable with any of these setups. It is sure to serve its three various uses, too.

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17. Teardrop Stainless Steel Table Tiki Torch by Seraphic

This teardrop-shaped stainless steel table tiki torch designed and manufactured by Seraphic blends elegance and function. The exterior shell made out of stainless steel has a very sleek finish, and it encloses a glass fuel canister. This combination in material composition makes this table top torch guarantee safety.

This model of tiki torch by Seraphic boasts sophisticated style mixed with great performance. It makes use of a fiberglass wick of excellent quality which can last for up to one year without the need for replacement. Measuring 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches, it can hold a whopping 30 ounces of fuel allowing for you to relish in its all-night clean and soot-free burning. It comes with a metal snuffer which can also serve to protect the wick when the lamp is not in use.

The dimensions and design of the Teardrop Stainless Steel Table Tiki Torch by Seraphic make it very stable while its material composition makes it reliably robust.

A purchase of this tiki torch will leave you with no regrets, and it will surely be money well-spent.

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18. TIKI® Royal Polynesian Table Torch

The Polynesian-inspired table torch from TIKI® uniquely distinguishes from other portable tiki torches with its hint of light yellowish-brown walnut shade that discreetly and cleverly blends with wood-like staining on its bamboo exterior surface and casing.

It is an interesting talking point which you can use as an accent light in your backyard or on outdoor bar tables in your patio. Allow for the TIKI® Royal Polynesian Table Torch to add a dash of tropical island sparkle in these areas of your home and a stroke of Polynesian ancient history to incite curious and fascinating glances and conversations from your guests, say, in a little night gathering.

You can use practically any fuel, from gas to citronella essential oil, to fill its 10-ounce canister which can burn uninterrupted for over five hours. The TIKI® Royal Polynesian Table Torch features a fiberglass wick of excellent and enduring quality as well as a metal snuffer to protect it when unlit and also to safely put out the flame after use.

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19. AAlpine® Triple Tiki Fountain with LED Lights

Cleverly crafted from high-grade fiberglass, the Alpine® Triple Tiki Fountain features three carved tikis of different heights through which fountain waters playfully pour down and back up over LED lights, from one large bowl on top of one tiki head onto the next.

The Alpine® Triple Tiki Fountain with LED lights is truly distinctive in that it is the only one of the tiki torches on this list which can be used outdoors but also inside your home. Its safety and the absence of open flame and the necessity for solar energies to charge batteries allows for indoor usage. It conveniently operates on electrical power.

It will be a perfect additional embellishment in a Zen garden and placed under a covered area of the orchard such as a roofed deck.

The waters spill and flow, even from a distance if you decide to put your Triple Tiki Fountain outside, are soothing to the ears. It is also charming to watch birds perch over the fountain tiki torch and feeding on its waters.

The Alpine® Triple Tiki Fountain can hold six gallons of water.

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20. Maui Grande Tiki Torches in Smooth Copper, Set of Two

The set of two Maui Grande Tiki Torches in Smooth Copper designed and created by RIH Industries is aesthetically appealing in its set up in your garden or backyard, but it is also exceptional regarding function and its flame’s longevity in that it can remain lit when it rains or snows.

The smooth copper finish of the bowl-like shape of the tiki torch heads makes for an eye-catching outdoor lighting décor which will stand out allowing for this one-off pair of torches to become a conversation piece.

The Maui Grande tiki torch heads are clasped in a sleek black steel support which extends to the coated steel pole of the torches. These heads can hold 32 ounces of fuel which can remain aflame for an entire 24 hours. These Maui Grande torches are ideal for long hours of festivities on your lawn, but it can also let these tikis serve as main ambient lighting outside of your abode. This set is serviceable and sophisticated.

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A Guide to Buying, Operating and Caring for Your Yard’s Tiki Torches

A Guide to Buying, Operating and Caring for Your Yard's Tiki TorchesTiki torches, particularly the more traditional ones, are an entertaining delight to plant in your backyard, front lawn and patio especially as they make use of real firelight for illumination.

What is great about tiki torches is that they have advanced over the years regarding design and mechanisms.

Aside from the old-style manner of lighting tiki torches using wick and gas or other types of fuel such as bamboo or rattan tiki torches which you securely stick onto soft yet sturdy ground soil, you now have a wider array of options for your outdoor torches.

There are tiki torches which are lamp-like in appearance and only need solid surfaces to secure. These days, many of them are also designed and built to use LED bulbs run with batteries. Many others make use of solar energy to ignite light.

Perhaps what has not changed is the identifying feature of tiki torches which is they are enclosed in a casing that makes them decorative and not just another source of outdoor light.

They are installed safe and firm most preferably on the ground, in robust tiki torch pots, or atop thick concrete walls and railings, which has always been the way tiki torches are mounted.

Why Install Tiki Torches for Exterior Lighting: Choosing the Location and the Style

Tiki torches are great light fittings for the outside of your home. For the inside of your home, use candle statues or some such. They give off a warm, cheery and tropical ambiance to the surroundings when lit at night time and they make for an excellent unlit outdoor embellishment even during the day with the rustic appeal of their hip designs.

Why Install Tiki Torches for Exterior Lighting Choosing the Location and the StyleChoosing the locatin. Available at home depots, garden shops, hardware stores, even in home décor section of mall department stores and of course from online sources like Amazon, tiki torches are typically seen situated along pavements, on patios and in gardens, and by the swimming pool.

If you were to install tiki torches, you must certainly get more to surround the location for greater and more noticeable effects. The distance between a bunch of tiki torches is necessary. A clearance of six feet minimum is recommended, i.e., six feet radius away from other objects on all sides.

Keep each tiki torch away from green canopies, overhangs and other house projections and extensions, other flammable items including other torches, and outdoor home furniture. This is the most basic safety measure in employing tiki torches to spruce up your home’s façade.

Picking the tiki torch design to your liking. As previously mentioned, tiki torches nowadays come in more variations than the conventional plain wooden torches which are lit with real fire.

Tiki torches today are crafted into a variety of styles that are fitting for different applications and individual tastes of homeowners. There are those made out of metal such as copper or stainless steel complemented with fiber glass.

While tiki torches of at least five feet in height and those which emanate larger flames or bulb lighting can be used as an ambient light, many torches can also play the role of accent lighting whose primary usage is to highlight certain items in the location which you wish to emphasize.

This could be a small figurine, a rare species in your collection of plants or flowers, or artificially constructed moving waters in your garden.

Tiki Torch Care: Proper Maintenance of Your Outdoor Lighting Implements

Whether you are using fuel-driven tiki torches or battery-operated bulb-lit ones, you have to take the time to regularly wipe off dust and debris buildup before it sticks and becomes difficult to clean. This will avoid accumulation of mold and mildew especially on tiki torches carved out of wood.

Tiki Torch Care Proper Maintenance of Your Outdoor Lighting ImplementsRegular cleaning is easy as an ordinary rag or sponge damp with soapy water will do and can get the job done.

Consistent inspection for any cracking or chipping is also a necessary measure when you own tiki torches.

When it comes to storage, you can either lay them flat as long as they are completely drained of fuel or upright which is the better manner of stocking. Finally, keep them away from heat sources and other heat-generating appliances for your peace of mind.

The Different Types of Tiki Torches According to How They Are Fueled or Powered

Oil tiki torches. The oil used in the traditional fuel reservoir of traditional tiki torches can be kerosene, paraffin, or citronella.

Kerosene is the cheapest fuel source. However, paraffin is the cleaner burning oil. On the other hand, citronella oil is preferred owing to its inherent properties which keep flying insects at bay. Citronella oil is also a non-toxic essential oil and does not emit dark smoke which is great if you are using torches to add zest to an outdoor gathering.

Depending on the size of the torch, oil can usually last up to three hours before the need to be refueled.

Gas tiki torches. Although gas for tiki torches is the more expensive fuel option, it produces firelight that is more controllable and is of outstanding quality. A gas cylinder can light a torch for up to eight hours.

Solar tiki torches. Despite not generating an open flame, solar-powered torches still classify under tiki torches, only under the category of the more technologically advanced and modern ones. They are eco-friendly and the safest tiki torch design to be used with the presence of children running around carefree in your gardens or lawn.

In need of at least five hours of exposure to sunlight, solar tiki torches will spontaneously turn on as dusk sets to produce a soft glow perfect for accent lighting purposes.

So, Which Amongst the Tiki Torch Options Will Work Best for You?

Your choice of tiki torches will greatly depend on your needs and desires for outdoor lighting adornment.

Do you wish to install Tiki torches only temporarily for a house party with your friends and So, Which Amongst the Tiki Torch Options Will Work Best for Youfamily or do you prefer to have them around more permanently as steady source of light and as decorative items outside of your abode?

Whichever it may be, select balance between quality and fashion when shopping for tiki torches. This way you are guaranteed they will keep the attractive beam aflame and the beautiful, pleasant fire burning for a long time.


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